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  1. You all know this guy

    Yeah that's me your talking about. As far as I'm concerned, there for squats and over head press. Don't be dragging your benches in and start bench pressing. There's usually only 1 or 2 places in a gym for squatting or overhead presses, so take your bench, grab some dumbbells and piss off.
  2. Take out a personal loan or car finance

    I always assume most new luxury cars are company cars. Select the right ones and you'll pay less for 35k BMW than a 25k ford. You'll pay now tax but you'll be driving a better car.
  3. Brainwashed sheep

    Absolute classic, to work out the deaths over the last 13 months, we'll divide the total by 2 and claim that a pandemic that started in march in the UK covers two winters. And if all the extra deaths were caused by lockdowns, how does he account for the extra deaths in countries that didn't have lockdowns?
  4. derek chauvin Is going...

    Looks like we're about to find out.
  5. Females gym clothing

    Joking aside for a minute. You're on the money with both sides pushing the boundaries but I'm guessing most of the problem comes when the guy doesn't take the cue, that he's gone to far or to soon. I'm sure women do the same but men don't feel intimated by it. I'm sure there are plenty of women out there who are just dicks about it, but it's probably a lot more to do with the men than we except. But a quote from Edwina Curry of all people, when's bad flirting just bad flirting and when's it sexual harassment. If you don't push the boundaries a little bit to start with you'd never get laid.
  6. European Super League

    Hadn't seen that, assume that's the beginning of the end, for this idea. Edit - unconfirmed but think they've all confirmed their out.
  7. European Super League

    Looks like Chelsea have bottled it.
  8. Females gym clothing

    Was having a conversation with a group of mates about where's the line between flirting and sexual harassment. One of the girls replies was, it depended on whether she fancied them or not.
  9. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Fair point but this maybe covered under the agreement. From what I remember it's something about acting in a reasonable manor in the case of split.
  10. European Super League

    Yeah this, "yay we've scored a goal, oh wait hang on, have we, I'm not sure".
  11. How does a variable rate mortgage work?

    Surly if done right, everyone is a winner. When it's all written up, the op doesn't put in X amount, he's put in X% and gets that back first from any sale and whatever percentage left, is split equally. If he's smart you can make more money from the bigger house taking a smaller percentage of it.
  12. Brainwashed sheep

    Yes think someone found a full copy of the paper online, the first time it got posted. Although it may have been of 4th or 5th time, you lose track the amount of times wydle posts the same thing. It's based on an article where gates said the best way to stop over population was to reduce infant mortality rates and people will naturally have less children. Which somehow gets twisted into bill gates is evil.
  13. Brainwashed sheep

    Because wyldes already posted all the bill gates depopulation memes that have been taken out of context. So we know there all made up. You can even read or watch the whole interviews that the claims are taken from. So how is this not made up bull s**t but somehow it's just believing MSM media, when you can read the original source yourself? You've obviously missed the posts about the world being run by baby torturing paedos, or is that just because the MSM media doesn't report those stories about Hilary Clinton running child sex trafficking rings and Tom hanks getting arrested for raping kids?
  14. European Super League

    Absolute bull s**t and they should all be thrown out of there domestic leagues if they partake. Ruins the whole fantasy and point of football if you can't dream of getting from the lower leagues into the top flight.
  15. I’ve had both of my jabs

    Just give in and do what the rest of the forum has done and put him on ignore. It's clear he's not here to debate any of his views, just copy and past whatever comes up on his Facebook feed and accuse everyone else of being a mindless sheep, without seeing the irony.