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Found 67 results

  1. Looking for advice with a rather serious medical problem.. I caught HSV-2 (genital herpes) many years ago. It's a pretty common disease and many people barely get any symptoms, or might not even know they carry the virus. For others who get frequent outbreaks (like myself), it can be a very nasty disease. Normally the symptoms get less severe over time, but for me they have gotten worse and worse during the past years. Now it's got to the point where I have a non-stop outbreak; once the lesions heal new ones will form. It's not only about lesions as I also suffer from swollen lymph nodes, fever-like feeling and constant lethargy as a result. I'm already taking antiviral medication and any recommended supplements at 2 x recommended dosages without any help and I'm trying to identify the cause and find something that works. I did a test-E + Anavar cycle a few months ago and since then it got even worse than before. I'm on TRT since 8 years with Nebido + Arimidex 0.25mg/E3D since the past +6 months due to elevated E2 levels on TRT. I started doing some research into medical articles and found interesting stuff, particularly about the effects of E2 and Progesterone on herpes outbreaks. Some articles suggest that Estradiol can increase the severity of HSV outbreaks: However, other articles state that Estradiol can protect one from outbreaks and Progesterone on the other hand may increase them: Does anyone have experience or any knowledge related to this? I have never seen much discussion about the hormone progesterone in general. I just went to get tested for E2 levels and progesterone and will be getting the results tomorrow. I know that I definitely need to find some solution as I can't live being constantly sick.
  2. Hi All So today I received back my Private lab Work. - I’m still getting my head around the Hormone wold, so I’m hoping you guys may share some information/experience on my Lab Work. Albumin 44.3 FSH 3.5 LH 5.9 Testosterone 12.4 (low) nmol/L Free Testosterone 0.227 (Low) nmol/L SHGB 37 Prolactin 1055 ( Very High) Oestradiol 39 (low) TSH 6.44 (High) Free T4 17.10 PSA (Prostate) 1.740 After speaking with my GP, about a year ago I saw a Endo today at the Hospital, who to be honest was polite enough however, I completely felt Thobed off. He had lab work that was well over a year old, offered no recent blood test. I ended up leaving with a cream called Vatiros which I tried, however it wasn’t a good experience. Didn’t work and it just stung. The other option for my symptoms of ED, was a metal rod in my penis- (laughs) That afternoon I came straight home and ordered a private blood test. It arrived very quickly and today I received my Results. I’m sold on the ideas of TRT, but as I mentioned it’s all new to me. I feel as a patient I would really benefit from the treatment. Mylab work seems a bit out of whack so I’m now not sure I will even be offered the treatment privately. Should I be worried by my results? The Private company has said I’ve low testosterone and free testosterone. I’ve also a very high prolactin.. Finally I’m 31. Im currently taking 4 different medications. This may (I hope) explains the high prolactin level. Where should I go from here and is my TRT journey over before it starts? Thanks for reading! Ps. I cannot live with scaffolding in my pants!
