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  1. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Today: Bench press (75kg) Rope rows (55kg) DB shoulder press (40.5kg) 9.8.8 Archer pulls (green band) 12.10.10 Wide grip pull ups total: 12 Notes: Made some in-session changes. Changing rows and shoulder press to 8-12 reps. Stick with these numbers for 6-8 weeks. Stayed away from failure and heavy weight on bench, getting used to movement. Will change to 3x5 then a back off set or two with around 20% less weight, higher reps. Stuck with 75-80kg while I gain confidence on the flat bench. Hate the movement. Stick to narrow grip bench.
  2. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Due to various accumulated aches and pains (had steadily increased weight for 13 weeks), took the rest of the week off and changing things up slightly tomorrow. Lower body only once per week as working on mobility and specific drills between weights. Monday: Bench press 4x3-5 Rope rows 4x9+ DB shoulder press 3x5+ Archer pulls 3x10+ Wide grip pull ups between bench sets (low reps) . Wednesday: Weighted jumps 4x3 Snatch pulls 5x2 Stepups 3x6+ Band leg extensions 3x10+ Calf raises 4x10+ Friday: Incline DB press 4x9+ Swissbar DS row 4x5+ Lat raises 3x9+ Triceps extensions (+press) 3x6-10 Face pulls 3x10+ WG pull ups between incline sets (low reps)
  3. Fragrance

    Boss Bottled Night.
  4. blood glucose explained?

    Usual disclaimer, that I try to steer clear of giving medical advice over the Internet... In all honesty, that sugar level isn't worrying. Although normal fasting reference ranges are generally 4.5-5.6 mmolar, tolerable levels in healthy individuals are 3-8 mmol/dL (some ranges are cited from 3.5 up to 7.8, etc). Over 8.0 in a fasting sample is when I'd test A1c, lipids, ETC to rule out metabolic syndrome. Over 11 is essentially a positive diagnosis for T2DM. Also bear in mind that glucose can rise higher in the morning in due to the Somogyi effect, and you should hydrate at least 30 minutes prior. As long as it's under 7.8-8.0 then it's unlikely to be sinister. Try testing 90 minutes to 2 hours after eating a meal and compare that measurement to fasting measurements.
  5. LEGIT natties only

    He will tell you. He's the vegan of fake natties.
  6. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Today: Weighted press ups (30kg) Rope rows (65kg) DB shoulder press (45.5kg) 5.5.8 Archer pulls (green band) 15.10.12 Accrued pull ups 34. Notes: Intended to do 3x5 for press ups and shoulder press. Weight felt good so stuck to 4x6+ after first set of press ups. Rows felt difficult, aiming for 4x8+. Next Monday shorten band for archer pulls instead of using the orange band (too large a leap in resistance).
  7. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Yesterday. For some reason it didn't post: Weighted jumps (28kg) 3.3 (30.5kg) 3.3 (33kg) 3 Step ups (38kg) 8.8.8 Clawbacks (purple band) SL calf raises (5kg) Notes: achilles felt fine on jumps. Little wobbly with step ups, stopped a set short.
  8. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Today: Incline DB press (53kg) 12 (55.5kg) 8.8.8 Swissbar dead stop rows (65kg) Lat raises (18kg) 8.8.10 Lying triceps extension + triceps bar press on last set (27.5kg) 10 (30kg) 6.6+7 Face pulls (green band) 12.11.12 Wrist roller (18kg) stopped after first sets. Accrued pull ups: 25 Notes: Left elbow pain during wrist roller.? golfer's elbow. Drop exercise for four weeks, do rehab.
  9. Who wears a cap ?

    I wear a kippah. Helps because I'm going a little thin on the crown.
  10. Why such a long break? Is it deliberate or due to other commitments?
  11. 700 Kcals for cutting?

    Way to little fat. You need some carbon substrate or all that protein will go to waste.