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  1. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    Strong isnt it! Few days on 5iu and my hands were feeling it and I had to start taking afternoon naps lol
  2. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    First thing I did was Google the company that did the test and seems they're widely used for a lot of testing and have a site etc so looks all good to me.
  3. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    Havent seen any bloods but there was a test done on them which I was sent by the guy I bought from. The GenX I felt literally after a few days. Numb hands, tired, sore joints. But to be fair I've been lucky with HGH I've never really had a bad experience. The hygene black top hyges ive used a lot over the years. Codes always checked out on website and definitely wasnt crap just never really lived up to being comparitive to the lilly humatrope and Pfizer geno pens which I got in the Turkish pharmacy in Istanbul. And lately genx has given the same feeling as the pharma have previously.
  4. Hygetropin 100iu kits

    They are very hit and miss. Personally much prefer the GenXtrophin 100iu kits if they are available to you I'd highly recommend.
  5. Accutane risks...

    Depends a lot on what kind of dose you're running. It's very toxic which is why when its prescribed by a dermo you have to have regular blood tests. So adding an oral like dbol or anadrol would definitely not be advisable although I'm sure plenty of people do it. I've used accutane at 20mg a day and I definitely was more sensitive to the sun and also got very dry lips but other than that I luckily had no other issues. I've had tattoos when on it with no issues too.
  6. Pharma tek!

    Inbox me a name and address and a preferred compound and it shall be yours as a free gift.
  7. Pharma tek!

    Lol I will gladly send him a vial for free as long as he doesnt mind it being unlabelled
  8. Pharma tek!

    I'm glad to hear that. And yes you're absolutely correct, I am also here. There you go something we have ageed on. Sorted?
  9. Pharma tek!

    Which begs the question why are you here? And why keep mentioning what I do and pics of my home brew vials? If you dont care then go and focus on something you do care about. 8.30pm now and you're still here chatting away about something you apparently dont care about. No wonder home life isnt great.
  10. Pharma tek!

    Pretty certain we are allowed to talk about brewing I see plenty of threads discussing brewing and helping others with making gear. Seems to be completely allowed on here. The vials I posted are blank, unlabelled and look nothing like the brand discussed in here which are blue caps and made 100 miles away from me (which is why I mentioned Warwickshire). So I dont see any relevance.
  11. Pharma tek!

    You mentioned your Mrs arguing I simply suggested you pay her some attention. Again I dont know what you call pushing a lab but saying I've never tried it but I know the owner is good at what he does so give it a try....by that definition anyone suggesting any lab to someone is suddenly now pushing lol Yes I brew gear and yes I'm from Warwickshire...I dont see the issue here. Perfectly legal to brew gear and live in Warwickshire as far as I'm aware.
  12. Pharma tek!

    I mean you can try and analyse every word used as much as you want but at the end of the day it's clear you came on here to just act like a nob. You said yourself you never even heard of the lab and have no knowledge or experience on it so why are you here? What's the purpose? Wouldnt your vast knowledge be more useful on a thread you actually know something about? Your Mrs may be more happy and argue less if you spend less time arguing on the internet and more time on her. Just a tip. In my humble opinion you think you're the big man because you've been around on here a while and have lots of internet likes to make you feel powerful so you can attempt to bully newer members on posts. All you achieve is looking like an arrogant t**t. You have no useful info to give anyone here. So go and spend your time more productively.
  13. Pharma tek!

    I was referring to your activity in previous threads where I've seen you argue back and forth until you are told to stop by moderators. You just seem a very argumentative guy thats all. From what I've seen anyway. Its half 7 at night and you'd rather sit around arguing about some random lab than enjoy your evening lol I mean i am definitely stating fact where i know it to be true. As in that I unfortunately do not own a lab. Thats a fact not opinion. The fact that some owners don't brew...again if that wasnt a fact I wouldn't have a job lol Only opinion I've given is that pharmatek is gtg. Which I admitted I've never tried (why would I when my job is to brew) but going by what I know of the owner I recommended he "goes for it". Other than that I havent really said anything else until the questions came flooding in lol
  14. Pharma tek!

    Yet pharmatek is well known to be up north, I'm from Warwickshire. Pharmatek are well known to use blue coloured caps, I just showed hundreds of mine with black caps... Again you're welcome to come to whatever conclusion you want. I wish I owned pharmatek because I'm pretty certain he's making a lot more money than I do. But unfortunately I dont.
  15. Pharma tek!

    To be honest from reading other threads it often seems to be you enforcing your opinion as apparent fact onto others. But oh well some people just have that personality I guess. As I said I think its common knowledge which was why I was surprised at being questioned about it that's all. I'm always happy to explain things if people have questions It was only your suspicious attitude and refusal to believe anything anyone else says may be correct lol but ye it's cool I dont care if you believe I'm a lab, a cook or someone who just likes to sit around with 400 blank vials to hand. I'm easy either way