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  1. MMA Forum
    I though this was pretty funny... I'm sure I've seen another vid where an Aikido 'master' did this demonstration knocking students over without touching them. He then squared off against an MMA guy who dropped him in seconds..
  2. Grappling
    It seems every time I tell someone I do Jujutsu right away their mind goes to BJJ. :mad::mad::mad: To a novice this is understandable but I think those of us in the industry should know better. :mad: Let's have a recap and get a few things straight. This is it's history in reverse, pens at...
  3. Welcome Lounge
    Hi I'm Dan I used to train about 6 yrs ago and stopped because of busy life and kids, I also trained in karate and aikido since i was 5yrs old i did it for 10yrs. I have learned loads about health and fitness for aslong as i remember and i can't wait to learn more from you all, and i can't wait...
1-3 of 3 Results