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  1. Watson Power Rack

    Bought about a month ago, they ship them on massive pallets, shrink wrapped, on lorries, was a hassle enough getting it delivered, wagon driver expected me to have a fork lift! Had the wagon driver take the pallet away n'all. Just easier to sell it on, shouldn't be difficult at the mo.
  2. Bought this recently new from Watson, wanting to make my home gym in spare room. Turns out my floor joists are starting to rot, so will be a while before getting that fixed, so no need for this rack. Totally new and unused, hasn't even been assembled. If anyone's able to collect from Preston, Lancashire, you can have it for a fair wack off what I paid for it, which was £1400(!) with the 'upgrade' ladder rack. Nice bit of kit!
  3. I would imagine most gyms, if they still take your money to stay afloat during this lock down, would simply add the length of the lock down free to your membership afterwards. If you can afford it still, I'd say help the gym you use stay afloat if you want it to be there after all this.
  4. Powerlifting set up

    Hi, I've just joined this forum in part to flog a power rack I've had delivered from Watson recently if you're anywhere near Preston? Brand new, had plans to set up a gym in the spare bedroom but just discovered some structural issues in my house so the weight is a no go, and returning it to Watson is next to impossible with it needing to be on a double pallet, which I flogged already!