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    gymfit reacted to BLUE(UK) in Why have puppies gone so expensive?   
    I’m sure there are more than plenty dogs in rescue centres requiring a home without encouraging breeders to keep breeding more. 
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    gymfit reacted to wylde99 in Covid - long term plan   
    This virus is kinda cute ain't it...
    It doesn't like tall people.
    It only likes to kill people in shops after it's had a 6 month warm up. It's ok with being in a restaurant with you, but only if you sit down. It can be caught through your eyes, so don't stare at it. It hates cash, but loves bills. It doesn't mind you attending planned protests & riots. But it doesn't like you to go to the beach or going to see your family....& NOW... It has been discovered it can hide in ears (Again, I am sadly not joking)
    Masks. Goggles. & Ear Muffs. 
    Deaf, voiceless, & blind... just how they like you.

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    gymfit reacted to MickeyE in Best excuse for breaking covid regs   
    Making excuses for driving your car!? Fuk that!
    Not been pulled as yet but if I do I will be politely declining to give any details of what I'm doing beyond telling them I am going about my lawful business.
    If they're not happy with that they're more than welcome to "come at me bro"!
    In all seriousness though this sh1t is  getting out of hand. In normal times you're lucky if you can get the old bill to attend if you get burgled. Yet now they're going about on high alert looking for people out of their house without good reason!
    The world has gone entirely insane. 
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    gymfit reacted to Lowkii in do we just shut off ?   
    I personally believe there is more to life then what we see with our eyes. I think it would incredibly naive to believe what we see is all that there is. Science has already proved beyond doubt that there are different dimensions to the universe, plus we also know now that the universe also had a beginning. The beginning of the Universe is plausible course for an intelligent mind. And the different dimensions of the universe is another plausible course that could be the host for another realm to exist parallel to our own universe..  I think also that "Near Death Experiences" are also some what credible. While there has been some models put forward that disputes the authenticity of "Near Death Experience" nothing really conclusive and concrete has ever conclusively disproved what people experience. Finally, we have "consciousness". I think this could be our connection to the spiritual world. There is no other creature on earth living or dead that has ever had cosmic consciousness, the ability to be aware of life and the order of the universe. This is possessed only by humans. Who are the only enlightened creatures on the earth, and possibly the universe. 
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    gymfit reacted to wylde99 in How long you recon?   
    Haha was up doing Yoga mate, couldn't sleep properly last night!
    I just don't trust any of it mate, no one is ever going to tell me or convince me otherwise and I won't stop giving my opinion and prospective, I don't say these things to win an argent, prove anyone wrong and make myself look good, I say them because I'm passionate about a reality we could have, any even if I die and nothing changes at least I died sticking to my Heart. 
    I'm not some Paranoid Stoner who sits up all night watching YouTube videos and just think I'm "Awake". I've just taken a bit of a look at world events, done my own research and come to the solid conclusion that the people we just let control our lives not only do not have our best interests at Heart but are quite happy to Tax us into Poverty for their Elite Banksters. 
    I often use 9/11 as a good example, very very few believe the official narrative of that Boll0cks, most people say "something more or something dodgy definitely happend there, seething they arnt telling us" then follow up with "Well ok they might lie a little bit but they wouldn't lie that much" errm ok then. 
    My prospective simply comes down to how the World is run, most people know its corrupt, but when you ask questions or just say "Maybe it's corrupt by design" they just roll their eyes or laugh and call you a Nutter, it is draining but I'll never stop even if I just make some of you ask questions and do some proper research,there's so much info out there, I know you can't recall turst anything but that works both ways, can't trust the Goverments and News just because they are huge and the main source of info, could just be huge one scam. 
    Stay safe, love you all. 
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in How long you recon?   
    It's possible, although it sounds extreme because it's not mainstream news. What's absolutely shocking is how many innocent people will die as a result of the way things are being dealt with, and it won't be related to having the disease. This article talks about the US and how hundreds of thousands will die from the measures being taken alone, which is more than the ACTUAL predicted amount of deaths, and this prediction is ample in it's flexibility.

