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Found 6 results

  1. Guys, I lost 50kg a few years back and I hate how my body looks. It’s disgusting. I have to see it every day in the mirror and it makes me depressed. I feel like giving up. I feel like a total failure. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day because of my body. I don’t gym. I have never gym’d. But I am planning to start after lockdown. Please would someone advice me if: 1. I should continue dieting? 2. How many calories and protein I should be eating? 3, what can I do about my loose skin Thank you for helping me change my life around
  2. I’m a naturally slim build wanting to build more muscle quickly but also want to developed more defined pecks and get a six-pack? When I spend weeks trying to gain a six-pack, I lose my muscle mass but when I spent weeks trying to gain muscle, my stomach becomes skinny fat. Should I do a mixture of cardio & weights in different days on the week or spend a few weeks doing one then change? As for dieting, I usually eat between 2800-3000 on the days that I go the gym 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Here’s a photo of my body below:
  3. Howdy, homeslices I am currently in need of 1 or 2 ab exercises (or more), that are efficient enough to work all your abdominal muscles. I would therefore like to ask which exercises (in your opinion) you would recommend. I only need a few exercises, so no need to provide a list longer than my wang. love, peace, and chicken grease
  4. Hey guys I' m new here i have started my body transformation not to long ago and i like the results. Wondering if you guys have any tips i started off at 6.2 190( i attached my start pic) i look much better now lol but i will post my after pic that at the end of my journey. If you have any tips or any pics you want to post feel free to do so.
  5. Hi! I am 20 years old. My body weight is 76kg (167pound) . My height is 5'10 . My waist is 33 inches. I have been doing gym for about a year. I bulked recently upto 80kg. Now i am cutting. I want to get abs and lean muscular physique. I have shared my pics below . Plz see them and make any guess about What my bodyfat% is . When i used to weight about 69kgs i didnot have any abs and my abdomen was fairly flat but at that time i didnot go to gym . Not at 76kg i feel i am leaner than when i was at 67 kg maybe my muscle mass increased and fat level decreased.I dont have a bodyfat callpier to measure my body fat . I used online calculators and according to them my body fat is 16-17%. I am training with great intensity. My diet is also controlled. I am taking 1g protein / lb of body weight. My carb intake is also low and fate intake is minimal and i am doing 7-8 min intermediate cardio session after every workout . I also do abdomen workout daily. What should be my approach. Plz help
  6. Help???

    Hello, I’m 15 years old and I’m sort of fighting a losing battle with my body. See all my friends and that have really nice slim body’s with abs and then there’s me. We all go to the gym and workout about 5 times a week. I do different workouts for every day (example; chest and tryceps). Now a lot of people would say this is all well and good but when you’ve been at it for a year and have barley made a change I must be doing something wrong. I get told to do different things by many different people, some say to slim, others say to bulk and it’s driving me crazy. For my diet I eat for breakfast a bowl of weetobix, dinner 2 cerial bars becuase at school there’s nothing to eat but pizza and chips, and for tea either chicken and rice or omlette. Now this diet worked for me in the past as I lost 2.4 stone as a result (this inluded running) but now my mind set is on cutting. Also please note that I’m a very fussy eater and I don’t like fish and I barley touch vegetables although if this is a big cause for me not gaining I will force them down me haha. Also I have just started having a protein shake in the morning and evening as reccomended by another person in the gym. I would really appreciate some pointers off someone who knows what I actually need to do from reading this a checking the pictures. Do I need to cut, bulk or lose weight and if so how? And please also give pointers on my diet as this is a major concern for me. Thank you.