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience of using the Testo Gel 16.2mg/g gel pump? My GP usually prescribes me the 50mg sachets, but feels the pump will enable more stable and accurate dosing and so wants me to try this. She has recommended five presses of the pump per day, this equates to 101.mg of testosterone. I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with the pump version of Testo Gel, and if so whether you noticed any significant improvement in terms of symptoms and blood results whilst on the pump? My GP has advised that I should pump the gel onto my shoulders and upper arms and simply leave it to dry, anyone on here who actually rubs the gel in? I have heard various accounts of absorption being increased if you actually rub the gel in as opposed to simply leaving it to dry? Anyone with any thoughts or views on this,? Anyone who has used the Testo Gel pump and has any experiences, good or bad, it would be good to hear from you! Thanks guys
  4. Hello, I'm currently taking TRT (I used to have depression) on my own and test cyp and arimidex and I'm worried that it could stop working. I'm cycling between 120mg and 270mg using insulin needles. I'm right it can just stop right? If it did stop would steroids give me energy? I've got some weights and a rowing machine. I wouldn't be able to move them without the TRT. Any any help would be much appreciated. I stole this from someone else on the interweb: 1 week at 120 mg, 1 week at 120 mg, 1 week at 150 mg, 1 week at 150 mg, 1 week at 180 mg, 1 week at 180 mg, 1 week at 210 mg, 1 week at 210 mg, 1 week at 240 mg, 1 week at 240 mg, 1 week at 270 mg, 1 week at 270 mg,
  5. HI guys, Looking for a bit of advice. I have been on Testo Gel, two 50mg sachets daily for the last few months. Certain symptoms have gotten a little better, but still not feeling "100%". My question relates to the best way of applying the gel for maximum absorption. I usually spread the gel onto my shoulders and simply leave it there to dry. However, a friend of mine, who is also on Testo Gel, tells me that he rubs his gel into his shoulders and that this ensures optimum absorption? The patient information leaflet for the gel says do not rub into the skin, so obviously thus far I have simply spread the gel onto my shoulder area and left it to dry. I am keen to derive maximum benefit from my treatment, so any thoughts or insights any guys on here could offer would be appreciated! Thanks again
  6. Hello, I have been put on TRT for life since I was 26 years old as my nuts are dead, for past eight years things changed big deal in my life . all I can say now I am ALIVE by it all means. I started to take care of my sorry ass; things went much better every day until late, I did gastric surgery to lose weight, I dropped a massive amount of weight, from 400 lbs to 240 lbs in 1 year. But the more I lose weight, the more apparent how much water retention I have. I went and made body composition analyses to confirm it, and it is correct I have 60 L of water weight!!!. Which I should have at MAX 45 L, that almost 40% more water retention than the maximum normal person should ever have . is there any way to get rid of the water retention . as I am stuck with TRT for life, and I really wish to look better and feel better, less bolted and fluffy! I been lifting heavy for past 9 months, built a decent amount of mass, also I had a single cut cycle lately "around 3 months ago " and I drooped 40 lbs on it ( 3 months of 700mg/w Testo-E and T3 6 weeks start at 12.5>>max 50 mcg) I letterer melted during the T3 cycle . on a side note , i have easy access to any type of SARMs here . my current states : 113kg"240lbs" / 180cm aka 5"9' / 33 years old . My TRT protocol : 75 Testo-E, IM every three days. aromasin .25 EoD (changed from Arimidex due to HDL got raped!) HCG 150ui EoD other medications/supplements: Cytomel 12.5mcg (borderline hypothyroidism ) Crestor (rosuvastatin ) 10 mg (genetic lipid issue) Centrum silver adults calcium magnum R-ALA NAC milk thistle metformin 2000 XR D3 5000ui 5-HTP ( to sleep well as AAS make it harder to sleep ) Up to any recommendations or notes. cheers
  7. I'll cut a long story short..... I'm 34 years old and for the past 2 years I have been stuck at NHS borderline levels, several tests. lowest 4.4 nmol, highest 15 nmol Averaging around 8-10nmol. When you read the symptoms of low test, its like reading my profile. I have all the low test symptoms. My Question: Is there a way I can slightly lower my test levels a bit more? If i can get them under borderline the doc will send me to the Endo for treatment? Would this work: Take a low TRT dose (100mg pw test e) for 8 weeks, this would crash my natural test levels, then book bloodwork 4 weeks after last injection (No pct) Do you think this would then show very low t levels?
  8. Hi guys, 24 year old guy here who has been diagnosed with low levels of free and total testosterone and high oestrogen. I have been on a regime consisting of Testo Gel 50mg one 5g gel sachet daily, taking 0.5mg Arimidex EOD as needed, sometimes as high as 0.5mg Arimidex daily when my oestrogen levels were really high. My specialist has suggested that I might get better absorption rates from Tostran, which is a 2% gel, and has prescribed me 60g of this gel in a pump/ canister. I am thinking of beginning to use this tomorrow, but wanted to ask any guys on here how/ where they applied it for maximum absorption? The leaflet advises applying on the inside or the thighs, or the abdomen? However, my understanding is that stomach fat/ tissue is most vulnerable to aromatisation/ conversion of testosterone into oestrogen? Any guys on here who have experience of using Tostran, it would be useful to hear your thoughts and what it did to improve your symptoms. Also, my total testosterone level was 15mnol when I began receiving treatment, but my specialist was quite vague when I asked him what sort of number we should be aiming for to completely reduce my symptoms. Given my age, and that total testosterone is of course only part of the picture, I would imagine a level of 24-28mnol for total would be what we are aiming for? My main questions relate to application for this gel, so any thoughts or suggestions guys who have used Tostran can give would be appreciated.
