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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to lifting, as of last week actually and I've went out of my way and bought myself a plan from the guy on youtube called Fitness With TJ (Its a 4 day upper/legs/full body split I'm 17 in March, 6'4 and around 82-83 kg so around 13 Stone. I can eat basically whatever i want and my body will stay at this weight but I'm really not happy with this skinny fat physique. I've cut out all junk foods, ive been sticking to a lot of tuna, salad, chicken and only water. He said I should eat 2300 calories minimum a day and I'm currently eating way under that but I'm kind of clueless. I do want to put on muscle but I just want to get my abs showing. I know i need to build up my chest and shoulders too. Also, I have very wide hips which I cant do much about and im not really "genetically gifted" I'd really appreciate any input whatsoever from more experienced people or people who have transformed from something similar. PICTURES - , This week :
  2. I'm 17, one of my mates knows a guy who's started using, and they're close, so he says he can get us some. I've read into it and honestly the side effects seem worth it, nothing mad just a bit of Test to improve strength and shothen recovery periods, I eat right, I sleep right and I've been training for 3 years.. Just wanted to find out a bit more before committing, especially from people who've had more experience than me. Cheers