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  1. New House Mix

    Bump for anyone that missed it There is a free download link so you can save the mix to play on external players, otherwise just stream direct from soundcloud
  2. New House Mix

    New Mix for your gym sessions ..... https://soundcloud.com/leehardy/lee-hardy-pool-party-mix
  3. New Cycle Advice?

    Thanks for the advice. Might just stick to running Test E on its own.
  4. I am looking to try something a little different than usual steroid cycles i have done in the past, so ive been looking into SARMS. Couple of questions really .... Any recommendations on good SARMS to take? Looked into mk677 and RAD140 and noticed alot of supplement sites sell these as capsuels, are these not the real deal?
  5. Spring House Mix

    Nice one! I'll probably do one this month for April and then next one will be my Summer mix
  6. Spring House Mix

    Thanks for listening
  7. Spring House Mix

    Bump for anyone that missed this and usually enjoys my mixes
  8. used to be alot longer than now a days, log on when i can!
  9. Spring House Mix

    Download link is now active: https://hypeddit.com/track/gyacn0
  10. Spring House Mix

    Another free mix for the gym .... https://soundcloud.com/leehardy/lee-hardy-spring-house-mix-2019
  11. February House Mix

    Bump for anyone thats missed the post who usually enjoys my mixes
  12. February House Mix

  13. February House Mix

    Download link now available
  14. February House Mix

    Download link will be active tonight mate, forgot to set it up. ill drop you a message when ive done it
  15. February House Mix

    Perfect for the gym .... February House Mix SoundCloud Link - Click to Listen Let me know what you think ....