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  1. Performance Enhancing Drugs
    My source once had this and I have tried it myself, 1 ml e2d or something like that. It gave me a boost in energy and vascularity. I now have ordered one 250ml bottle and I'm expecting it to arrive. I will pass it through a syringe filter .22μm for good measure and use it by itself or even...
  2. Supplementation
    I've never taken both of these supps. These are arriving tomorrow, and my question is. Are these a good supp to have and does anybody else use them ?Does anybody feel that these help them with their training and recover quickly.
  3. Supplementation
    Hi, question to those of you that take aminos. have you found the benefits useful ? what to you take them with ? any makes to avoid ? when do you take them ? cheers.... :D
1-3 of 4 Results