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Found 67 results

  1. Hey fellas hope you're doing well. I recently made two changes to my test protocol. 1) First time using rohm test-e 300 2) First time using 'slin-pins' 29G 0.5" needle. Now one of these things (potentially both) is giving me grief. I am experiencing lumping/knots/nodules almost every time I inject. I believe I am injecting 'shallow IM, making sure the full half inch needle is as deep into the medial delt/ventroglute with each injection and performing a little z-track each time to pull a little fat away from the injection site. 0.3ml every other day. So, what do you think? I hear of a lot of guys doing just fine with insulin syringes, and I switched to rohm gear due to it's strong reputation on this forum? But one of these two things is giving me some serious aggro right now. Thanks in advance.
  2. looking for any feedback on TRT from older guys on it, first query enanthate or Sus mix. cheers Dmac
  3. HI guys, I have been receiving TRT through a private medical clinic but unfortunately, owing primarily to finances, I am no longer able to continue accessing treatment from them. I was on Testosterone Enanthate and HCG. My GP has now put me on Nebido and has said she is willing to work with me to fine tune the injection frequency, so rather than following the retarded manufacturing guidelines of one injection every three months, she is open to adjusting my injection frequency to as little as six weeks should bloods and symptoms indicate this is what I need. Fortunate to have an NHS GP as patient-centred and open-minded about TRT! Unfortunately however she is UNABLE she claims to prescribe me HCG? I explained that HCG is ESSENTIAL for hormonal balance and she acknolwdlrged this was so, but it would seem her hands are metaphorically tied. I may therefore have to obtain HCG from another source. I was wondering if any guys on here might have had similar experiences, having to go from care in the private sector back to the NHS, and if they did how they managed to get their HCG and where from and at what cost? I am reluctant to have to use UG sources for the HCG, but given the benefits it brought to my mood, my libido and my testicle size and function, I do think it important to continue on it if at all possible. Any credible suggestions would be much appreciated!
  4. Ok so Im a newbie and thinking of trying a cycle for the first time ever and have my eye on Winstrol in tablet form. I have seen Pharmacom brand mentioned and doing a quick google search brings up the company link on the top of the list so pretty easy to find. My question is, do they ship from the UK as importing is illegal and I dont want to get busted for buying from the wrong source. And has anyone had any experience doing a cycle while on TRT? Cheers guys / girls
  5. I’ve been on Nebido T mono in total of 5 injections since 12/2019 (10-12 weeks apart) as a part on prescribed TRT, last injection was on 08/2020. At the start of this week my doc prescribed me Clomid 25mg MWF (3 times a week) as a PCT and then a mono therapy. Would this dose be sufficient protocol to resume my natural testosterone production?
  6. Hi all, Recently did a medichecks test and I've got the results back. My testosterone is borderline and free test is low. However my prolactin is coming back high. I'm going to do another test in 2 weeks then I'm considering speaking to the Leger Clinic if I'm still low. I would appreciate any advice or guidance from anyone... especially if anyone has any opinions on how my results look all round. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm currently reviewing my options to beginning treatment for secondary hypogonadism privately in the UK, near London. My two front-runners are well known clinic Balance My Hormones, and the less prevalent Nebula Health. Some background on me: early 20's and classic symptoms of hypogonadism. My lifestyle is entirely conducive to a healthily functioning endocrine system (other than a stimulant medication used for ADHD since adolescence). I had a bout of mumps around 13 months ago. I want to avoid Testosterone Replacement as much as I can and focus on a therapy combining hCG and Clomid use to increase T and maintain/increase fertility. I am reassured by Balance My Hormones' testimonials and their large presence. However, I have been absolutely blown away by the service and expertise I've experienced with Nebula Health. I'm convinced these guys are on the cutting edge of these treatments and know an incredible amount, more than any youtube or internet guru I've come across in the last few years of passive research and the last two months of active research. I'm really interested in your guys' experience and recommendations and am happy to answer any questions you might have about my situation. