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  1. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Just finished my 12 week cycle with the above and did it with no AI's.... Which was nice. Felt fine, made good gains 👍🏽 I know the AI debate goes on.
  2. Steroid and Testosterone information
    So I use test year round, sometimes get a tiny lump under nipple, but the old adex usually fixes that up. About a month ago I noticed it, and the anastrozole did nothing at all, so I got some caber (for deca realated), took 0.25 last night, with 0.5 anastrozole. You guys think that will manage...
  3. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys, just after a quick answer...if there is one. Is gyno preceded by itchy, sensitive or sore nipples? Or can you start to develop tits over night, hassle free? I ask because I'm two weeks into a cycle. I've waited on starting the AI as I feel absolutly no different to normal. I am...
  4. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys, Roughly how much arimidex (pharma) do you think Ill need on 1.2g test? I was thinking 1mg mon,wed,fri,sun should i just take 1mg arimidex ed? I am throwing in a little tren to keep lean and im pretty sure tren f**ks up the e2 blood test unless you get a expensive lcms test which...
  5. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello everyone, I'm doing my 4th blast, consisting of 2-300mg test cyp, 300mg npp weekly. In addition I want to run 50mg anadrol daily for 4 weeks on the tail end of the 8-10 week blast. Not worried about water/bloat, just going for some sheer size here. My concerns are as follows. Do I need to...
  6. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Interested in everyone's experiences with arimidex side effects? I've used it once in the past prob 20 years ago and had terrible hot flushes. Every 10 mins or so completely drenched in sweat for like 5 seconds and then it would pass. I'm guessing I tanked my oestrogen. I'm now doing my...
  7. Steroid and Testosterone information
    What is your e2 sweet spot on cycle ? I have always struggled to dial down an accurate a.i dosage, curious to see were everyone else as at.. I always thought that my aim was to get e2 bang in the middle of the normal range scale.. however with achieving this by taking .25 arimidex EOD on 600...
  8. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Anyone used before without issue? Or should I go pharma? On a side note has anyone tried Dunnings Anadrol 50?
  9. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Stats: 30 years old, 92Kg, 6ft2. I recently opted to go on self prescribed TRT. I already have kids. The positives for me outweigh the negatives. The main issue with cycling is PCT affects my ability to improve my lifting and also affects my mentality negatively. I feel generally lacklustre...
  10. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hello, I know that this sort of thing tends to be highly dependent on the individual. At a given dose, some people experience very little estrogen side effects while others experience very harsh estrogen side effects. Though, generally, at what weekly dose of testosterone does on-cycle AI...
  11. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi everyone started my test e cycle this week, pinning Tues and Fri, I couldn't get aromasin, so I've got adex. I'm on 450mg test a week, thinking about taking 0.25 on jab day, but my oestrogen is high normal and I feel good like this. I'm not sure whether to start with 0.25 or 0.5 Anyway...
  12. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hey guys, What levels of E2 Estradiol do you feel most comfortable at, in case you've been measuring your bloods? I'm interested to hear your opinions whether it's on TRT or a cruise mainly, but also welcome to hear if you're on cycle. The reason I'm asking because I've been years on TRT but...
  13. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi everyone, I'll be starting my first real cycle soon, 500 mg Test E per week for 12 weeks. The first step, though, for a responsible user is to procure ancillaries. So, my first goal is to obtain Arimidex for on-cycle and PCT use, Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT and HCG for on-cycle endogenous...
  14. Welcome Lounge
    Hello fellow new users, or users to be Now before you even buy anything you have to make sure you posses the following: common sense a brain ability to think for yourself (to an extent) these must be implemented when asking fellow strangers what to put inside YOUR body, If you google...
  15. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi guys Any review on this product?
  16. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Just about to start my next course. test e - 1g pw for 11weeks as I have a holiday in France beginning of 12th week deca 500mg pw for 11weeks anavar 50mg pre training days throughout 4iu hgh morning (empty) and 4iu slin pre training, on training days only 4X week, throughout i have...
  17. Testosterone Replacement Therapy
    Hi guys, Written on these posts before, so will try to keep this brief! Basically, I am 24 years old, 63kg in weight and 170cm in height. Three years ago now, I began suffering from ED, low libido, Gynaecomastia, lowered mood and significant muscle loss and fat gain, especially in the abdomen/...
  18. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Need advice on switching from adex to letro its due to what my source has got!! im on 1mg adex EOD what would be the equivalent in letro?? 1.25 mg letro EOD?? 2.5 mg tabs thoughts lads?
  19. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Just after a bit of advice..Ive established my estrogen is high and have just sourved some letro. Its in the form of 2.5mg tablets, whats the suggested dose? Ive seen other threads stating .25mg but thats gonna be hard to achieve per tablet form?
  20. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Are the triumph arimidex and aromasin good to use like are they dosed proper or am I better of getting some better pharma grade if anyone that's has used products can help me out . thanks
1-20 of 45 Results