  9. I'm looking for the cheapest options for TRT whilst having an expert (someone other than the NHS who know what they are looking at!) read bloodwork, monitor and administer TRT (A good endo.) I'd ideally like my bloodwork done by medichecks as I like their online dashboard plus the prices are good but I understand private companies use their own systems. I'll bookmark this thread with these options and happy to add to it to help people These are the private companies found so far: Any discussions on what the best companies are and what prices we're looking at? themenshealthclinic.co.uk balancemyhormones.co.uk/testosterone-for-men/ pharmacy2u.co.uk optimale.co.uk/trt-uk/ (approx £90 a month) -What are the prices per month you guys are paying? (is that including HCG / AI ) -Any recommendations on which endo's who are good at reading bloodwork? I.e. endos to read SHGB, oestrogen, free test, etc from these providers? -Any recommendations got places not listed that I should check? -No gels, pellets, other fads. My preference is for good injectables such as Test E Thanks!
  10. Hi all, New here, got a quick question for you all... im 27, done 2 cycles so far and looking to start Blast and Cruise in a August. I don’t know how long for yet. anyway, myself and the missus would like to have a child, but not for a few years at least - we already have one conceived before my first cycle. basically what I would like to know is, am I better trying HCG whilst blasting AND cruising, or just when cruising? I have seen a lot of comments saying Estrogen levels are more difficult to control whilst using HCG especially on a blast, but is it also a waste of time in terms of sperm count/fertility? Am I best to wait until I’m cruising then try HCG at 500iu a week (split into two doses)? btw if/when we decide to try and have kids I may decide to come off instantly to start trying or may change my luck and try for 2-3 months whilst cruising. forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere, I’ve looked and can’t find a decent answer. I know this is very person dependant but anyone with experience in this that gives advice would be massively appreciated.
  11. Weeks 1-8 25mg oxymetholone Weeks 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 125mg sustanon That's .5ml of sus250 every 14 days. 10mg Dbol 1hr Preworkout. So about 200mg Dbol total for the cycle. Danazol 200mg day on off days.
  12. HI guys, I am currently on Tostran gel for TRT having been diagnosed as secondary hypogonadic. The treatment has pushed my testosterone levels up to 28mnol (they were 15mnol when I commenced treatment initially). Unfortunately, despite the testosterone now being well within the normal range, many of my symptoms still persist. In particular, I am still suffering with absent morning erections, an inability to gain and keep firm, fully hard erections, and a lack of sex drive. In addition, I am experiencing unexplained hot flushes and mood swings. Basically I feel like a menopausal woman! Endo tested my oestrogen level on two separate occasions, and both times it came back extremely high. Adult male reference for oestrogen is 72-172pmol/L and both of my readings were in excess of 200 pmol/L. He has suggested I take Tamoxifen 20mg once a week in an attempt to bring it down. Any guys on here ever suffered with oestrogen dominance? If so, what treatments worked for you and is there a link between ED and excess oestrogen? I only ask as the ED medications I have been taking have not been effective, meaning that even when I take Viagra for example I am still not able to get or sustain a fully hard erection! All of this is proving extremely frustrating, not to mention confusing, as my endo could not give me a reason as to why my oestrogen level was so high. Any advice or input any guys who have experienced similar issues with oestrogen could offer, would be greatly appreciated. Is anyone here aware of a link between low IGF-1 (Human Growth Hormone) levels and ED or similar symptoms? I intend to raise HGH with my endo, as my research indicates many of the symptoms of HGH deficiency can mimic the symptoms of low T. Hopefully some guys on here possess some insights they can share.