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi all, I'm currently reviewing my options to beginning treatment for secondary hypogonadism privately in the UK, near London. My two front-runners are well known clinic Balance My Hormones, and the less prevalent Nebula Health. Some background on me: early 20's and classic symptoms of hypogonadism. My lifestyle is entirely conducive to a healthily functioning endocrine system (other than a stimulant medication used for ADHD since adolescence). I had a bout of mumps around 13 months ago. I want to avoid Testosterone Replacement as much as I can and focus on a therapy combining hCG and Clomid use to increase T and maintain/increase fertility. I am reassured by Balance My Hormones' testimonials and their large presence. However, I have been absolutely blown away by the service and expertise I've experienced with Nebula Health. I'm convinced these guys are on the cutting edge of these treatments and know an incredible amount, more than any youtube or internet guru I've come across in the last few years of passive research and the last two months of active research. I'm really interested in your guys' experience and recommendations and am happy to answer any questions you might have about my situation. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I'm 33 years old and I've been thinking about doing TRT for a couple of years. I've been taking the hairloss drug finasteride for about 7 years and it has served me very well. Over the last few years I have suffered with low energy levels which in turn has been affecting my mood. My libido is overall fine but it is lower than before however this is not an issue. The major issue is being lethargic. I have done 3 cycles of testosterone 500mg-750mg and anavar for between 12 to 20 weeks about 4/5 years ago. I did experience feeling tired pre gear but it wasn't as bad then and has got worse over the last couple of years. I was assuming that my side effects are a combination of steroid use and finasteride because my testicles are smaller than before. Anyway, last year i decided to get my bloodwork done and I was quite surprised that my test levels were good. My SHGB levels though were through the roof which therefore affects my free testosterone. Finasateride is known the raise SHBG due to blocking DHT. Below are the results. As you can see my free testosterone is 22.9 nmol/l but my SHGB is 83.3 Nmol/l Ostradiol is 130 pmol/l and free testosterone is 0.255 nmol/l. SHBG seems to be the massive issue here. After this I had my liver and thyroid checked and they came back fine. I've been taking a supplement called boron to lower levels of SHBG. I got my bloodwork done recently and the supplement has helped a little. (Results below) My SHBG is down to 63.6 nmol/l but it’s still too high. My free testosterone slightly increased to 0.296 nmol/l which is the normal range but its the lower end and I still feel tired all of the time. Boron has done all it can and I can’t get it down any lower as I’m taking the recommended dose. I feel probably slightly better than last year but overall i'm still very tried throughout the day regardless of how many hours sleep I get. I really need to do something for a better quality of life. I feel I can’t go on like this anymore. I have messaged TRT clinics online but they said i'm not suitable under guidelines. I really don't want to stop finasteride. Even lowering the dose on finasteride doesn’t work for me I still feel tired and I’ll lose hair. So I was thinking of doing low doses of testosterone to get my free testosterone higher. I’ll aim for the high normal range. I’ll also take 500iu of hcg per week to keep the balls going. (I'll take hair loss topicals to prevent any hair loss if i get any) It really would be nice to have my energy levels back also if i could add a bit more muscle it would be a bonus. I'm unsure if this is the right way to go though. Does anyone have any experience in this or does anyone have any other recommendations based on my blood work? Cheers!!
  10. Hi! Sometimes, 3 out of ever 5 times, when I inject, and physically insert the needle in my thigh, I feel a large throbbing/pulsing and i get pins and needles down my leg. I often ignore it and everything returns to normal after the shot. Today, when I experienced this, but when I removed the needle a fair bit of blood followed (darker in color so feeling its not arterial). It clotted after a few mins so I am not so worried. But it did get me thinking of the pins and needles (almost 'dead leg' sensation) and throbbing were maybe bad - perhaps a sign that I should pull the needle out and go into a different spot (Something I am always anxious about doing). ? I am pretty lean injecting 1ml med with a 1inch 23g needle. Cheers!
  11. Hi guys, I've been on TRT now for several months. 200 mg / week of Test C with 1 mg / week of Anastrozole (Arimidex). I inject and ingest together twice a week; I cut the weekly dosage in half for each dosing. I'm under the supervision of an MD and get my blood work done every 10 weeks. Everything is fine. My estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, lipids, etc. are all normal. Some are at the high end of normal, but normal nonetheless. The only exception is my free testosterone which is twice the high end of normal. Within the past few days, I've begun experiencing numbness in my extremities. Specifically, I've experienced numbness in my fingers and lower lip. My left pinkie is practically useless. Have any of you experienced the same sort of thing on gear in general or TRT specifically? Is this a common side effect of testosterone use? Or is this the beginning of Lou Gehrig's disease? Am I going to end up like Stephen Hawking minus the 200 IQ?!?