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    gymfit reacted to Phil_tuggins in How long you recon?   
    Didn't a technocrat (the administrators for the elite replacing the "elected" leades) state ' we' could remain under house-arrest for at least 6-12 months?
    That would give them ample time to initiate digital currency, implement further police state legislation and utterly decimate any company or business that doesn't have a place in their "brave new World "
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in San Marino: A microcosm of what's to come for the world?   
    Or is it just a reality of how this virus really affects human populations when the narrative doesn't come attached to it? Take all the drama and 'pandemic' clickbait away and you've got something that affects as many people, maybe more, than the seasonal flu. At worst it's a serious seasonal flu. A few hundred dying out of several tens of thousands of people sounds about right. That equates to 0.0074% of the population.

    Also look at other countries that have not been hit as badly. Makes you wonder why epicenters for our world economies like major countries (also major players in politics and world affairs) are affected the most. Almost seems like the big powerful countries are subscribing themselves to the chaos in order to get a slice of the hysteria and therefore incite policy changes, law reforms and economic changes. Of which ALL major players have done. San Marino is a very insigificant dot to Italy, to UK, to Germany, US etc. All these small and politically inferior countries, at least in terms of what power and reputation they bring to the table, are coincidently unaffected by the virus.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in San Marino: A microcosm of what's to come for the world?   
    6,500 globally die each hour. So about 78,000 a day. Depending on your sources it's probably more than that. So it's easy to become skewed by your own small perspective on the world where you're not used to seeing death thrown in your face on a daily basis like it's a disease. Death isn't a disease. But we're taught to see deaths reported on the news as being bad because nothing beats being alive, and we should all avoid the topic of death. Now it's just being manipulated a little bit so you're getting your daily dose of death statistics as if it never occurs in the first place. When 78,000 people die every day, that means you'll get numbers very similiar to those dying of the coronavirus because many of these people dying/dead are at elderly and with comorbid health conditions, and then we have the seasonal flu season which is right about now, perhaps just at the tail end coming into the Spring months.

    So, the amount of deaths this time of year just down to seasonal influenza is pretty normal. If you look at the stats, this time of year we have the most deaths out of the entire year because of the seasonal flu. And now we have the coronavirus which happens to amplify the number one cause of death in the world (respiratory diseases). And so we're seeing something pretty normal.

    But it's death after all. You didn't know how much death we had until the news brought it up. People don't care until the news bring it up. Death is bad. No. Death isn't bad. Death happens all the time. That's what I was trying to get at and anyone I consider able to have a friendly conversation would have recognised that without chomping at the bit to try and shame and exploit a simple mistake in what I said. I'm wondering just how many dysfunctional/unstable people are on this forum? Everybody seems socially challenged. One tip for you; don't take powerful hormones if you have underlying psychological/social issues. You should really be dealing with their issues before pumping yourself full of testosterone. It won't mask the issues you have or make them go away
    I see minimal deaths on a global scale being massively exaggerated while the numbers only make things worse. The numbers are grossly misleading and places like Italy have come out on record and said they are extremely lenient with their records of death as they record everyone who has the coronavirus who dies in their care, as the coronavirus being the cause of death. Well, people die in hospital everyday from things completely unrelated to a pandemic. If you've got elderly people at the end of life, or with underlying health conditions (maybe them do as is natural when you get old) then these people are likely to die in hospital. Is it a death caused by coronavirus? Judging by the facts we have available you'd be hard pressed to assume that because the total number of SEVERE cases are so low. And the deaths are even lower still when put into context.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in 1200 dead in UK, only 66.4 million of us left!   
    Is it sad though? I don't think it is.
    Births today (as of right now): 292,199
    Births this year: 34,066,525
    Deaths today (as of right now): 122,699
    Deaths this year: 14,301,970
    In the amount of time it takes you to write a post on here the size of an average family household passes away. It's mindboggling really because our minds can't comprehend how vast our species is. We still think we're a tribe of a few hundred. Shout over the Jonny to put the cauldron on for the group tonight. Get Jess to rally the community together. Nope. Not happening. Add another 7.7 BILLION people to that community and you've got somewhere closer to the sheer size of our population.

    We only see things from a very small perspective. People die all the time. It's not sad. It's only sad when you think there was a person who died along with the body. And even then, you can't begin to emotionally attach yourself to every single dying person in the world and burden yourself with their regrets, their personal life, their failings, their successes, their memories. It just happens.

