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  1. Old Dog - New Tricks

  2. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Not a good week in our house. The results for the lymph nodes came back and my wife has cancer in her lymphatic system. The hospital is not hanging around, she has already had a scan to see if it has spread to other parts of her body, she has had a Covid test and is booked into surgery on Tuesday. As for me, I trained Thursday, skipped Friday as we where busy and today I did my first workout with 2 sets of each exercise. I did it as a circuit with 90 seconds rest between the circuits. I was knackered afterwords
  3. Old Dog - New Tricks

    looked out of the window this morning at the beautiful clear sky and decided it was too nice a day to stay in my living room on the cross trainer, so I went for a long fast walk instead. This afternoon I did my mini circuit as planned
  4. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Todays workout has been done as planned. I know that things are slowly improving as I have started to question if I am working hard enough ! I shall keep to my baby steps plan for strength improvement but I might add a short cardio workout in the mornings on my cross trainer and do my little circuit in the afternoon.
  5. Old Dog - New Tricks

    My lower back has been aching, which I am attributing to the jolting landing from the box squats (just a guess) so today I replaced the box jumps with step ups. Other than that small change I repeated what I did yesterday.
  6. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Today as planned I changed to assisted pull-ups and managed the planned 10 reps and added in a set of 10 box jumps which left me panting for breath.
  7. Old Dog - New Tricks

    As per my plan I added a set of dips and pull-ups. I was confident, even having done no exercise for so long, that I could get a set of 10 dips which I did. Pull-ups however where another story. Depressingly, I only managed to do 2 ! Tomorrow I shall do assisted pull ups instead. I think I will also add box jumps as today I did 3 upper body exercises but only 1 lower body exercise.
  8. Old Dog - New Tricks

    I didnt feel so good on Wednesday but thankfully it was just a 24 hour thing and I was back taking my baby steps back to fitness on Thursday. I shall tidy up my gym and set up the dip horns etc today in preparation for tomorrow when I add in additional exercises.
  9. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Day 4 done as planned
  10. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Day 3 and I think things are slowly improving on the mobility front. As I have the equipment to be able to, next week I will add in pull-ups and dips and the following week start increasing the sets
  11. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Thank you mate. Yes, I try not to compare with others who have gone through this as there are so many variables. We were not that impressed with the NHS oncologist ( no notes, kept confusing which cancer in which breast, at one point he even said you cant select a double mastectomy and his assistant had to remind him she had cancer in both breasts) so we did some research and found a private hospital with an oncologist who had loads of possessive feedback. I have an average job and earn average pay, but you only get one chance of getting this right so I was willing to pay whatever it took. Anyway we went to book an appointment with him until we found out it was the same bloke! Scary thing is only 6 weeks ago he was trying to convince us to continue with Chemo. The consultant at the private hospital that we had the operation done at said that she had done the right thing stopping chemo early and that if you caught Covid whilst on Chemo the NHS probably wouldn't even allocate you a bed as your chances of survival would be so low.
  12. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Thanks Hun X
  13. Old Dog - New Tricks

    So this morning I repeated yesterdays efforts. I was just as knackered and out of breath as yesterday but at-least today I did not feel faint at any point, so I'm going to take that as the first green shoots of recovery
  14. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Thanks mate, and best wishes to you and your Mrs. I believe mine will also have two types of hormone meds to go onto as she had 3 types of cancer, a triple negative which is not hormone related and two that are, estrogen and progesterone. Does your Mrs suffer from any cording? mine managed to snap the one in her left arm with the massage technique they gave us, but the ones in her right are are growing and have now reached her forearm. Can I ask, if your still waiting on the results of the lymph node tests, how long ago she had her surgery? We got back the results of the genetics test and thank God her cancers are not hereditary so both my daughters are safe which has lifted a great weight from my wife.
  15. Old Dog - New Tricks

    Thanks mate