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  1. Doctor rang me

    Look out im behind you and I like the way you walk
  2. Doctor rang me

    Na still waiting
  3. Doctor rang me

    Head doctor... CPN lad. I know I aint been on.... Demon Haunts Harder than I could of imagined - never 'accept' a demon, no matter how hard it makes your body shake, refuse it. anyway … hahaha, CPN rang me... talking treatments.... He was describing me - I told him ''If you were my Prosecution id be banged for life'' hahaha
  4. 40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    40!!??… The NHS will be still over whelmed be these 40 people... NHS is breaching its walls with all these 'ill people'
  5. i nearly died but made me laugh....

    Its an OLD worn Bench.. Needs Replaced with Cable Machine
  6. Some would think ''I wonder what his last thought was?'' and people be thinking '' I wonder if he was begging for help … ect'' I was on my bench doing 'Shock Da Moozel' Chest flies.. 20Kg DB... The bench was wobbling (coz I beast mode it) and it caved in.. I fell nearly snapping bones I didn't know I had... But It made me laugh coz when my family get told I was found dead at home on a broken Bench... they might cry and think I died like bish. BUT … I was saying in my head... as I was falling '' SHOCK DA MOOZEL!!!!''... HAHAHAhahaha.. haahahaha.. It made me laugh hard
  7. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    i dropped the weights for a few months and lost my gains... I was doing well at the Gym but id rather have machine at mine.. only got like 70kg max atm.. so like Crypto or what ever he said is... ''if you wanna get big, you wont get very far with 60Kg'' … you need 100Kg Min to grow decent
  8. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    You Dont need internet where im going
  9. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    hahaha... Well... in the MIDDLE of the Ocean would be best. I'd want this £2k Cash in Hand to help build a boat.... But as long as im left alone ill be fine.... id want this patch of Sea Chartered as mine... 100 Mile Radius to make sure I dont smell them Piggish Humans.. TBH, You are all to blame for the Fall of Humanity... You all played a role but you didn't know, coz they farted in your face and you loved it so you kept going back for more..... If you are paying for Sky then this ''LOL '' is for you.... £90 a month for what???? … 1000 Channels you'll never watch??? Give your head a wobble lad, you need it.
  10. November 6th 2020

    You will wake up on the 6th of November with a Dildo up your bum... you wont know about it
  11. November 6th 2020

    You could be right
  12. November 6th 2020

    Start counting your Heart Beats... May be the last you count.. Believe that. Something inside me (#NoHomo) is telling me ''Death soon'' …. Cant shake it either... Perma Message
  13. Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic

    Microchip is useless.... They just want to do it... so we cant be fraudulent or get away with crimes... so they know 100% its us doing this that and the other
  14. Had to shake my head at tonight's news

    … them Lads living in tents aint what I want... I want freedom... be free... be able to take a massive sh*t outside.... be able to smash a c**t apart if/when needed... none of this ''im phoning the police'' BS... You crack on, You snap your back for nothing.... when you retire it will too late for u... you'd be too old to 'turn back time' and relive what u missed while you were slaved up working like a weirdo, chasing a dollor… chasing the carrot Companies make you jump, dance and sign your rights away for... Not worth a w**k over.
  15. November 6th 2020

    We all getting Bummed Off. Every Human will be bummed on that day... Some may like it and some wont