    Appreciate the existence of others just like yourself. Love yourself, love others, connect, care, provide, listen, support one another, accept one another. Do your best. The rest is out of your control.
    Look at this website counter for our worldwide population;
    That one too. Life is such. Comes and it goes.
    Yeah, the news will have to start relaying the facts of this virus before those that have the information themselves do. It won't be long before the hysteria around the lockdown and the virus itself will have to be alternated for something less sinister and worth depriving of your freedoms. The facts are already out there and are watertight as per the facts we have right now, they are just in the alternative media circuit. Most the real facts start at the bottom and take ages to work up to mainstream awareness because you're fighting against the mainstream narrative.
    It won't be long. I give it another month at the most before the narrative is forced to change. And then we will slowly get fed the discrepencies in the data our healthcare services were working with, people will likely get fired or forced to resign, new evidence will come to light, people will look back and scratch their heads and wonder what the f*ck just happened.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Status of COVID-19 As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.   
    The threat is real. But the story that depicts the truth is not. You've got mainstream media blaming China when there were similiar symptoms identified outside of China for this virus all the way back in late 2019. You've got the deliberate hiding of potential treatments for this virus in order to exaggerate the storyline even more and control the narrative. You've got bioweapons facilities in America randomly shutting down around the same time the Wuhan Games were on, and the same time the outbreak also coincidently was identified on a large scale in China. China openly told the world they had identified the virus in their country but this was then used to dub them the terrorists of this virus, again, contradicting the fact that there were instances of this virus being identified in other parts of the world. Why didn't America come clean when they had citizens with the same symptoms?

    The same narrative is always used to blame countries the west are at odds with. It is Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, now Mexico with Trump wanting to get troops on the ground over there etc. This creates the fear, the panic, the paranoia. People think their lives are at risk and so they take impulsive action to allow their governments more control over them and more laws to do what they want. But when you look back in history you see that everytime the people give these powers and freedoms to the government theres always a bible of misconduct, abuse of power, violence, illegal activities that come along with the "We are here to help you" narrative. The war on drugs, the war on terror. The deliberate crashes of the economy throughout the last century. The propoganda wars against 'enemy' states. Now, the war on coronavirus.

    No doubt the threat is real. People ARE dying. But you have to ask yourself where did this come from, why and when. So far strangely enough despite our abilities to track down and eliminate anything that threatens our livelihoods we can't figure out how a virus started and strangely off it's China whose to blame. What about the handfuls of cases outside of China? Aren't those countries the origins of this virus? Well, sorry, nope, that goes against the narrative.
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    gymfit reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Status of COVID-19 As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.   
    Italy was giving the over 65's a special boosted flu vaccine, could this be the cause of their high death rates?
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Borris vs charles   
    I think it's safe to say they won't die this is the hysteria that has been building for several weeks now, especially with the 'lockdown' rules in place. There are treatments for the symptoms the virus has, just not for the virus itself, but that makes sense considering it's new. Then again, we can and we do treat pneumonia. We do treat viruses all the time and thanks to the invention of penicillin and now it's analogues, we treat what normally killed millions of people every year, very easily. Of course the mainstream media want you to forget about that and of course the mainstream public will because they have an externally governed short attention span and memory. They are glued to whats happening now, and not the facts, stats and truths that are spread out throughout history. If someone said Genghis Khan was invading London, only those who were so blindly focused on the emotional content and their primitive and often mindless impulses, and the threats potential harms, would respond by actually believing it. Everyone else would sling a book from a shelf somewhere onto a table and tell these people to read a book on history. So whose running from Genghis? Well, if you program people to have a short memory they will gladly run from anything and they will attempt to drag their fellow neighbours with them, regardless of whether it's fact or fiction, past or present.

    Also, you should remember that mild symptoms are the symptoms people confused for the common flu hence the confusion about whether it was just the common flu. Mild symptoms ARE the most common symptoms for this virus.These people with these symptoms recovered without any concerns. The severe instances are the ones where people died, or were severely ill and again, very few people have these symptoms because fortunately many people do not have multiple underlying conditions that in some way or another pertain to one another and therefore excaberate any side effects should something come along and trigger a negative reaction.  And also, not every single person on the planet or living in our countries are aged 70 or older.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Borris vs charles   
    Neither are affected like the news has you seeing how others have. It's your typical "Look, we are just like you normal people!" ploy to try and relate to the population so they feel those in higher places are on the same wavelength. They both have access to the healthcare system with a priority over anyone else, and they will get the best treatment without fail and without queues and without having to worry about NHS cuts.

