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  1. Steroid Photos
    Just bought these ROHM labs 50mg anavar online, used to use 10mg 100 tabs a few years ago, but got through a friend. Are they legit?
  2. Steroid Photos
    Recently purchased ROHM 50mg Wistrol from a website, my usual sources being actual human beings as I don't trust the internet but have been without anything for a while now. Been doing a lot of research into ROHM products and still aren't convinced that this is the real deal, if anyone can shed...
  3. Steroid Photos
    Anyone ever had Bioniche Oxy 50s? Before I commit to purchase I'm a little unsure about them. Heard good and bad. Anyone have any advice based on ACTUAL results... Thanks in advance!
  4. Steroid Photos
    How's it going everybody. First time poster here, just wanted to make everybody aware of my findings. I recently bought a bottle of 50mg Anavar from SIS Labs (red tabs) - Verified with SIS labs through website via code on the side of the bottle - Personally emailed the company who...
  5. Steroid Photos
    Gents, Any idea if the anavar shown in the picture is legit? Anyone used these before? Any info much appreciated!
  6. Steroid Photos
    I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not...
  7. Steroid and Testosterone information
    Hi, i have some 50mg anavar CAPSULES on the way and only want to really take 50mg a day. I may move up once I've started and seen how my body reacts or how strong the anavar is. it is a anavar only cycle with the desired goal of toning up and reducing body fat. Please nothing on adding test...
1-7 of 7 Results