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  1. Sold to Legohead, payment received and posted today
  2. Deals on whey at moment?

    The Protein Works Whey Protein 80 on offer today only at Amazon. 2kg bags for 18.99 or 18.04 if you put it on subscribe and save which you can can cancel once it arrives. Not bad if you dont want to or cant shell out for big orders at the moment. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Protein-Works-Concentrate-Powder-Vanilla/dp/B00G2AJBWA/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=The+Protein+Works+Whey+Protein+80+(Concentrate)+Shake+Powder%2C+Vanilla+Crème&qid=1586434871&sr=8-5
  3. Sorry mate not been on this forum much of late, no still got them, same amount just been in the supplement cupboard, have em for £8 if you want, basically a fiver to me and £3 to royal mail.
  4. Tried it for 4 days but struggled to tolerate this, I expect due to the Yohimbine in it, 92 Capsules left, only been open a week expiry June 2020. £10 posted to you in the UK, payment Paypal friends and family or bank transfer please.