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  1. Bullion

    Can’t believe this stuff is actually sold online , it’s worse than fm fragrance sellers on Facebook, I don’t trust that janoshik testing, definitely tell it’s not a proper company look at the website, I don’t understand why you have to tell them what’s in the bottle and to what concentration, no mention of solvents or carriers in any of their reports!
  2. New British Dragon

    EU was junk from the start I also remember the var being sent in no active ingredient.
  3. New British Dragon

    The time I was training BD was coming or come to the end of it’s life and was copied almost instantly so personally I never got try it , them early years of me lifting is when I learnt many lessons that anyone pass you anything saying it was good just to make money, then I moved to pro chem and I found this a brilliant lab, but soon as this lab finished a number of pro chem labs appeared one being a copy of the original and the other a new lab but I don’t think it was successful. From what I’m coming across on social media there must be at least 50 uk labs and I stick the handful I know to be very good this is my opinion.
  4. New British Dragon

    The above mentioned the newest of the British Dragon labs to appear in the many years since the genuine British Dragon ceased production.
  5. No one has spotted the obvious regarding label layout most obvious different fonts also : OP : (aligned to the right) Testosterone Cypionate Dimensions Real (when produced aligned to the left) Testosterone Cypionate
  6. Dimensions a lab which I haven’t used in a while and I do like there products, but I agree all old stock will be expired and the prices on them site are ridiculous, did you also manage to locate the site first image is from? The photo /image regarding the ttm comment!
  7. rohm rip blend?

    Pretty sure there is only now one rohm , there was actually a copy this is true but I’ve not seen it for some time, I use “genuine”rohm
  8. Dimensions don’t produce cyp stopped while ago, and keifei is real gear well what’s the other labs bunk, that’s very long !!!
  9. Greek uni pharma t3

    Yes picture 3 are copy’s / working replica’s what ever people want to call them, I’m getting pictures of sides etc , i the prices is now €2.30 a box, as spotted the typing also below that in the smaller print is typo errors. I’ve some old ones that expired 05/20 €1.15
  10. Clenbuterol

    I’m bit scared after using Malay clen, that’s stuff was just something else, I’m very stims sensitive so I won’t need a high dose, let you once I’ve tried it!
  11. Greek uni pharma t3

    Loads of differences barcode looks to have been printed on normal paper, colours wording on the barcode is different to the genuine,
  12. Hilma would give slight pip day after maybe slight lump, 2days later fine nothing unusual in my eyes. Gains worth it = yes!
  13. “No pain no gain” I’m the first to complain but if it’s a clean pain (no infection) are the gains worth the pip ? As I’ve just mentioned on another thread I’m on trt and still get pip on pharmaceutical products.
  14. aromasin vs arimidex

    Used aromasin before and to be honest worked a treat, i alway like to use pharma AI where possible, but not seen any genuine pharma aromasin for sometime.
  15. Test e with caster oil

    Test e even at a ugl dose at 250mg/ml seems to have its issues, don’t get me wrong I’ve used labs using carriers other than castor oils then all of a sudden I’m getting pip ! I’ve had nebido on trt and it’s still gives one [email protected] sting and slight pip , I’m on trt of sustanon now and still get one good and one bad injection, so I think we have to accept some kind of pip, [email protected] me I’m one complain trust me, I don’t think there’s a real answer for this, somethings you could try, lowering to half ml shots or mixing with another compound.