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Found 10 results

  1. Anyone used before without issue? Or should I go pharma? On a side note has anyone tried Dunnings Anadrol 50?
  2. Stats: 30 years old, 92Kg, 6ft2. I recently opted to go on self prescribed TRT. I already have kids. The positives for me outweigh the negatives. The main issue with cycling is PCT affects my ability to improve my lifting and also affects my mentality negatively. I feel generally lacklustre. Previous cycles have been light. Dbol, Anavar, Sarms, Test E. All successful cycles. I hated PCTing. I have started a mild cycle of 250mg of Pharma grade Test E. The Pliva Testofort amps. I know this is over the absolute limit for a “TRT” dosage. I am considering dropping to 125mgs every 7-10 days (pinned frequently for stable levels). I currently pin with 25g 5/8 inch orange pin 125mg Mon & Thurs for stable levels. I choose to pin Sub-q because it is more convenient for me and I get less PIP. I do not take any other meds currently to manage Estrogen. I feel energetic and no sides. Question One If fertility is not an issue should I even consider HCG? Will not taking it impact my health or is the only benefit normal sized balls? I am thinking there are some additional benefits as it would mimic the bodies natural processes more closely... Question Two I would rather not take AI’s - what are my chances of estrogen based side effects at 250mg Test E only (dosed twice per week as above). I am generally not prone to gyno - although I have been relatively cautious in previous cycles to avoid this. Question Three I would like to try Tren @ 50mg EOD (I know this is considered a VERY low dose but Tren is purported to be 5 x stronger than test). This would be for my “blast period” sticking with 250mg Test. That would equate to around a 500mg equivalent of Test. Would the ratio for Test/Tren be wrong? Question Four Would I need an Ai for the 250mg & 50mg Tren? I have easy access to gear & ancillaries so if I truly need an AI - no probs, I will get it. I would rather take the most effective compounds and the least amount of drugs for desired affect. My goals are to make steady noticeable “enhanced” gains for life. Looking forward to hearing opinions. Cheers!
  3. Hello, I know that this sort of thing tends to be highly dependent on the individual. At a given dose, some people experience very little estrogen side effects while others experience very harsh estrogen side effects. Though, generally, at what weekly dose of testosterone does on-cycle AI use become necessary? I'm thinking about running 200 mgs of testosterone c per week along with 50 mgs of stanozolol per day. The stanozolol doesn't aromatize of course. Though, the test, obviously, does. Do you think that I'll need on-cycle arimidex or aromasin or something similar for this cycle? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone started my test e cycle this week, pinning Tues and Fri, I couldn't get aromasin, so I've got adex. I'm on 450mg test a week, thinking about taking 0.25 on jab day, but my oestrogen is high normal and I feel good like this. I'm not sure whether to start with 0.25 or 0.5 Anyway, should I take the AI straight after I jab or the next day? These are my blood results (18th December), I had similar results after I finished my anavar cycle in August. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, What levels of E2 Estradiol do you feel most comfortable at, in case you've been measuring your bloods? I'm interested to hear your opinions whether it's on TRT or a cruise mainly, but also welcome to hear if you're on cycle. The reason I'm asking because I've been years on TRT but really struggling with my AI dosage and getting the E2 level correct. I suffer from sleeping problems, lethargy and constant general feeling of being unwell. I also have a terrible non-stop HSV outbreak and I can't get rid of the infection. Based on my thorough research, I'm almost sure it's Estrogen or Progesterone related. I tend to get too high E2 levels even just on my TRT dosage of Nebido so I have to use an AI to regulate the levels. I started with Aromasin, but it gave me side effects so I switched to Arimidex. I've been changing from 0.25mg E3D to EOD with clear effects on my blood test results but can't find the "sweet spot". The recommended range goes from 11.3 - 43.2 pg/ml and my levels have been ranging from 20-60 pg/ml. At higher levels I get sore nipples, lethargy and depression. At lower doses, I get sleeping problems (waking up too early) and anxiety, which in turn makes me feel terrible again. ps. I've been to a hospital to check all other bloods, thyroid hormones and for any other issues but all tests come back as normal.
  6. Hi everyone, I'll be starting my first real cycle soon, 500 mg Test E per week for 12 weeks. The first step, though, for a responsible user is to procure ancillaries. So, my first goal is to obtain Arimidex for on-cycle and PCT use, Nolvadex and Clomid for PCT and HCG for on-cycle endogenous testosterone support. My question, though, is about the right way to handle gyno. If, while on cycle, I experience gyno symptoms, should I treat it with more on-cycle Arimidex or Nolvadex? If I should use a higher dose of on-cycle Arimidex, should I drop to the regular on-cycle dose after the symptoms clear up? Or, should I remain at the new higher dose for the rest of the cycle? Same thing with Nolvadex. If I should use Nolvadex, should I discontinue use after the symptoms clear up and only resume use after cycle for PCT, or should I continue using right to the end of the cycle and straight into PCT? Thanks.
  7. Hello fellow new users, or users to be Now before you even buy anything you have to make sure you posses the following: common sense a brain ability to think for yourself (to an extent) these must be implemented when asking fellow strangers what to put inside YOUR body, If you google “best first steroid cycle” will the cycle suggested by “mike the mountain” and “jack the juggernaut” be the same? , probably not, ask yourself why.... Anabolics for me are an experiment which I conduct on myself using basic information and expierience SUGGESTED by others which I then apply using sed attributes listed above, you’ll find as you dive deeper there are common practices and rules which most abide by and with good reason, there will be many conflicting arguments which both will provide facts and studies for but when the chips are down it’s your decision to decipher what will work best for you considering the risks it poses on your health and what it is you want to achieve, for example “ cycling vs blast and cruise” .... but let’s not get into that debate lol ?, we are all lab rats, some have been doing this 10 month some 10 years and both are just as important as each other... the saying “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks” doesn’t apply to anabolics in my opinion, you will constantly learn about yourself, applying theories which will work and some that won’t, again both as important as each other, it’s a journey I myself have just started and am extremely excited to see where it takes me, I’m going to make mistakes, I’m going to f**k up, im going to doubt myself, I’m going to at some point question where I am , but one thing that will run consistently throughout Is I will always be learning about myself and my body, so strap in and drive safe
  8. Hi guys Any review on this product?
  9. Just about to start my next course. test e - 1g pw for 11weeks as I have a holiday in France beginning of 12th week deca 500mg pw for 11weeks anavar 50mg pre training days throughout 4iu hgh morning (empty) and 4iu slin pre training, on training days only 4X week, throughout i have aromasin, arimidex, nolva and TUDCA on hand, and do suffer flare ups with gyno when on course. Wasnt sure about getting caber!? I haven’t done deca for years now and never taken caber. any advice or tweaks for me would be great.
  10. Triumph adex

    Are the triumph arimidex and aromasin good to use like are they dosed proper or am I better of getting some better pharma grade if anyone that’s has used products can help me out . thanks