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  1. Help required please

    I'm 5ft 10..
  2. Help required please

    So ...what should I reset my calories too... The calculation on bodybuilding.com says my maintenance Cal's are 2500 ..so shall I use 2100 ?
  3. Help required please

    Just running at mo maybe with a few pull ups ..dips on the kids playground that I run near but zero gym work due to the gyms being shut
  4. Help required please

    Yes..it does effect my energy ..big time. I reckon I've been dieting seven weeks..I was 16st 3lb.. now im between 15st 7lb and 15st 11lb depending on how hydrated I am... I'll get my maintenance Cal's.. how many shall I deduct from that number?
  5. Help required please

    I'll try and give as much details as poss.. I'm a 42 male I currently weigh 220lb. I've trained with weights for 20 years but always just focused on getting as many Cal's in and taking as much gear as I could stand. I've been clean for 4 years. ..still use to get to the gym b4 the lockdown.....I just want to get rid of body fat now.... I currently consume 1800 Cal's a day ..I use the my fitness Pal app to track my macros...also religiously get 2+litres of water in a day. I've read a few posts where guys are having the same issues and I'm assuming I'm not eating enough.. But some advice would be great ? I am getting out and running twice a week and I'm on my feet all day as I'm a nurse and always do 12 hour shifts... Any advice would be great ?