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  1. I shall look into that, cheers! I am not worried, i wouldn't say it is horrendous, i just hate having blackheads and spots as i get the urge to try and get at them to make them go away...which never just ends with that one single spot being had.
  2. I took one with the outlook to take 1mg per jab day however have since changed my mind on that due to what you just said with it being to high a dose on my test mg, so i've just looked at it as a way of pushing it down as a one off dose and then just continuing with a decreased amount of test per week and seeing if it sorts it out. I don't actually get any spots on my face at all. Just my shoulders and back and around the back of my hair line
  3. Pinning delts...

    Yes mate! Piece of piss actually!
  4. Well no one told me that i had to wash!
  5. That is pretty obvious, but i am looking more at which part of the steroid use is causing it..
  6. Well, I have lowered the test dose now from 420 to 350mg and see how we go. I took 1mg of Adex to push the potentially high e2 down and will just continue with the lower dose test and see if things start to clear up. I do seem to be getting oily skin, so I would put the breakouts down to that as I scrub them daily with a blackhead scrubbing glove and remover. I read somewhere that it is caused by low E2 but so far the general consensus has been high e2..
  7. So, a shower once a month isn't cutting it?
  8. Pinning delts...

    Been pinning delts for ages and always found it a little awkward but dooable. Just pinned after reading this, game changer haha!
  9. I have been getting spots and blackheads across the shoulders for a while now. I was currently on 420mg Test per week though recently dropped down to 350mg to see if that would reduce the spots. They aren't terrible, but seem to be getting worse. I haven't been taking an AI up until now as my question is, are they generally caused by heightened estrogen? Or is it actually too low estrogen? Obviously the best way to tell would be to get bloods done, but just for the sake of a few spots, i'd rather see if i can fix the issue myself and if nothing works, then i'll have bloods taken.
  10. SG Anavar

    Mine didn't look crumbly either. However, by the time you take 30 or so, you'll have a few half tablets in the packet.
  11. SG Anavar

    That will be completely placebo. Var isn't as night and day as things like tren. You will notice steady increases in strength over time, not just wake up one day and DL 400kg. My SG var is/was crumbly but did what it was meant too. Like i said, if you have some sense of wellbeing, it isn't the Var..
  12. Tren only cycle

    Tren is all diet related
  13. Its free school meals mate, it is literally food they are wanting..
  14. My thoughts are that this should of been done on a case by case bases. The scummy people who have always been on benefits shouldn't qualify for extra help now as they haven't exactly taken a pay cut since lockdown started, have they? Though, for the likes of those who lost their jobs, racked up debt, lost businesses etc, why shouldn't we do all we can to help them stay afloat and feed their damn kids? Its always too easy to sit in a seat of privilege and tell those below you what they should and shouldn't do..
  15. Anavar and libido

    Ran my SG at 100 ED and was fine. I did find the tabs crumbly though so weigh one if you can and then you'll no how much powder to put into your protein shake once you get to the bottom