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  1. https://wundergroundmusic.com/case-closed-tupac-death-labelled-covid-19/?fbclid=IwAR1B4X-b2p0SgmUcisTWnp3L41DZNh2v85OF9Ua1jhZlDZnVexRbAqpMA_o
  2. What is Google trying to do here?

    Wowzers just been looking into why it comes up like that. Apparently it's because google are run by Jewish supremacists and it's to further white genocide. All very confusing, as I was being told just last week on here, google was part of the white billionaire pedo elites covering up child abuse, now it's white genocide. http://www.renegadetribune.com/according-to-google-a-happy-white-woman-has-a-black-man/ Edit - Just had a read through some of the comments on the bottom of that article, there's some f**ked up people on the Internet.
  3. What is Google trying to do here?

    Google appears to tell me, white women are only happy with black men.
  4. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    Apparently it's a common term that landlords should know. If you can serve alcohol to 16 and 17 years olds with their meal, then it's considered substantial
  5. Manchester in Tier 3 lockdown - Gyms stay open

    Think they've said Liverpool's will reopen. So think they're all safe for now.
  6. Golden era

    Can't remember what it was I was watching but it was claimed that it was all kept surpassingly simple and on low amounts. I don't think much was known about the dangers, so maybe it was just blasting test and dbol without breaks.
  7. Didn't Cambridge Analytica have 500 data points on nearly every American eligible to vote but everyone loses there s**t over the 501st data point. How many can follow the link below and not see any locations on it? https://www.google.com/maps/timeline?pb
  8. Impressive but that can't be good for you, especially as you get older. I assume the bloods from a massive increase in blood pressure?
  9. I drank 22 beers!

    Feel ill just thinking about the hangover from that. If I'm drinking premium lager, I usually need two pints of water for every pint I've drunk, to sort myself out for the next day. I'd need to drink half my body weight in water to survive that.
  10. Thankfully science doesn't care what you believe. Edit - Did you forget to read the links you posted again, the reputable one's you posted don't say the pcr tests pick up other viruses.
  11. https://fullfact.org/health/coronavirus-pcr-test-accuracy/ Yes, I know you'll say full fact is a scam or something like that because it doesn't fit with your made up facts but follow the links to the study and as many have said before, check things out before you go posting them everywhere.
  12. But the intelligent person would question it and come to the conclusion. That even if the risks of getting very ill are remote. Social distancing and wearing a face mask are worth it.
  13. Or if someone on Facebook said it blocks the government tracking chips, you'd be all over it, no questions asked.
  14. Or this https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psypost.org/2020/07/study-lower-cognitive-ability-linked-to-non-compliance-with-social-distancing-guidelines-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak-57293/amp
  15. If it doesn't stop people from wanting to go out, defiantly an incentive not go give the correct details when you're out. Think I've only been to one place that manually takes your details. Everyone else just tells you to check in but doesn't check if you have.