    Don't worry about these two, they've lived on another planet and their suffering is whether their upmarket grocer has delivered their premium daily groceries that costs more than everybody elses weekly shop
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    It's being exaggerated thats for sure. When you look at the numbers, there are a few THOUSAND cases. If we say there are 70+million people in the UK right now, 9533 cases have been identified. That's 0.020% of the population. When we talk about deaths it's 0.0010%. So the coronavirus so far has effected not even 1% of the population. And it's killed so little that it's several noughts of 1%. We would need 700,000 POSITIVE cases in the UK for it to have affected 1% of the entire population. At the moment that's not even the TOTAL number of cases in the world. The total number is about 500,000. It's probably rising but that's out of SEVERAL BILLION. So the percentage of people affected IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW is.... 0.0006%.

    To put this into perspective, the Black Death, a real pandemic in the medieval ages, killed 70,000,000 to 200,000,000 people in 5 years. In terms of the UK that's the UK gone, no-one lives, or very very few.
    Influenza, or the flu as it's known, kills 290,000 to 650,000 per year as per the yearly outbreak. We would need hundreds of thousands of people to die within the next year to compare this pandemic to anything historical that was severe enough to wipe out large parts of the population. The graphs/data don't lie, that's not going to happen. The total number of cases are increasing as are the deaths but in conjuction with a long term forecast, it would take several decades (10-20 years) for this virus to cause the damage others have done in the past.
    Common examples of the flu causing serious damage is the Spanish flu in 1918 which killed at the lower end 15,000,000 people in 2 years. If we put that back into context with the UK, that's 21.42% of the entire population of the UK gone in 2 years. 2 years! That's some SERIOUS numbers and many of your friends and family would have died or people you knew and people they knew. That's going to have a serious effect on your community. Another example is the Chinese flu, lasting from around 1956 to 1958, killed 1-4 million people (depending on sources).

    The coronavirus, if we determine by it's onset and first cases (roughly October/November 2019) has killed around 25,000 people. Most of these deaths are in those 80+ years old and with underlying, usually MULTIPLE, health conditions. Anyone upto aged 40 the numbers show 0.2% of likelihood of death pertaining to the coronavirus. The biggest factor is cardiovascular disease. 84% have recovered so far from the virus. 84%, not 14%, not 4%, 84% and that's because most have MILD symptoms of the virus which is similiar to the mild symptoms of the flu. 5% of total number of cases so far IN THE ENTIRE WORLD are critical. The growth factor of the virus has been diminishing for SEVERAL months and peaked in past months.

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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    If you're self employed and run your own business and it falls to it's knees you were forewarned. And I say that compassionately seeing as it's awful how this entire thing is going on behind the scenes. I'm just thinking about the bigger picture mate, not the current hysteria. And it is hysteria. There's been 759 deaths in the UK so far. It sounds like a lot but it's not. It's not even a speck. And it will NEVER get to the point where our livelihoods collectively are at stake. So that means the number won't rise exponentionally and will probably reach a peak like many other countries, and then fade. In the meantime we blow up the economy, and not with untold amounts of wealth and prosperity. How will we the taxpayer repay what the government spends this time around? It's got to come from somewhere. Us. And while that happens newer legislations and new economic plans will come in via various avenues that change the way we live our lives and do business and spend money.

    On the virus topic. You can't hide people from things like this. When the flu comes around we don't act like clingy naggy parents to everybody around us. We don't destroy our society and how it functions. People die and do you even care? Does anybody? We live in a narcissistic self indulgent self righteous world that values individual success over community success and stability. People will gladly self isolate while they believe they have a right to resources other families might be desperate over ie government resources, finances, material possessions, support of all kinds.

    People were panic buying f*cking toilet roll. Just think about the poor family that genuinely needs to wipe the bottoms of their young children while some self centered pr*ck comes running in taking everything so they can stockpile it. Ah, but coronavirus! We're all in this together! Hold on, let me help you out while I also watch you drown. People are arguing over who gets into what car and when, what people do, where people are going and why. And we're helping one another and care? Get in a car and go down the motorway and guaranteed you'll soon end up in a road rage incident where people are willing to lose their mind and potentially their freedom over an accident that takes a mature and firm conversation like adults. Ah, the coronavirus makes us all friends again, right?