  13. Hi guys, I write on these pages quite often, so not going to bother repeating my background. Basically, on TRT having been diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism. Also on Cabergoline to lower my prolactin. Certain symptoms have definitely improved since being on TRT. For example, my libido is higher, I seem to have gained a bit of muscle mass in my upper body, and as a rule my mood is more balanced than it was before commencing TRT. However, the fly in the ointment so to speak, is the dreaded oestrogen management. I have very high levels of oestrogen (192pmol/L on reference range 72-160pmol), in addition to which I am experiencing deeply unpleasant symptoms. My Erectile Dysfunction persists, with fewer erections and weak, unsustainable erections when I attempt intercourse. This is all despite my actual desire to have sex increasing. Other users I have spoken to on here have said that oestrogen, either too high or too low, can contribute to ED and make your erections weaker/ less potent. Anyone on here using Anastrazole? If so, what dosage and have you experienced symptom improvement in respect of erections whilst on it? My GP has said I can up my dose to 2/12mg Anastrazole per week, as, unlike many other men, I am not a strong responder to average Anastrazole doses. So, any guys on here on this dose or similar, and did you get any sides, good or bad, from Anastrazole? Viagra is effective sometimes, but at 24 I do not want to be dependent on pills to get erections if at all possible.
  14. Testogel??

    Has anyone ever used Testogel?? Thoughts? Pros and Cons?
  15. Looking for some advice. Has anyone had issues with there skin after using testosterone? I was taking very low test cyp dosage to with Anavar which got me in great shape physically and mentally at 41 but my skin flared up with a form of dermatitis that I was informed was because the testosterone causes a hormone imbalance which creates a yeast. Anyone experienced this? My skin has cleared up after not using test for 6 months. But need to get back in shape and was after some recommendations? Has anyone used SARMS? Or other forms of Test??
  16. Hi guys, I'm a regular on these forums, so won't bore you with too much information! Basically, at the age of 24, I discovered I had low testosterone levels, namely, low levels of free testosterone and high oestrogen. I had suffered from a whole cluster of symptoms, ranging from development of Gyno right down to problems with erections and libido etc etc. I have been tested by two urologists and latterly an Endocrinologist, none of whom have been able to definitively identify the root cause of my low testosterone levels. Endo agreed to put me on TRT with an Aromatase Inhibitor, in an attempt to raise my T levels and bring down the high oestrogen. My current regime consists of: two sachets of Testo Gel 50mg 5g gel daily, and 2mg of Anastrazole, 1mg tablets twice a week. So far, symptoms have not improved. I have heard, from guys on TRT for whom the treatment has not reaped significant benefits, that often thyroid function, which apparently is of central importance in an effective TRT/ hormone re balancing treatment plan, is frequently overlooked and often underestimated. I am beginning to wonder if perhaps one of the reasons why my TRT programme, which I have been on now for at least two months, is not working is because of some issue with my thyroid. My most recent thyroid labs are included below. I hope some of you guys can offer me further advice on: a- are the thyroid numbers I presently have optimal, and b-has my endo missed out something really vital in terms of the thyroid labs he has ordered? If so, what labs should I ask him to run, and what should an ideal TSH number for a man in his 20s be? TSH: 3.73 mu/L on reference range: 0.34-5.60 FT4 level: 12.4pmol/L on reference range: 7.70- 15.10pmol/L FT3 level: 5.8pmol/L on reference range: 4.30- 6.80pmol/L I am led to believe that a high TSH combined with a low or borderline low FT3 or FT4 level can indicate subclinical hypothyroidism? What do you guys think, on the basis of the above labs, and the fact that my TRT programme does not seem to be working, about the possibility of my potentially having a mildly underactive thyroid? Are there any other thyroid labs I should ask my endo to do? I feel very fatigued all of the time, get unexplained muscle aches, low libido, moderate ED and problems with energy levels. I think my thyroid could be a contributing factor to some of my symptoms, but would be interested to hear thoughts of you guys.
  17. I am writing an article about why former anabolic steroid users often are refused TRT. I did a few Google Scholar searches, but couldn't find any studies supporting a non-treatment practice. Quite on the contrary, actually; several studies conclude that former abusers show hypogonadal symptoms many years after quitting, and their morbidity is significantly increased. I have been contacted by a few men who have extremely low total serum testosterone, but because they abused steroids in their youth, they are denied treatment. I find this practice appalling, but I'm trying to figure out the logic behind it. Do you know why some physicians/specialists refuse former abusers TRT, and whether or not this practice is common?