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  1. Camping

    get a couple of 'Power Banks' for your phones - you'll need it for photos and keeping your marbles together... It would be epic to do tho bro. i camped loads as a kid and with a caravan, Rivers are EXTRA cold haha
  2. LEGIT natties only

    Come at me bro im 30 and i did what? Naaaa... bro.... you got the wrong dude
  3. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    See? .. ask for Proof of anything n its ''YOU SOYBOY BISH!!!!!'' hahaha
  4. Camping

    Hahaha she will have you camping out for Xmass, winters n everything, you'll be hammering Tent Pegs into Frozen Ground haha. Just a couple Protein Farts in the tent and she wont go Camping with you again haha
  5. LEGIT natties only

    He sounds Naughty - look him up ... Not me though - in no way are we the same
  6. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Them Bottles of milk have been used bro AGES ago. GIVE ME PROOF that you can hold ANYTHING of weight
  7. LEGIT natties only

    who? You are only a little up from me.. So you are Ginger then? and riddled with Drugs?
  8. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Two of these (co op though) - one each hand
  9. Camping

    HAHAHA Caravan instead haha. You need walk behind her with a whip yelling ''10 MORE MILES!!!!!'' Camping next to a Water Source would be ideal If you get a Caravan you wont feel the excitement coz you'll be safer
  10. F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Blue Lid... FULLLL Fat.. WHOLE Milk.. none of this fancy Skimmed sh**t
  11. Camping

    Yer think of it like that.... You'll need Military Type stuff. Where you think of going?
  12. LEGIT natties only

    What city you at? or are you too scared to say? Message me on whatsapp instead or being a girl
  13. Camping

    its only 'Wild Camping' if you are camping outside of a campsite. Same set up really,
  14. LEGIT natties only

    My name is Andrew Thompson
  15. LEGIT natties only

    Im still waiting to hear from him... either on whatsapp or whatever