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  1. Pins and needles in arms

    Grand, thanks pal
  2. I'm on TRT for about 8 months now, 125mg test cyp per week. I've been recently waking up with pins and needles in my hands and arms and I'm not sure if it's to do with the trt. I've to sleep with the wedding ring off now too as I woke up last week with a swollen numb ring finger. Anyone else experience anything like this? The only thing I found online was someone seeing that estrogen could be high. I take d-glucarate and DIMS to combat that though.
  3. PCT question

    Ye, I didn't explain it great as it could turn into a long read. I was diagnosed with low t, prescribed gel. Gel was shite and was tested again after 3 months to find out I had gone down and not up. Asked for injections but was prescribed a lower dose of gel. My gp has no experience with trt so I decided to start getting my stuff online and just rely on doc for bloods.
  4. I'm on TRT, was a gel and it wasn't working out so I'm using test cyp. I use a high dose (200 per week), small amount of anavar (started today). I'm not planning on coming off the test as I'll be back to really low t levels. My question is less PCT but does concern nolvadex. I aromatise easily and am looking at continuous test plus nolva. Wondering if anyone here cruises around 200 on test and what dose of nolva you use to prevent rising estrogen levels.
  5. Test Cyp TRT

    Cheers, I hadn't realised the side effects of nolva. My thoughts were I would cut the dose drastically and see if the fina would reverse any hair loss if I do start to shed. I know it's a high dose and almost a cycle, I'll see how 200 goes for 3 months, I'll be using it for more than just getting back to normal t levels. Lost a lot of muscle while undiagnosed and haven't been able to get back with the gyms shut.
  6. Test Cyp TRT

    Seen another thread here where some had mentioned using test c for trt and rather than hijacking, thought I'd start a new one. I was on testogel for 4 months and hated it. I've been using cyp for the past 2 weeks and have been feeling pretty good. I thought it would take weeks to kick in but I noticed a bit of a pick up fairly quick, nothing major but the energy levels are sound. I'm using more than I should (200 mg per week) I'm taking omega supplements to keep the blood thin, ordered some finasteride in case the hairline starts receding and nolvadex in case of gyno. I'm using DIMS at the moment and would rather stick with something without side effects so am getting the nolvadex just in case. I'm wondering if anyone wants to share their dosage and reactions to cypionate. Anything I should look out for?
  7. Estrogen from TRT

    Just seen this now. I'll see how the tabs I have now work then try these if I've no luck. Thanks
  8. Estrogen from TRT

    I've been applying the gel before bed now, seems it completely drains me and if I try stay awake during the day after applying that's when everything goes to s**t. It's tough to get to sleep after putting it on at night and I can feel the anxiety again but at least I can get through the day. I just received an order of Diindolymethane tablets to try too. Not sure if they're placebos but ill try em.
  9. Estrogen from TRT

    That sounds like what's going on. I could only get a prescription for a pump. I used it for the first time and it's the same story, feel like going straight for a snooze. I've some test cyp on the way so hopefully the injections work better. I'll be ordering some blockers too. Sucks that I have to try and self medicate.
  10. Estrogen from TRT

    Thanks man, some good advice but it's not anything like depression. I'm quite happy and at 36 I've never really had anything unexpectedly floor me like this so I'd be pretty confident it's the hormones are effecting my mood. I think at this stage only the bloods will tell. I'll post back here when I find out what the story is for anyone interested or to help anyone suffering similar effects from trt.
  11. Estrogen from TRT

    I should have another appointment soon for bloods but there's a two week wait in getting results. Hoping to get sorted sooner. I thought the initial drop off was my own body shutting down what little natural test is left but its the almost instant lows after gellin up that has me thinking estrogen. I'll be talking to the doc tomorrow anyway so I'll see what he says. Thanks for the help
  12. Estrogen from TRT

    The diets pretty good during the week, once the weekend comes and there's nothing else to do I grab a beer and I spend a few days drinking and eating shite. It's getting knocked on the head now though. Can testosterone aromatize that quickly? I thought it was a long term thing. I apply the gel and 5 minutes later I'm wrecked
  13. I've been on TRT for 3 months now after being diagnosed with low T. The first 2 weeks I felt great and then I went back to just feeling like my normal self but in the past 3 weeks I feel terrible. Its particularly noticeable after I apply the testogel. I'm on 5mg a day. About an hour after applying it I feel low, tired, anxious and have trouble concentrating or getting motivated to do anything. If I go a day without it I actually feel pretty normal. But by day two the low feeling comes back and I'm knackered again It only dawned on me today that high estrogencould be the case. I had a blood test just last week and am still waiting on results but am kicking myself as I never asked to check the estrogen levels. It's all being done through my GP as I cant get an appointment with a specialist at the moment. I cant see any physical side effects like gyno as I'm flabby anyway after months of no gym and eating bad and drinking too much beer. I'm wondering if there's anyone here who's gone through the same thing or has heard of low level trt causing this.