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  1. Book by Gupta and Ghosh, published in 1930. Anyone ever read it? Curious what sort of diets they used and programming ideas, as given this is well before the steroid era (photos were taken in the late 1920s prior to publication) these guys are shredded for the time, and pretty damn muscular. Anyone knows anything, let us know.
  2. Figured I'd begin a log here so I have some evidence I'm going somewhere in case the diary falls into my kids' hands. Just have to remember to update. Weights pogramme for summer (no track work, drills and mobility only). Sunday: Warm up lower: toe jumps, high knees, mobility Weighted jumps 4×3+ (increasing sets over time) Weighted step ups 4×8+ Band hamstring clawbacks 4×8+ Single leg calf raises (explosive) 4 sets Lying leg raises/butt kicks 4 sets each Band pull aparts 4 sets Monday: Warm up upper: mobility, press ups, bands Weighted press ups/neutral grip pull ups (alternating) 4×6+, 3×4+ Rope rows with a barbell 4×6+ DB shoulder press 3×6+ Band archer pulls 3×8+ Wrist roller 2-3 sets each way. Wednesday: Power clean/clean high pull 5×2, or to DM(1-2) Olympic squat (warm up to 60%), quarter squat 4×5+ Romanian deadlift 4×5+ Dip belt calf raises 4 sets Leg raises/butt kicks 4 sets each Band pull aparts Friday: Incline dumbell press/wide grip pull ups (alternated) 4×8+, 3×8+ Inverted rope rows 3×8+ Upright rope rows 3×8+ Lying triceps extensions (last set supersetted with decline press with same weight) 3×5+ Band face pulls 3×8+ Wrist roller 2-3 sets both ways.
  3. Adding weight

    Depends what you're lifting now. If you're benching 20kg for 5, adding 5kg is a 25% increase. If you're benching 100kg for 5, 2.5kg is a tenth of that proportional increase. Best thing is to develop a feel for it. I use a pyramid kind of training, so base increases off the first set. If things are relatively easy, I add weight. If I can't do more than 3-5 reps, I stop adding weight.
  4. Not skinny, but anorexic fat 😩

    What exactly are you eating at the moment? The only real advice I can give at the moment is eat decent food and start some form of regular exercise. You'll start gaining muscle, nonetheless.
  5. The Death of Supplement Shops?

    Pay 2 or 3 times more for the same stuff in a shop because it has a light up sign above the door? Dont see the point personally. Most shops are becoming defunct now, and to be honest supplement shops aren't really a great business to go into.
  6. Thanks for the replies, guys. Appreciate it.
  7. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Today: Neutral grip pull up ladder Incline dumbbell press (60.5) 11 (65.5) 7 (68) 5 Swissbar dead stop rows (72.5) 12 (77.5) 8 (82.5) 6 (85) 8 Lateral raises (20.5) 11 (21.5) 9 (22.5) 7 Lying triceps extensions (31.5) 10 (34) 8 (36.5) 5 Incline Urlacher raise (13) 12 (15.5) 10 Wrist roller (18) up and down, both directions. Notes: hot today, feel like crap.
  8. 1000's of covid deaths to be wiped off

    Little Kate for me to get my job back with public health AVU, but myself and colleagues were trying to warn of this in May. We're contemplating taking the DHSC, PHE and NHS to court over it, however that could easily backfire.
  9. Deplete glycogen and malnourish yourself for three weeks? The things people do for five minutes of fame...
  10. Lack of motivation ?

    That's impressive. At 16 stone I can get 5 at the top of the ladder (dead hangs). Gone are the days I could do Weighted pull ups, but hoping to get there again.
  11. I don't have it, unfortunately. Seems it's a difficult one to locate.
  12. Sounds like the beginning of a T Nation article.
  13. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    This is going to be the strangest diabetes test ever...
  14. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Well, yeah, it's pretty useful for general information, has cited sources, etc. But yeah, you definitely could do better than an infectious pathology and metabolic disease specialist sticking their finger up your Gary.
  15. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Suppose they would if I was at a party
  16. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    No problem. Although lack of the palmaris longus isn't believed to have any effect on strength, in my own experience despite being right handed, my grip is stronger in my left hand when I use fat grips for pull ups and farmers walks. It might be that the difference is minor, or people compensate with strength from the other flexors. I dunno, outside my fields. Of course this is just a subjective anecdote from my own experience, and there's no evidence that it provides extra strength.
  17. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    No, it's a muscle, you're born with it. As I say, some people don't have it at all, some like us only in one arm. You find out some weird stuff in anatomy classes.
  18. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Yep, that'll be the palmaris longus.
  19. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Sure this'll explain more than I remember from med school. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmaris_longus_muscle
  20. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    I forget how many in the population only have it unilaterally now, but whether it's there or not isn't believed to affect on wrist or grip strength.
  21. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Here's both sideways on for comparison.
  22. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Yeah, just the same. The muscle shape varies wildly in individuals who actually have them, and can be different in each arm. Something pointless I remembered from comparative anatomy lessons ?
  23. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    See above reply mate.
  24. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Mine is in my left arm. Sorry for the poor lighting, in the car at the moment.
  25. Lump on forearm when tensed.

    Palmaris longus muscle. Weird thing, 1 in 6 people don't have one on either arm, and others like you and I only have it in one arm.