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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, Has anyone had any experience with RU58841, I've heard a few famous BBs talking about it. Apparently you can use this temporarily while using a compound whether it be T based or DHT based and it will prevent the binding of DHT to hair follicles thereby eliminating hair loss due to steroids. Supposedly this is more effective and less costly long term than minoxidil and also rules over finasteride too. I am extremely interested in this as a preventative measure as im about to start DHT based oral compound that im worried could cause accelerated hair loss via excessive binding of the follicles, if this can prevent that by competing for the binding site at the follicle that would be awesome. I understand this is a research chemical and therefore claims of its benefits should be taken with a pinch of gear, however my interest is peaked as surely these 300k plus followers ig guys are in the know some way shape or form. I look forward to hearing from your guys thoughts/ experiences.
  2. Morning people. i don't suffer with MPB, although it does run in the family, brother and dad. Other members of my family are in their50s 70s and still have all their hair. Didnt notice any hair loss on test or var. But since Tren my hair is thinning slightly. Not major but overall it seems slightly thinner. My bro says he doesn't think it is ,maybe I'm just paranoid. Is there something to stop this? Other than stopping Tren.