  12. Hi everybody, I hope all you guys are doing great. Can anyone tell me how my dad can get prescribed TRT from a doctor? He is around 50 years old and gained alot of weight recently. I am pretty sure he has low test and would benefit from taking replacement therapy dose. He injured his back(herniated disc) in his 30s so he can't lift weights or run. I am trying to get him to do some cycling so he can loose weight but I think TRT would most definitely help since he has low energy levels and sleepy all the time. Since, I am a steroid user I can easily get him to use one of my vials of test and he knows about my steroid use. But he does not want me to give him test, he is scared because he could get enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. I also think its better that he goes to the doctor, what do you guys think ?
  13. Hi All, Just a quick guide for anyone who’s wanting to draw amps up into vials - I do this because my TRT is 0.6 Sus 250 E7D and wastage is just wastage... 1. Grab yourself 10 amps of whatever you’re using, an empty sterile 10ml vial, a syringe, some alcohol wipes, green drawing needle and another Needle to use as a vent (I use an orange). 2. Set your syringe and green needle up ( I only had 2ml’s laying around, if you’ve got a 5ml you can do it in a couple of passes) 3. Crack open your 10 amps either by hand or use an amp snapper ( whatever suits you) 4. Swab the rubber top of your open clear vial and add another needle (I used an orange) in at a 45 degree angle as ‘vent’. This makes it much easier passing all the fluid in. 5. Draw all the fluid up from the individual amps into the clear empty vial, finally re swabbing the top with another alcohol wipe. Jobs a goodun!
  14. What do you do and why? I’ve Been looking at some studies (which are included in the link below), which basically put forward a case that subq = better, aswell as microdosing. The text Below is an extract from a blog by Dr Robert Stevens at The mens health clinic (private TRT clinic). It’s a good and worthwhile read if you’re interested in these kinda things, as are the other studies in the blog. ————— “Testosterone preparations needs to enter the venous system to be transferred to the liver in order to have the attached ester cleaved. Testosterone has traditionally been administered via the intramuscular route as it is highly vascular. If the ester is cleaved too quickly, there can be a spike of oestradiol which can cause negative side effects such as anxiety, water retention, bloating and potentially gynaecomastia (breast tissue). The subcutaneous route is a suitable alternative as the absorption is delayed. Oil injected into this area encounters adipose (fat cells), collagen and fibrous tissue before entering capillaries, which then form veins and the lymphatic system, eventually joining the venous system. This essentially dilutes the rate of absorption, which not only leads to stable levels, but also less aromatisation of testosterone to oestradiol. Injecting into the subcutaneous space is also less painful and better tolerated than injecting into the muscle” - Source The mens health clinic (Link)
  15. Hi there, I am about to start TRT Treatment with Sustanon 250. My starting dose is 1ml every 2 and a half weeks. I assume this is a normal dose? Would you say its fine injecting with a 27G needle (0.4mm) Or would you suggest going larger? I was planning on injecting in my thigh. I am pretty lean so I assume it would go in Sub Q? I have 5'8 needles too which i could use. As for getting blood work done to check blood /t levels, how often would you say getting them completed? My Red blood is Border-line high. Thanks!
  16. Hi there, I have been on TRT for the last 9 months or so. I am a 27 year old with secondary hypogonadism . I am not a science guy and do what the doc tends to tell me. I started out taking Testosterone Cyp, injecting 0.5 ml once a week from a 200gm/ml vile....not even sure what the dose is! I combined it with HCG 2,500ui twice a week (if that sounds right.) Switched doctors, moved to the UK; everything is different here. The doc took me off the Test. as my RBC has tended to fluctuate; the Heamoglobin 174/176 g/L. They switched me to Androgels for a month...totally ineffectual for me and my Test levels went from 31 on injections to 10 (prior treatment i was 1.2-2). How high are these bloods? Are they likely to be a worry if i stay on T? If I did stay on Test. would switching to a different ester impact the RBC? The doctor wants me to be on HCG mono-therapy. I am open to the idea. I am however, curious as to why some doctors totally reject the idea of HCG mono-therapy and favor it only when combined with Test. when fertility is a concern. For me, fertility is not an issue. I just want to feel well, and after 4 weeks of renewed low T symptoms that were only getting worse, I dont really want to play the game of waiting another month here and there. Thanks!
