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  1. Got a letter from doctor =/

    This aint MumsNet.Org
  2. Got a letter from doctor =/

    i cant even joke about it.. sad AF its mind blowing you live like you aint gonna die untill you get doctor letters... then you fear each day... Well in my case it happens with sleeping/waking .. Hypnogogic - iv had 2 'episodes' dream state... its like a living dream, your 'awake' and able to interact in the dream.. but i noted my brain Graphics was pretty bad haha.. i had a third - i was watching myself watching TV, i moved in the dream but when i 'woke up' i was still in bed.. in the dream i rolled off the bed and tried to stand up - slowly like my body was a ton.... i thought id wake up standing... i heard voices shouting swears at me... i had to breathe heavy to block them out. My Advice: ALWAYS ALWAYS double check before you cross a road, even if you think its safe, you STARE down that road like a sniper is there aiming on you.. on hit and your brain is a war zone
  3. Got a letter from doctor =/

    Thats the truth bro. Before i knew i had this i was unstoppable =/ .. If i had of known back then i dont think i would of done half of it sclerosis ... basically it will continue to decay / ill lose more and more brain cells.
  4. Got a letter from doctor =/

    No... Never crossed my mind. im asking on a forum thats kinda related to it. No doubt some Lifters have brain damage, maybe its why they lift with little motivation. i asked if Sclerosis was Decay... i wont get much help from the Facebook Freaks
  5. Got a letter from doctor =/

    They say im OK because i have not had another seizure.... but i woke up with a bitten tongue other day . It's scary sh*t not knowing when your next one will be
  6. Got a letter from doctor =/

    I got a letter.. it says: MRI brain 2020 - subtle asymmetry and smaller left hippocampus. Early hippocampal sclerosis thats like... Hippocampal decay?
  7. Any ex muscletalk guys here?

    ' @vetran mentioned you in a post ' i come look and see nothing bro wth. Just another 'Ghost Post' from Vett..He prob deleted it coz he knew i'd be back
  8. Dark ghost

    Im too hard to die... Death would look at me and sh*t his pants hahaha.. ASDA.. That was a close one.. nearly f***king did it, would of been OP, 100% would of took some whiskey on way ou
  9. Any vape nerds on here?

    You've seen @wylde99 too?
  10. Any vape nerds on here?

    Question 1: .. Dont smoke the Nic Salts by them self... mix them with the flavours... i vape 0.3% nicotine... low as i can. Question 2L The additives (Flavors, colors) burn the coil... Vape clear liquids.. menthol helps keep it smoother
  11. My E-Bike

    its nice off-road, the battery might have a thermal cut-off, im not sure... either that or its bad connection. Dogs like to bite wheels... i give people and animals space... im always ready for animal jumping out bushes The bike is a belter weapon... Epic off-road, cost like £200 altogether.. cheaper than some shop-bought thing restricted to 15mph
  12. My E-Bike

    Yer boy!!! its still 'Processing HD Version' ... maybe wait for that ahaha
  13. My E-Bike

    the Internet... ill drop link here. 20% uploaded... its taking longer coz the skill bro. No Brakes and Holding phone in my hand.... Cant stop me bros haha
  14. My E-Bike

    Im uploading a video now my bros sup.. sup bros
  15. AstraZeneca and blood clots

    The Blood clot is the Chip getting stuck in brain