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  1. i want GYM

    ill sell your teeth for 50 f**king pence to a dodgy dentist.. i wouldnt even ask him why he wanted them... id just be like ''Here bro, dont mind the blood, just means their good quality fresh ones.. dont ask where they from your my alibi''
  2. i want GYM

    You are WHO YOU F**KING ARE!!!!... understand that... IF YOU!!!! wanna be a F**KIN SLUG!!!! and DIE LIKE A BISH!!!!! LIKE A F***KIN SLUG!!!!! EH!!!!! YOU WANNA BE!!!! A!!!! F***KIN!!!!! SLUG!!!!!... They aint even GOT F***KIN ARMS!!!!!!!!! YOU F**KIN SLUG!!!!! ICH BIN KING LEE!!!!!!!!! ICH ESSEN TOT TIER!!!!!!!!!! IM !!!!!! NOT !!!!!!! A !!!!!! SLUG!!!!!!!! ICH !!!!!!! NIEN!!!!!!! NEEE!!!! ........ errmmm.... SLUG!!!!!!! Sort it out or ill smash you in your spout.
  3. i want GYM

    No refunds bro
  4. i want GYM

    Hahahaha .... I lost my nut abit... im back on all 4's now... 'stable' ill end up a CrossFit nut job ahaha
  5. i want GYM

    AAHHH!!!! Feel so much rage hitting me !!!!!!!!!!!!! AAHHHH!!!!!!!!! F*********KKKKKKKKK Y************UUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima F*************KING BEAST!!!!!!! AAHHHH!!!!!!!! SUBMIT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !ILL F****KING RIP YOUR SH*******TY F******KIN HEART OUT!!! WITH MY SMACKHEAD SCABBY F******KIN HANDS!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMAL!!!!!! IM ANIMAL!!!! ANIMAL!!!!!!!! F****KIN UNDERSTAND IT!!!!! AN-I-F****KIN-MAL.!!!!!!!!
  6. i want GYM

    when they open? Whats update? That 'sudo apt install' worked.. i FEEL IT!!!!...... im ANIMALIZED.. ANIMAL DNA CODE... Animal till my DNA rots away in the soild... fossilzed im still animal.. Perma Animal!!! They will ask ''How you get so Big? '' ... ill say '' Me? i didnt do anything my ANIMAL done it.. Made me big, you aint got an Animal? you too humanized? if so, i feel sorrow for you and your genetic tree bro' im hit the gym when they open... Work on Chest.. Just Chest.. and back, Lats but mainly Chest! im not being that '' Ima Big yet? '' lad with no Latitudes ... haha.. he was just Longitude bro, he had no Lats, just Long.. haha. You need 3 things to be a BodyBuilder: 1. Longitude - You need haul it for long term 2. Latitude - You need Lats bro, for real, no joke... Pull downs now!! 3. Altitude - You need be in the clouds dreaming where you wanna be.. you need the Attitude of a BEAST LIFTER.. If you FEEL it, you WILL BE it.. Basics bro code style.
  7. Unit 731 Documentary... horrible.. worst than eating decomposing rat testicles on toast made of pig-waste
  8. So your that lad off Grindr that lives near Amble? If you think eating my 1Kg balls on toast is something, wait till you seen what i seen lastnight... horrid bro
  9. your Rim would be 30 inch after i had a go in it.... my 'splat' weighs 2KG and you'd have that dripping out of you for an hour
  10. wow... thats ew ill give you a rectum exam... with a lubed up Wheely bin
  11. hahahaha S-Jay-jacks Couldnt chin a chin if he was made of chins id rag him by his sphinxes... Haunted Sausage would of lost the fight TBF... and i dont know why sjacks wanted to fight in parks i heard he aint allowed 50 miles radius of them
  12. Admin deleted the LeeDaLifter Thread... Sad times indeed. I think i read it once, it was Omega
  13. What happened to the @sjacks thread? i heard he was hardest lad on here... he would of scared me if i was here
  14. Crazy to think.. at any point of my time there i could of had a seizure... that thought still haunts me. it must be the camera angle/quality because i look kinda tiny. At least its the most honest upload on here
  15. Bin larden call out XD haha.. he had been dead like 10 years... maybe he seen my video and faked his death