  17. Hi chaps, Been on TRT for approx 4 years which has been fantastic in every way. Currently on 96.25mg TestC p/w and 700iu HCG p/w. Finally been able to book a holiday (in 7 weeks) and am now ready to do a cut. Ideally want to keep as much of my hard earned gains over the last 6 months as I can (lucky enough to have a decent home gym) so was looking at getting a little help with Anavar. I did a holiday cut last year with Ostarine which was pretty good although I'm carrying quite a bit more muscle this year. Am currently at 198lbs, 17.5% BF and my target is 14%. I was planning to take 20-30mg Pharmacom Anavar ED (ordered direct - I think I can say that as its the lab?) for 6 weeks, keep the same TestC protocol and increase my HCG to just over 1000iu. I also have pharma Anastrozole which I was planning to run alongside the cycle, perhaps 0.5mg EOD or ETD to keep E2 in check. I'm healthy, clean-diet, non-smoker and teetotal (boring sod) and my bloodwork always comes back clean ( baseline T approx 33-35, Free T 0.7-1, Prolactin and Oestradiol upper normal) and I'm 48.. I've done my research (all praise to SwoleTroll and you other fine experts) and I'm planning to do a T cycle in the near future, but don't want to waste my first proper cycle on a cut and I also know there are more effective orals for cutting; such as Clen but the sides are off-putting, and I think Anavar + low Test could be a good first mini cycle for me to break my cherry :-) Does the above sound sensible or am I a boring moron?
  18. What do you feel about sex while you are on steroids do you feel that you are having better sex - lebido erection sex duration - or worse sex than when you were natural. I am talking about healthy young people who just wanted a cycle for bodybuilding
  19. Can I find on the internet an endocrinologist that can help to give valuable advice to run a cycle that you have experience with not to be a scammer?
  20. First post, hoping someone can give a steer on what I need to change. I am a 49-year-old male and my main symptoms are fatigue, clumsiness, brain fog and severe cognitive issues. In 2017 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, causing hypothyroidism, and secondary hypogonadism (Testosterone 6.11 nmol/L (7.60 – 31.40), FSH 1.6 IU/L (1.50 – 12.40) and LH 2.82 IU/L (1.70 -8.60)). A review of my thyroid results confirmed I have been hypothyroid for over 15 years despite my GP always saying my results were fine. For my hypothyroidism I have tried Levothyroxine, Liothyronine and Levothyroxine, Natural Desiccated Thyroid (Erfa then Armour and then Erfa again) and now Levothyroxine with Natural Desiccated Thyroid. For SH I was initially given gels but after 5 months changed to Nebido on 11 week interval. All meds are via the NHS. Over the last 3 years I have had short periods ranging from 3 to 10 days when I felt I was getting better physically, but not cognitively, only for symptoms to return. At the beginning of last year I was diagnosed with Heterozygous Haemochromatosis and I am currently under the care of an NHS Haematologist. Ferritin levels were 700-800 ug/L at the time but have since come down and now are generally either below or at the bottom of range (currently19 ug/L) whereas Saturation levels have always been high (81.00% (<45%)). I also have secondary polycythaemia, generally controlled by venesection, although my low ferritin levels don’t allow the venesections to be as frequent as they probably should be. I also have non-alcoholic fatty liver. My belief is that the Nebido injections are adding to my problems due to causing complications with high hgb and hct, coupled with Haemochromatosis, and I would probably be better off on shorter intervals of a different injectable and maybe adding HCG. It also doesn’t help that ferritin level needs to be around 100-120 ug/L for thyroid meds to work effectively. Also, does any know who the go to NHS specialist is now that Dr. Hackett (who originally diagnosed me) has retired from the NHS? Thinking of trying Dr Savage, as I am in Birmingham and he’s not too far away, but can’t afford private meds (and I already get my meds via NHS). Any advice would be appreciated.
