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  1. National Lockdown

    It's quite simple, chance of death from covid is 0.65%, chance of death from the vaccine 0.00045% but probably 10 times lower. To really dumb it down for you, covid 1000 times more dangerous than the vaccine but probably more likely10000 times more dangerous. If you can't understand all the simple explanations to your inflammatory posts that are nearly all based on misunderstanding the information or lies. What right do you have to spread this information, if you don't understand it? And again, why do you want 100,000 excess deaths this year rather than 10?
  2. National Lockdown

    So if we attribute all 55 of those deaths to the vaccine, that gives you a 0.00045% chance of dying compared to 0.66% from covid. Which one give you the best chance of surviving? and the reality of that is, you can probably only attribute a fraction of those deaths to the vaccine. And you've still not explained, why you want 100,000 excess deaths this year rather than 10? and you think other people are the evil psychopaths.
  3. Like everyone else I always get the junk emails asking me for me account details for this and that. My bank quite often cancel payments thinking I've been scammed, when in fact it is actually me. Had one this week, where I had to confirm I was not under duress to make the payment, was only trying to pay a plumber who had fitted a new boiler for me. Plus if I did have a gun to me head, I'm not likely to come clean to some women in India who has no way of helping the situation. Wasn't expecting that question as part of the security questions you go through, so due to her accent asked her three times to repeat the question, if I was trying to drop a hint, she wasn't picking up on it.
  4. Who can do a muscle up?

    I wasn't going to mention that word but now you've gone there. He's probably good at them, as a kipping pull up will get you in the correct position for the transition which is the bit people get stuck on. Gets you moving up and backwards at the same time to give you room at the top.
  5. Who can do a muscle up?

    I'm neither short or light And probably something best left for your 20s or 30s.
  6. National Lockdown

    No it doesn't go back and read the article and if you still think that's correct. Ask an adult to explain it to you. I'll give you a hint, not every single person in the UK has covid.
  7. Who can do a muscle up?

    Tried many times and failed just as many times. Think it's more technique than strength to nail them. Hard to describe but have a look at the videos where people get one elbow over and then the other, seems most had more luck with this to start with over just throwing themselves straight up. Edit - Just ended up watching some videos now, reminded me or practicing on rings using false grip and I realise I have no desire to go through that pain again.
  8. Any good films on netflix

    On Iplayer, Race across the world. Watched the second series and gone back to watch the first. Not sure why I'm hooked on it, because I can't stand any type of reality TV programs but this one is worth a watch.
  9. National Lockdown

    Thanks, whilst you're on, wife's off for the lethal injection this week. Did they keep you in for a bit after? As muggins here is probably driving her there if it's snowing.
  10. National Lockdown

    You probably want to stop shitting out those brain cells, you clearly need them. I'm just pointing out, if you think wylds stats taken out of context time and time again, offer something we should be thinking about, you really need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture as you're clearly missing it. ICU ratios, 1 or 2 patients per nurse, compared to a general of up to 8. So I'm sure you can do the maths, a drop in the number of people attending A&E doesn't mean hospitals are left empty. You also need to take into account how long the patients are there as well. Less than 3 hours for A&E compared to weeks for COVID. He's just using statistics to lie and doing it badly.
  11. National Lockdown

    Took you and the other mong off ignore to see what s**t you were posting. Seems neither of you has got past mount stupid yet.
  12. National Lockdown

    Are you really that thick, as to think your average A&E case needs as much care as someone who comes in and goes onto an ICU ward?
  13. National Lockdown

    So that's all that matters, total numbers. It takes up as much staff to fix up someone whose broken a toe as it does to keep someone in ICU?
  14. Back when computers were a new thing to save space, they only had two digits for the year. So the year 1997, was just 97. Which also means the year 2000 would just be 00, which is a problem because then the year 2000 comes before the year 1997.
  15. National Lockdown

    I was going to say, some stop you getting seriously ill rather than stopping you getting infected but I stand corrected.