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  1. How hot is it today

    Thats Hot bro.. im melting atm
  2. What made you start bodybuilding?

    even if you live in posh end... where even everyone is nice and so on... that Size still makes them think twice bro. i guess you read and thought ''YES!!!!.. i UNDERSTAND!!!.. i know NOW this GREAT WISDOM.. of almost alien intelligence
  3. What made you start bodybuilding?

    We animal... WE ANIMAL!!!!!!! its ok being nice to people dont get me wrong.... but i dont fear animals... humans run away when you chase them bro - tried and tested... he was bad boy in his car - he stepped out - his bubble burst bro... he bounced back in and ran away
  4. What made you start bodybuilding?

    i picked 'Other Reason' back then.. i just chilled in my flat getting high playing Playstation.... Got paranoid about being killed so easy so to stand half a chance a curled a Horse Tether bar with paint tins on the ends... curled every day,... Got better weights, Curled better and harder... I now stand half a chance. Do or Die bro... Lift or be Lifted.... Curl or be Crushed.... Push or be Pushed.... you know bro.... Get them pumps pumping, the blood rushing ... keep them women gushing and the cats Hushing... Pushing Power Bro... Size is KING in the Jungle, even if it made out of concrete.... Understand it... We animals, Human is just Conditioning... Them Police scared of Big Lads im telling you, slap them back - hear their jaw crack... dont matter its the ANimal Respect.. He wont step to you again... Damn... We animals bros just aint got the Caves or Trees
  5. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Enjoy it while you can.... Another Delta Force Alpha Virus Variant in its DNA will come along next weekend
  6. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    You make it sound easy... but even in a shop you feel like a freak not wearing mask.. or is it them that are weirdos for wearing them? They make sure Covid here forever.. i dont see us being free now..... Do house prices drop if owner has covid? or does it go up coz easy purchase?
  7. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    but coppers see you they pull you? you need 2 masks, a jab and a passport to get in the pub?
  8. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    they aint ever going to let us out properly again. this is 'Life' now. They need us indoors to buy Netflix or Disney will tell China to start a war with everyone
  9. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    they didnt ask him to go up and harrass them ... instead they told the daft cvnt to f**k right off
  10. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    He went into a heated situation thinking he was Top Dog of the World... a couple of raggy looking men scared him away... he should be in office pushing paper not out on street out his depth.. this journalist need mental help inorder for him to milk all he can out of it. I have zero respect for someone running like a muppet to the cops, he wanted to mock the protestors, get a bonus from boss for being brave lad going out... im happy he ran away like a mug, he be getting therapy to help him get over his violent assault (fu**ing fairy)
  11. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    he ran like a raging pu**y to the Police Line... imagine that muppet 'reporter' in iraq haaaahaaaa Them Melts aint worth their pay packet
  12. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    @wylde99 https://dai.ly/x81ywya <----- This melt 'chased through streets' What a melt
  13. UKM website bugging out?

    i was joking .. being 'OTT'
  14. yer bro... dont need to get it. you've not caught it since its been about, i doubt your at risk of getting it, and if you do get it im sure theres a vaccine for it
  15. UKM website bugging out?

    its all about you. you dont care unless YOU experience it hahaha
  16. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    Covid made me a bit fat. The restrictions and local lockdowns are part of a conditioning scheme... make us more obedient and obese.... i think they like us talking and thinking its some micro-chip coz its distraction
  17. Our Sets - Videos

    as a MOD would say... 'If that sounds like a shag to you, you need lower dose'' XD hahahaha
  18. Our Sets - Videos

    they might mistake my nob as a needle and ram their arm on it
  19. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    All this Delta TaskForce BS... But Common Cold Flu anti-Bodies can kill it so.... just get the flu?
  20. Hows the covid situation getting on then?

    wow ... 'Delta Task Force Variant Intel Mutation Virus' we went from Covid to 'Delta TaskForce Army shooting virus' what the actual F**K?
  21. Our Sets - Videos

    i tried to do the course... but that lass left me around that time and i just couldnt be f**ked with it... missed opportunity.... i even know everything about 'Earthing' legit.
  22. Our Sets - Videos

    duno maybe a couple needles hahaha its old though bro
  23. Our Sets - Videos

    you want me to wire up a house you might live in?
  24. Our Sets - Videos

    theres a very long track in the woods, next to a river... i walked it once, very long and has a hidden secret but cant locate it on Maps, i want to go down track and try find it again, this time take video of the hidden thing, its crazy. ill describe it a little, how i found it. i was with a lass, an Ex, her first time driving, she wanted to drive work but needed a passenger incase she crashed... i went with her, but had to walk back from her work (morpeth).. i was a machine before that seizure im telling you... anyway on way back i walked the river back, followed many paths in the woods then came across a building... cant remember how long i walked untill i found it, but its near a bridge and on a bend, about 50 meters from river bank.... i remember either '1902' or '1802' etched in the door way. I'll go back to find it.
  25. Our Sets - Videos

    i had a look... you moved 225kg like it was nothing.. thats naughty bro.