  21. Hi there, I am a 27 year old male and have been on TRT for the last 9 or so months over in the US. I recently relocated to the UK (London) and had run into some trouble with continuing my treatment. I had been on Testosterone Cypionate and was responding very well. However, the urologist i saw in the UK said that cypionate wasn't available in the UK and I could either use gels or long acting injections. The Docs in America always told me to forget Gels, and a lot of online reading has supported this claim (the the Dr is a fan). I know it is possible to get Cyp from third party providers (Optimale, Balance My Hormone) but I wonder how trustworthy they are, and how much extra money they are taking? So now I am on Testogel, and quite frankly I think I am facing a psychological barrier owing to my American indoctrination. Do you think the Gels to be significantly inferior to Cyp? Is it real so bad? My biggest fear is giving the gels a few weeks or a month to work only to return to some kind of injection, by which stage I will have to wait around 8 weeks for any symptoms to disappear. (I know it is possible to get propionate and other short acting shots in London but I haven't really considered this). Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
  22. hi lads new member would really appreciate some feedback from someone who knows what there talking about 30 year old been training close to a decade never smoked can count drinks iv had in my life on one hand , nutrition always been good fitness always been big part of my life long story short , started getting really strange injuries every time I played football something would pull ended up out all season thought nothing of it , then noticed hair thinning more weeks went on mood changed , confidence almost non existent total different human being to what I was last year , started getting really dull ache in my shoulders all day every day for 12 weeks straight , never been to docs since I was 20 but I knew something wasnt right all bloods have come back fine , test level came back 13>30 which I'm well aware that's in the "normal" range but that range means nothing as every single human being is different , doc doesnt seem to want to link things to that but from what iv read online it seems like 2+2 just wondering if anyone on here has been through anything similar or any tips what I can do if doctor wont help pretty much rock bottom with how my body feels it's just not like me at all , thanks again lads appreciate any feedback
  23. Afternoon. I've been running a 'Trt dosage' myself of 100mg test e for the last 7 months then 4 months ago added hcg 500iu e3d. Previous to this is, I'd had 2 sets of bloods done at GP surgery due to explaining fatigue, brain fog, grumpiness lack of strength gains in gym, whilst having a very good diet, rest, good routine etc. I'd explained we'd been trying for another baby, we have an 8 year already, for best part of a year then, but with lack of libido I was often not interested or I wouldn't happen. Dr agreed to refer me to an NHS endo, but in mean time decided to cancel appointment and go it myself, knowing that me mentioning trying for a child would be pointless for treatment in their eyes. Got full medichecks bloods done just before I started hcg and I was high normal which I was happy with?! So since then, I'm fun to be around again, libido up, erections up. Can hold things in my head now and feel much younger. I'm leanest I've ever been and feel great, slowing reversing out of diet well. Strength pretty good until lockdown!! So forward 7 months, looking in to clomid and hmg, as sperm levels are obviously too low. I saw that Dave palumbo fertility protocol, but have since seen a few other, one of which is on here. I'm toying with the idea of reducing the test dose and upping the hcg and introducing clomid, with a view to adding in hmg when I can afford enough to start properly. That stuff is £££? Also about to book a private fertility test for me, but with covid that's going to be a while I think. Would it worth having a break from the hcg and start again with the higher dose after a while with clomid and hopefully hmg by then? Thinking 1000iu hmg m w f, 75ui hmg tu thur and 25mg Ed to see how I feel? What are peoples thoughts please?
  24. Hello all I am currently on 180 MG of test cypinate a week split over 2 doses I have just started 1000iu of HCG to to get my balls back to their original size and get my fertility back up and running. Had my blood work back recently and have high triglycerides and high cholesterol and high red cell blood count.Im going to clean up my diet and give blood to try and amend this any constructive advice on how to improve things would be appreciated.As far as “feel” I feel great would just like to improve the blood work for overall health and longevity.
  25. Hello, OK. So, those SARMs must have really been something because my Test levels are in the toilet. The doctor immediately wrote me a script for Test C at 200mg/ml, needles & barrels, HCG, and Arimidex. Insurance paid for everything, no problems. Picking my Test up in an hour, and going to administer my first shot. I have 20 gauge needles for pulling and 25 gauge needles for pushing. Both are an inch long. I plan on hitting my glute. I know to hit the outside upper quadrant near the hip and away from the sciatic nerve. My question is, though, how far should I push the needle in? All the way? Half way? I'm a thinner guy, not much fat on me. Though, my glutes are rather meaty (bubble butt). How deep is too deep? How shallow is too shallow? How can I tell if I'm too deep or not deep enough? Also, is it OK if some air gets pushed into the muscle, or should this be avoided? Thanks.