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  1. How to get rich without doing any work. Step 1, Advertise your get rich scheme on facebook or Youtube. Step 2 Sell mugs your s**t videos. Step 3 rinse and repeat. If they knew the secrets to a successful business, they wouldn't be bothering to sell it for a few hundred quid a time. They'd be sat on there private Island with a load of coke and hookers not worrying about youtube.
  2. Probably shouldn't mention that some fast food places are doing the offer and not checking if you're actually ordering for 2, and just eating two big mac meals yourself.
  3. Obese people may have to self isolate

    Have them sitting at home eating donuts and take away, they'll help.
  4. Good documentaries lads?

    If there's anyone left whose not watched it and the one about don't mess with cats. Don't be fooled, like I was thinking, I don't really care for a cat documentary. It's not really got anything to do with cats when you get into it.
  5. Good documentaries lads?

    Icarus, was meant to be about doping in cycling but goes somewhat sideways.
  6. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    Nope, defiantly won't find a copy of that copy of that article or the entire publication from that month. https://issuu.com/sovindo/docs/sovindo4 Edit - You'll find the article about Bill Gates on the opposite page to the anti vax article.
  7. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    I'm not going to debunk your evidence for a change, I'm going to share a link of the evil overlord master himself talking about reducing the population. Oh wait, there's nothing sinister about what he said, sorry my bad. You've just taken things out of context again and twisted the meaning to suite your agenda.
  8. Conspiracy theories

    Come on guys, Tom Hanks was given an honorary citizenship of Greece for helping raise the cause of the wild fires in Greece, what more evidence do you need someone's clearly a pedo
  9. Klarna... Rip off scam or not

    Can't be miss gendering people now can we, I think they prefer to be call ladies. So misses would be the correct term.
  10. Klarna... Rip off scam or not

    You bought trainers on tic? How fu**ing much do you spend on shoes?
  11. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    I just assumed the independent ones were just a front for selling gear and the weight lose stuff then banned. Although I guess that's probably done online as well now. If you can buy coke and e's assume someone's selling steroids.
  12. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    Was that at 140kg?
  13. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    Yes, the AVI is somewhat of a piss take. What I think of some people who are into conspiracy theories. Rather than looking for the logical explanation, it was definitely aliens. I did once ask an Egyptian with a degree in Egyptology about the pyramids being built by aliens. Let just say, he was somewhat unimpressed by the idea.
  14. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    For the sake of this forum, I had promised myself, I'd stop replying to your dumb s**t but your just so gullible it's ridiculous. I'm surprised you don't believe the moons made of cheese. Can you post any actual evidence Gates killed 40000 people in Africa? No, Why do you think that might be? https://factcheck.thedispatch.com/p/did-bill-gates-test-unapproved-vaccines
  15. Take it that's from before all this processed s**t came about? Apart from the odd bit of chocolate you'd probably struggle to have a really bad diet 50 years ago as long as you were eating meat and veg.