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  1. Don't use their Test E 300 - the pip is horrendous! I've just finished 15 weeks cruising on it - only 1ml a week and every muscle I injected into hurt for about five days afterwards. The only reason I persisted with it was not to waste it and it was used throughout lockdown anyway with the gyms closed - any more than 1ml a week for blasting purposes whilst training would have been horrible. Not saying it doesn't work because it does but there are good alternative pip-free options out there at 300mg/ml. Wouldn't use again.
  2. New lab cenzo pharma

    I'm finally starting my Cenzo Test E on Monday - posted earlier in the thread as I had four vials on hand waiting to go. Going to run 300mg a week (1ml) until the gyms re-open and then crank it up to 1000mg a week along with my Nexus deca at 800mg a week. Fingers crossed it's decent stuff and pip-free - the Intex test e I've been using for the last 15 weeks cruise certainly isn't and I won't be using that again.
  3. Ran their test e and deca - no issues with either and I'm using the deca again as part of my next cycle.
  4. Galenika test e

    There's nothing wrong with them. I've used Galenika on several occasions (all from different sources), mainly for cruising. If they were fake I'd know about it.
  5. Nexus labs deca

    I used Nexus deca in my last blast - was using 600mg a week alongside 750 test e. It's decent stuff, and I'm going to order some more for when I return to the gym - it's also the cheapest deca I can find at that 400mg/ml concentration.
  6. Ronnie Coleman on Joe Rogan JRE

    Very disappointed in Ronnie - lots of half-truths and just outright lies in that interview. Yes he was a genetic freak and light years ahead in development from the rest of us mere mortals and would have been a great bodybuilder regardless of what he took but he knows a lot of bodybuilders will be watching that and so how he can sit there and insult our intelligence with claims of 0.33% bodyfat is just ludicrous. Dorian was the same when he went on - yes we all know they use gear but they always have to try and downplay it by saying they took a lot less than they actually did in order to retain credibility and let the myth of "genetics" cover for them. I guess they just don't want to get sued if some stupid kid dies of a heart attack from copying their cycles.
  7. Acid reflux

    Same here - I've been on omeprazole for about 18 months now - no idea what caused it. Don't take dbol or any orals and I even get it when I'm on a cruise. It just won't go away without taking the medication.
  8. Yeah fair dos - just one of these things you have to try and find out for yourself. The routine I was doing for a number of years is based on the old Dorian Yates HIT style training where I would do shoulders and tris on Monday, Tuesday was back, Wednesday off, Thursday chest and biceps and Friday legs with the whole weekend to recover after killing myself on legs. Then I found as I got older I wasn't able to use the same volume and intensity combined on the leg days so I started doing hamstrings and calves on my Wednesday rest day in order to bring them up in line with my quads (which I'm happy to say after 2 or 3 years of doing this it seems to have worked. Quads would be trained on their own on Fridays. That's why I don't have too many reservations about trying the PPL routine because if I could get away with 5 days then I should be able to do 6. By the way I've no idea why I used the term "bro split" - it seems to be used to describe any type of training routine these days that isn't PPL!
  9. Deca as a second compound

    750mg test and 600mg deca is my go-to bulking cycle but I'm thinking that once the gyms reopen again I might work into a 1200mg test / 800mg deca cycle to see if there's any extra positive differences.
  10. Do you find this works okay with only one rest day a week? I'm torn between trying a PPL routine like this for the first time in my 27 years of training but then I hear top pros and amateurs saying that if you don't need a rest day by the 3rd day then you're not training hard enough. I've been doing a bro-split Monday to Friday for quite a while now and it feels like it's getting a bit stale.
  11. Never been scammed but had the opposite - bought a couple of vials of test last year off an online site (which will stay un-named) and the guy sent me the same order twice a week apart, so ended up getting four vials of test I've also ordered gear where they've discovered they didn't have it in stock and they've literally sent me the money back in cash through the post
  12. DHB dosage

    I used 450mg a week along with a Test E and NPP blast cycle early last year. Ran the test at 600mg and the NPP at 450mg for a total of 1,500mg a week. Didn't get much pip but the DHB kept crashing at the 150mg/ml dose it was held at and felt I never got my money's worth as some of it was impossible to un-crash and get out the vial. Also had a lot of anxiety and paranoia with it, more than any other drug (even tren) so for that reason I haven't used it again. Didn't feel like I got a lot out of it - no strength or size gains on top of what I would have got anyway had I just ran the test and NPP.
  13. Why you should always buy the best coffee.

    I'm not a big coffee drinker - only one of two cups a week for me but when I do I like the good strong stuff - I'm using this one at the moment and the roast no.5 (in the purple packaging) is a good one too.
  14. 200mg enanthate is the lowest I've ever ran tren - got all the same positives and negatives as I did with 400mg a week.
  15. I'll be 43 next week at 5'11'' and weighing 18st. Been training 27 years. I feel I've got plenty of life and improvements in me yet and once this lockdown is over the goal is to get to 19st which I've never achieved - 18st 7lbs is the best I've managed. I hope I'm like Dexter and still getting it done at 50.