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  1. Will my cycle produce results

    So, you've got multiple cycles under your belt, over 400 posts on this forum and you're asking the most beginner question there is and have likely read the same newbie threads as everyone else such as "First time Test cycle" so would know that a cycle such as yours is going to yield results. Kind of like walking in to a pub and asking if the beer will get you drunk. In regards to "your sport", YOU included it in your post and asked if your plan will work. You don't need to know anything about a sport such as BJJ to know it will consume more calories and exert more energy than say, snooker, so it's obviously going to be mentioned. You also asked for critism mate, you literally asked people to look at your post and be critical about it, you shouldn't be surprised when people do just that. In regards to Sasnak, he was poking fun, it was harmless and you got your knickers in a twist about it. Again, you have 400+posts, are you aware of forum banter? Summary: Yes it will work, but the general consensus may be that you could be setting yourself up for a fall once you start lagging due to over doing it. We all could be wrong, however its a bit of critical thinking for you that you asked for., take it with a pinch of salt.
  2. Who Home brews?

    There is 1000mg of Anavar in 1g Raw powder. So to make 50tabs at 50mgs, you would need 2.5g which would roughly be 12$. Though you'd be paying half a ton on shipping.. Also, minimum order is normally 100g which would mean the cost for raw alone is almost 500$. Quite the mark up though considering that i've seen Anavar for sale at £70 for 50x50..
  3. Who Home brews?

    You don't have to be a mastermind to get it sent to a different address. Though i'd argue you could easily get away with saying its for personal use. Though most likely scenario is that it will just be seized at that size package and you'll just get a letter saying so. Then, you just get hold of your raw supplier and they'll send another one, normally FOC. Check out the Meso RX forum mate, specifically the undergound section. You'll see what you want to find.
  4. High prolactin can cause low libido so can low FSH
  5. Low dose cycles

    Was this directly related to AAS?
  6. 300 test 300 deca

    It was going so well and now after the daily food intake explanation, i think all the advice has been in vain
  7. - Is this a good cycle? - Yes so long as you can manage the Estrogen related sides - I dont get estrogen related sides, i'm 47. - How do you not get estrogen sides? - Because at my age, my test is low *Injects 2ml of test a week* = Logic
  8. I always thought that during a blast, your sperm gets a sort of super boost like your muscles and your baby comes out like Ronnie Coleman, just without the...you know..colour..
  9. Anavar

    I think you are getting confused between "used FOR" & "used WHILST" mate
  10. New guy looking for diet help

    Interesting name, you'll get on well here. Welcome.
  11. Bet this guy never lifts or jabs again

    Day three: gyno..
  12. I shall look into that, cheers! I am not worried, i wouldn't say it is horrendous, i just hate having blackheads and spots as i get the urge to try and get at them to make them go away...which never just ends with that one single spot being had.
  13. I took one with the outlook to take 1mg per jab day however have since changed my mind on that due to what you just said with it being to high a dose on my test mg, so i've just looked at it as a way of pushing it down as a one off dose and then just continuing with a decreased amount of test per week and seeing if it sorts it out. I don't actually get any spots on my face at all. Just my shoulders and back and around the back of my hair line
  14. Pinning delts...

    Yes mate! Piece of piss actually!
  15. Well no one told me that i had to wash!