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  1. 45+ Thread......

    Hi all, just wondering how many of you guys are still training that are over 45. Been into training on and off since my teens and seen over the years lots of friends and people in general fall to the wayside so to speak, (myself included). Seems has people get older training for size and muscle seen to be of less importance. Perhaps this is down to the reduced natural test production we have today than when in our teens and younger years, the big muscles are best syndrome, used to spend hours looking through muscle mags, arnie/ big Lou/ mentzer/ bill pearl etc as a lad and saying "thats wot I want to look like" sadly never did make it to that level lol. So 45+ dudes put your hands in the air, and lets hear your progress, stats, problems you may have encounted because of the years rolling on by, pics etc. And maybe, just maybe this will give me the push to get my a*s in gear and do the total rebuild number, before its too late.