    It's hysteria, and it's also psy-ops 101. Turn everyone against each other while pertaining to really be doing it for the benefit of society. The same society that queues at PC World and Argos on Black Friday to literally bludgeon each other over a few quid off of a TV that a few weeks down the line will be even cheaper.
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    gymfit reacted to Lancashiregent in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    Your posts are nailed on accurate and insightful.
    Kudos for the seeing through one of the greatest propaganda campaigns the world has ever seen.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    It's dangerous, 100%. But it won't be wiping out mankind, and it won't be wiping out the UK, and it won't be wiping out so many people that we go beyond 1% of the population. We're at not even two noughts of 1% of the UK population for the whole world where there have been deaths. In relation to past viruses of this magnitude (where many many many people died) it was killing 10-50,000 per month. And that brings a total of 600,000 deaths in a year. And this is a fairly low number on the scale up from other pandemics. It's well known the common flu kills around this many people each year. We would need 100,000-200,000 deaths per month in order to reach the same level the Chinese flu had. We would need a good million deaths per month to reach the level of the Spanish flu. And we are not talking decades here, we are talking a virus that was around for 1-2 year. According to the research, this virus came around last year, sometime between October-November. Therefore it's been here now for 5 months GLOBALLY, and we have had 24,095 deaths (https://www.statista.com/statistics/1093256/novel-coronavirus-2019ncov-deaths-worldwide-by-country/). This equates to 4819 deaths per month, presuming we are dividing the total deaths by 5 for the 5 months it's been known (it could have even been earlier).

    If we divide 24,095 by 3 (because most news reports are going off January for their first cases) it's a bit more, 8031 deaths per month. Sounds frightening. But for 12 months that is 96,372 deaths. If you do the numbers again to see if there's been an increase in deaths you'll see that 8031 x 3 = 24093. So if going off the numbers that would equate to 0.012% increase in those 3 months resulting in the extra 3 deaths. Again, maths doesn't lie, but your common sense will when you're facing extremely frightening and potentially life threatening stories.

    435,554 active cases. 412,035 are mild. 23,519 are severe.
    5 in every 1 million people in the US have died so far from coronavirus.
    11 in every 1 million people in the UK have died so far.
    China? Where it all apparently came from? 1 in every 1 million people died.

    These are very small figures. Only to someone who believes the world is literally their own street and then the ASDA down the road would see those numbers and think the world is crashing down. The economy is, but that's planned anyway. Better to hide behind a 'natural' disaster this time instead of blaming Osama or Russia or those pesky investment bankers. Now we have a genuine reason to crash the economy, and everyone else is praising each other for living in their own temporary prison while clapping at the concrete and the paving slabs outside as if that makes things better. That's actually a good example of pretty serious hysteria. If you found me clapping out of my window on any other day I'd expect you to help me out because I'd probably be a little worse for wear, but today, it's completely fine. This behaviour is completely fine. Right? Hmmmm.
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    gymfit reacted to daringhorse in Cv-19 when will it pass   
    Today we have the toxic narcissistic and corrosive world of social media and the mainstream media. I'd rather have some medieval concoption thrown down my throat and prayers sang for me than Julie from group chat telling me if I like a post I'll save people in Africa from starvation. Also applies to the filter bubble where everything you want to see is deliberately made more visible so your reality is amplified whereas the outside world is usually completely different. There goes my fave TikTok viral videos! I really thought that's what life was all about! It's still the same stuff, it's just moulded into something that sells itself as more modern and superior because today we like to think we have seperated from the animal kingdom and we're beyond the frivolties of mankind.

    Well, we still blow our tops when we're given a grossly exaggerated storyline like monkeys jumping at the swaying trees in the jungle. And we still go telling our friends and family about the evil spirits, only now they exist in Osama Bin Ladens hideout, in Saddams palace, in the Kremlin, in China, in prison, in poor communities and anywhere else where stigma, prejudice and false narratives can be planted. We were told marijuana was an evil spirit not so long ago. Fear the weed kids was the lingo being spewed by global governments, now it's been sold for profit by governments and making BILLIONS while it's legal in the one country that scorned it like the devil. The whole global policy on drugs are being changed which means all that paranoia, all that anxiety, all those deaths, all the persecution - was for nothing? America killed MILLIONS of it's own citizens for things they didn't have to kill them for? They put HUGE amounts of people in prison for crimes that aren't actually crimes? And that's just America. Kids in rural communities are still today scared of smoking a joint in case the stories their paranoid and uneducated parents tell them come true and they start to go crazy!

