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  1. Thanks, warming up my scapula by pullups/ lat pull down using band seems to get me a better feeling when I move to bench press, and neck is also in a good shape. However, 2 months back, when I was not doing this and directly starting with dumbbell bench press, that too doing sometimes twice a day with heavy weights, one day while keeping the dumbbells slowly down, while lying on the bench, I got a sharp pain behind my neck left side behind my left ear (at the base of skull). I guess I tore a muscle there, I used to feel pain while moving my head. I stopped doing all exercises for 1 and half month and started doing just lat pull downs recently. My neck became much better and I could move it fully without pain. However, sometimes (may be once a week), there is pain at the same point (behind my neck left side, even when I am not doing anything. the pain stays for a few hours). And on those days, I feel it better not to move my head too much (it is as good as a stiff neck). Have you seen this situation earlier? Any suggestions you can give? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I will incorporate this warm up and let you know after a few days if I notice improvements.
  3. Thanks. Probably I am not sufficiently warmed up before dumbbell bench press, resulting in the stiffness behind my neck. I do 8 reps, 5 sets, the last 3 sets being 15 kg in each hand.. I don't have a lat pull down machine, can you suggest some other warmup with dumbbells? I have other options too like pushups, burpees, box jumps and skipping (jump rope) for warmup. Will that work in getting the blood to the delt area before benching? Thanks.
  4. I have made a small video of my action (with light dumbbells). Kindly advise if you see anything wrong with posture. My neck seems to become stiff for a few hours after 3 - 5 sets like this with heavier dumbbells. I don't have any health problem as such. Please check the below link for the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D_Y3bGBWgKf0sQP1PDF_9vJI-EFsxq7P/view?usp=sharing Thanks.
  5. After dumbbell bench press, I have felt my neck becoming stiff for a few hours. I don't feel like moving it too much during that time. Is this normal? or my technique may be bad? Are there any tips to keep the neck relaxed during dumbbell bench press? Like keeping the mouth open, or closing the eyes, etc.? As I guess only the chest needs to be under pressure during it?