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  1. Trt and fertility

    Hi mate. I've been running 750iu 3 times a week which is a lot less than some but others say it's way too much. Got the semen analysis results back and either I'm a phenomenal failure or they have f**ked the test up. Note the semen test was done before I went back on trt) and that my LH and fsh looked look around same time. Doctor was next to useless on phone. Clown. He also failed to mention what I've since noticed, toward the bottom of the test text:- 28-Oct-2020 ! Infertility studies - (SGB) - Abnormal - see patient task Semen sample volume 2.5 ml >1.50ml Semen pH 8 >7.20 ! Total sperm count <2.0 x10*6/ml >15.00x10*6/ml ! Progressively Motile <4 % >32.00% Non progressive 0 % Immotile 0 % ! Sperm morphology 0 % >4.00% Semen viscosity Liquefaction incomplete. White Cells >1x106/ml (Normal range <1*10*6/ml) This is an automated test, we cannot give accurate sperm concentration, motility or morphology results on low sperm concentrations. >2x10\S\6/ml Sample received more than two hours after production, please treat results with caution and consider repeat. Please ensure subsequent andrology specimens are delivered to the Histopathology Department, New Path Lab RLI within two hours of production Monday to Friday 8.30-4.00
  2. Trt and fertility

    Well, Spent that last 9 weeks on clomid and it wasn't great to be fair. I didn't realise it at the time for a while but it contributed quite a lot to my anxiety. I suffered terrible at work a lot and it made me realise I don't want to work there anymore. We still haven't conceived yet but here are my results from my bloods from last week. I'm awaiting results of a semen sample I'm having tested through the NHS - they are taking their time getting me the results which I guess is understandable at present. I've also gone back on self treated trt with hcg from beginning this time, a week on I feel so much better. Hope this keeps things ticking over until I can afford to get enough hmg to really attack this. Other than total T, do these bloods look OK? Esp LH and fsh
  3. TRT Help - Low Libido

    Ah OK thanks for clearing that up, mate. So if you were pinning hcg and hmg (on trt), getting bloods done to check Gonadotropin levels to see where you're likely at for potential fertility would be lately a waste of time? I've basically ran clomid 8 weeks, levels seem mid range LH and fsh, but Ive gone back on trt with hcg becauuse I was getting lots of anxiety and brain fog. I'm adding in hmg when we can afford it agai., hopefully vet very soon. Monitoring the fsh level after 3 months on hmg will I guess be the deal breaker?
  4. TRT Help - Low Libido

    I didn't realise this?!! I though hcg is an LH analogue so increases it? Can't it also raise fsh to a lesser degree?
  5. Trt and fertility

    You've lost me mate. Back to normal? As far as I'm concerned I'm currently infertile...
  6. Trt and fertility

    No not Asian, bud
  7. Trt and fertility

    Hi thankyou very much for your reply. From quite a bit of reading I'd assumed it was going to give me a better chance if I got off the trt and do a PCT, but now you've made me have second thoughts. I would only be coming off as I thought I'd had too. I wonder if its just the fact that my dosage if hcg hasn't been substantial enough so far. Regarding what you were asking on the previous message. I've been on trt (self medicating) for 7 months and then added hcg about 4 to 5 months ago so, no I hasn't been hcg from the start. I suppose it's worth trying the first suggestion. I would prefer it. I'm gaining quite well with training and generally feel happy and libido is better than it used to be. Admitadly I've not had bloods done since Before going on hcg. Regarding the fertility test I mentioned it is a Dr fertility male sperm test that basically tells you yes you have 20 million per ml or more, or no you have less. I wish I'd heard about the one you suggested before hand as I've already ordered bit no haha. Can dosages as low as 37.5 mg of hmg be of any use? And dose high dose hcg not cause desensitivoty to the cells in the testes? Sorry still learning ? Many thanks!
  8. Trt and fertility

    I have ordered a Dr fertility test anyway see if that gives any indication for starters If I up dose of hcg When I cease the test-e, is that likely to increase desensitisation? I see these high levels banded about. I've been on 500 iu e3d. I've also got some nolva now. In the case of doing a PCT is it either or with clomid (not both?) Can hmg be added at any stage along the line?
  9. Trt and fertility

    Yes have been self administering. I agree I need to get a fertility test. Im guessing this is best done now rather than doing a sort of trt pct? Cheers
  10. Trt and fertility

    Hi mate, first test my LH was 2.3 IU/L and FSH 6.7 IU/L. So I would keep on with HCG at same dosage and frequency for say 4 weeks after last test e injection? then as you mentioned clomid (I'm unsure about this after hearing worrying things about vision). Can novladex be use instead? At what point would I add HMG? Im also worried about libido issues as this was one of the propblems before I went on trt... Im trying to avoid the going back to the doctor route. Thankyou for your help bud
  11. Trt and fertility

    Thanks for you reply bud. I was toying with the idea of coming off, but I don't want to return to the crap I felt with low natty T 100mg EW took me to the high end of normal for total testosterone, but even taking 500 iu hcg E3D doesn't seem to have done much for me. Im not sure if its a better idea to remain on, take more HCG per week and start adding in the HMG (when I can get hold of more...), its a catch 22, my wife and I are getting a bit down now with nothing happening, yes overthinking and stressing about it wont be helping but been trying to research for quite a while. If I did come off how likely is my natty level going to come back up, with clomid and Hcg (guessing HMG does nothing for test, just sperm?) What sort of levels of HCG cause desentivity? would it be best to stop it few weeks then start again with higher dosage?
  12. Morning!

    cheers mate
  13. Acne

    I get them on my back from just 100mg
  14. Afternoon. I've been running a 'Trt dosage' myself of 100mg test e for the last 7 months then 4 months ago added hcg 500iu e3d. Previous to this is, I'd had 2 sets of bloods done at GP surgery due to explaining fatigue, brain fog, grumpiness lack of strength gains in gym, whilst having a very good diet, rest, good routine etc. I'd explained we'd been trying for another baby, we have an 8 year already, for best part of a year then, but with lack of libido I was often not interested or I wouldn't happen. Dr agreed to refer me to an NHS endo, but in mean time decided to cancel appointment and go it myself, knowing that me mentioning trying for a child would be pointless for treatment in their eyes. Got full medichecks bloods done just before I started hcg and I was high normal which I was happy with?! So since then, I'm fun to be around again, libido up, erections up. Can hold things in my head now and feel much younger. I'm leanest I've ever been and feel great, slowing reversing out of diet well. Strength pretty good until lockdown!! So forward 7 months, looking in to clomid and hmg, as sperm levels are obviously too low. I saw that Dave palumbo fertility protocol, but have since seen a few other, one of which is on here. I'm toying with the idea of reducing the test dose and upping the hcg and introducing clomid, with a view to adding in hmg when I can afford enough to start properly. That stuff is £££? Also about to book a private fertility test for me, but with covid that's going to be a while I think. Would it worth having a break from the hcg and start again with the higher dose after a while with clomid and hopefully hmg by then? Thinking 1000iu hmg m w f, 75ui hmg tu thur and 25mg Ed to see how I feel? What are peoples thoughts please?
  15. Morning!

    Hi. Joined up here last week. I've heard of this place for years, but only joined up last week. Been lifting on and off since about 2004, I'm 41 and enjoying training at the moment. I used to do some low level strongman u90kg comps. I trained with bias on powerlifting / strength training for many years but now focusing on adding muscle,. There's seems a huge amount of knowledge on here?