    What did you say about those evil spirits again?
    Tell me what's the difference between medieval human society and modern society?
    You'd be surprised to find out that only our technology has changed. Our external landscapes ie cities, towns, motorways, big businesses, airports, high tech cars, smartphones, computers, mass produced clothes, processed foods - all these are very new. But we... we are still naive, mindless and often sheepish creatures and it doesn't take us much to believe in those evil spirits, today they just take on different forms.
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    gymfit reacted to wylde99 in China - suddenly no Covid?   
    Quite simply, the state of Humanity and the World, sorry I should of said my opinion, not evidence 
    I just don't trust any of it, do you honestly think its just that black and white? There's simply a Virus that's so serious the whole planet has to be vaccinated? 
    I have zero proof that we are controlled by Satanic Pedo's who want total control and power, but its all convenient isn't it, scared everyone with a Virus then charge them all to get a Vaccine. 
    I'm sure it's all a crazy conspiracy though, even if it isn't its easier to along with the Sheep as you just get called a Nutter if you question anything or the official narotive
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    gymfit reacted to AK-26 in Ross Kemps Britain   
    UKM forum of crackheads and bigots! 
    Do your thing you sour c*nts, while an immigrant like me prospers and lives an awesome life! 
    I read some of your posts and feel awesome knowing that I make some of you sick and angry.
    It must hurt knowing some immigrants have come over, worked hard and put up with some hardship in order to carve out a better future for themselves. You guys don't seem to notice that they're willing to do what you're not.
    For the record I don't play the system, nor do my family. We all pay our taxes, abide by the laws and some of my ancestors died for this country. 
    Do non European immigrants deserve to be here.... hell yes they do, one way or another they f*cking bled for it.
    But you c*ts don't remember that do you. 
    This little immigrant is off to enjoy his day off with his non bigot, well educated white British girlfriend....
    Wait... wot!!! 
    Oh sh*t, he stole our women!!!
    You c*nts!!! 
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    gymfit reacted to Ken Hutchinson in Our reality is a simulation, here is the proof   
    Yeah, but your still from Bolton hahahaha
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    gymfit reacted to Mildo in Cbd cannabis oil medicine   
    Good on you.
    I would much rather look after a hyper kid than one that is angry, hurling abuse [as well as pans, cutlery, kettles, chairs etc] and spitting on me.
    All it takes is patience with someone with ADHD/ADD/ODD and spending time with them to help them understand their symptoms. Once they get to the stage were they understand [which they all will, just takes time] then they can put pracitces in place to prevent an outburst, or simular.
    I'll confess, its not easy....most certainly is not, hence the reason why parents opt for the easy way out however, if you have the empathy and patience for a child then its a little bit easier.
    At the minute I currently look after 6 kids in my care, 4 of which have been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD and dam its challening at times, but its awesome becuase they are great kids underneath.
    I have a theory on how some kids ended up being diagnosed with ADHD/ADD/ODD[insert another 40 in here <] and that is sugar. Sugar is the most damaging source of food our brains have privy to. The amount of sugar kids have access to over the past 20 years is shocking. Example, there is roughly 48 grams of sugar in a can of coke, thats 48 TEA SPOONS of SUGAR. And these fookin teenagers are running around drinking 3/4 cans of Monster Energy a day, perhaps more? A can of Monster Energy has around the same sugar content as Coke. 4 cans per day....that a whopping 200 TEA SPOONS OF SUGAR PER DAY......or thereabouts.
    Anyway, the reason I believe sugar to be the main contributer, and when my mind was made up was after watching " That Sugar Film ". It will blow your mind.
    Give it a watch
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    gymfit got a reaction from olliel in Bit of a longshot...need to rehome my dog lab cross   
    Im happy for everyone to know that very soon the doggy in question is going to come and live with me esp as digitalis has said such nice things about us :laugh:

    I want to say he is an amazing dog and has obviously been loved to bits & I feel very very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to see this thread.....some things are just meant to be I recon

    I also want to say a massive thanks to Digitalis for being such a nice guy - its nice to know there are people out there who care so much about their pets