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    JusJamin reacted to Chicken_Boy in Will my cycle produce results   
    I dont know man, snooker can be pretty full on. I've heard of guys withering away to skin and bone by burning a whopping 40 calories an hour playing this hardcore sport. Not for the feint hearted.
    In fact, theres only one sport known to be more strenuous..... darts. 
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    JusJamin got a reaction from mal in Who Home brews?   
    There is 1000mg of Anavar in 1g Raw powder. So to make 50tabs at 50mgs, you would need 2.5g which would roughly be 12$. Though you'd be paying half a ton on shipping..
    Also, minimum order is normally 100g which would mean the cost for raw alone is almost 500$. Quite the mark up though considering that i've seen Anavar for sale at £70 for 50x50..
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    JusJamin got a reaction from Youdontknowme in Who Home brews?   
    You don't have to be a mastermind to get it sent to a different address. Though i'd argue you could easily get away with saying its for personal use. Though most likely scenario is that it will just be seized at that size package and you'll just get a letter saying so. Then, you just get hold of your raw supplier and they'll send another one, normally FOC.
    Check out the Meso RX forum mate, specifically the undergound section. You'll see what you want to find. 
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    JusJamin reacted to Spieren in Bloods   
    It helps with BP, Bud. 
    The stonking boners are an unfortunate side effect that I just have to put up with 
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    JusJamin reacted to Pscarb in Low dose cycles   
    yes mate a few reasons lol
    Kidney Failure
    Lung Collapse
    Heart Failure
    Kidney Transplant....to name a few 
    The crash was irrelevant as I lost around 40kg of muscle through these several reasons, i would not recommend this type of PCT though 
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    JusJamin reacted to drwae in Running test   
    He's back under the screen name @Harry N giving advice on steroid use and relationships
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    JusJamin reacted to EpicSquats in Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown   
    Personally I hope they open up all the gyms but ban anyone from lifting more than 10kg at a time. We don't need any injuries on top of this whole covid thing.
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    JusJamin reacted to Pscarb in Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown   
    Calm down buddy no need for insults, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    It is sad that you have not seen your Gran but let's not exaggerate that she would drop dead when you walk through the door, maybe you get a test then if negative you could possibly see her, @Clubber Lang has a very relevant point as the deaths from other causes like cancer, lung disease and suicide have all increased since the first lockdown.....so for those family, the lockdown has done more harm than good.
    instead of insulting someone look at their position on lockdown, just because it is not yours does not make it wrong.
    On the topic of the post, gyms will remain open in all tiers after this lockdown finishes, rightly so when the infection from gyms is extremely low at 1.8% opposed to supermarkets at 11.6%
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    JusJamin reacted to swole troll in Gyms allowed to re-open after lockdown   
    Get a solid 28 days of training in before the new year's lockdown 
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    JusJamin reacted to stuey99 in What was your first steroid cycle ?   
    The second approach sets you up for future cycles...it's a marathon not a sprint
    It's that first test only cycle that teaches you estrogen control etc
    I did it wrong...
    First 2 were test, anadrol
    Third was test, dbol
    It was the third that taught me I needed to go back to the start, run test only and learn the basics
    Sooner or later you're gonna need to know that basic cycle and how it works...
    It's like learning anything, or even putting together IKEA furniture 
    Skip those first steps and theres a fairly good chance that at some point you're gonna have to go back and start again
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    JusJamin reacted to C T in Anadrol   
    Will make you fill out you t shirt pretty quick bro
    Better get some mediums ordered ASAP 
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    JusJamin reacted to Towel in Anadrol   
    @stuey99 you’re up pal 
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    JusJamin reacted to swole troll in When to stop HCG before PCT?   
    You didn't stop any bro science
    You just made a few shirty posts and continue to do so with your 'lacking common sense' comments.
    You struggle to see why? Well I've just explained it to you.
    I've had no complaints and seen numerous blood work both on and off this forum to suggest it works just fine with the dosages I outlined and even stated it was case by case and wouldn't be applicable for higher dosages and longer esters.
    You tagged me and stargazer and we've both stated the 3 week method with a 500mg cycle would suffice.
    So the majority disagree with you and you're now resorting to attempting to patronize people. 
    Prob best to sit this one out chief 
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    JusJamin reacted to stuey99 in When to stop HCG before PCT?   
    Not really relevant tho in this case seeing as the information is correct tho is it 
    Goodbye again 
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    JusJamin reacted to Spieren in Would you admit using steroids in a date?   
    It really depends on whether you think you have a future with him, Buddy. 
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    JusJamin got a reaction from stuey99 in Test e tren e and dbol is this a good combo   
    - Is this a good cycle?
    - Yes so long as you can manage the Estrogen related sides
    - I dont get estrogen related sides, i'm 47.
    - How do you not get estrogen sides?
    - Because at my age, my test is low *Injects 2ml of test a week*
    = Logic
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    JusJamin reacted to Simon90 in Will 2 or three test e cycles effect my fertility ?   
    Is he black? My mrs told me this is a side effect of aas 
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    JusJamin reacted to Simon90 in Will 2 or three test e cycles effect my fertility ?   
    Just stay on for the full 3 years then it’s only one cycle 
    it’s something you need to talk about with your mrs, she might not be best pleased if you jump on and then struggle with the future, it might effect it it might not 
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    JusJamin reacted to MrBrightside in Duration   
    Keep increasing food until that stops working then use more drugs! 
    I've probably done 12 month plus cycles. I look wank but I'm still alive. 
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    JusJamin got a reaction from Ronald_Cheeseman in New guy looking for diet help   
    Interesting name, you'll get on well here. Welcome.
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    JusJamin reacted to monkeybiker in Will you vote Boris in again ?   
    I like how he calls ping pong wiff waff, so he gets my vote.
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    JusJamin reacted to monkeybiker in Will you vote Boris in again ?   
    I actually quite like Boris. I think he's pretty cool for a politician. 
    I honestly don't think my life would change much who ever is in charge so I don't really worry about it. 
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    JusJamin reacted to PsychedUp in Why do women always choose to have the baby?   
    Thats a depressing outlook mate. Sounds like you're painting every woman with same brush based on some bad experiences? 
    As to your original question.. some women actually do have an instinctual maternal nature, so their choice not to have an abortion is a simple one for them. And it's their choice. 
    The question you should have asked is why do some fellas spread their seed freely and then go running with their dicks between their legs as soon as they hit a bullseye? They're not men in my opinion. It's always a risk, and if you don't want to chance it, exhibit some self control and don't get your willy wet. It's simple. 
    My daughter was conceived with a woman I'm no longer with, and we weren't together long when she fell pregnant. I couldn't bear the thought of my daughter not being in my life. I pay my dues and take her as much as I can. 
    Seriously, grow the f**k up mate. You sound like a total incel, maybe you should get off the internet for a bit.
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    JusJamin reacted to hmgs in Why do women always choose to have the baby?   
    Aw, it’s nice when siblings get on...
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    JusJamin reacted to Kazza61 in Why do women always choose to have the baby?   
    Maybe the bond between the baby and the mother who carried it for 9 months is greater than the bond between the baby and the guy who fvcked its mother then fvcked off?