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  1. Gyno question

    First of all, you’re better off posting this in the steroid section not on trt. Secondly, now that you’re more informed you want to run test 400? Why not run test that is at a normal amount per ml like 250mg? You will suffer from bad pip. Also most likely it won’t be 400mg/ml. Thirdly, If you get the gyno fully removed there’s no way it can come back as the tissue has been removed. If this is going to be your first cycle after a while why are you throwing in three compounds? Deca is a 19-nor running an AI won’t prevent you from getting gyno or prolactin related side effects such as deca dick, you need caber. do your own research on that
  2. I get a full lamb delivered to mine for £85 from a private butcher.
  3. https://medichecks.com/products/male-hormone-check-blood-test
  4. TRT Advice

    And let’s not forget you’re only 29, if you think your test is low now, wait a few years and it’ll drop even more... that’s when you’ll need trt for now I think you should stay away from it since you don’t seem to have much knowledge.
  5. TRT Advice

    Hi mate, Please try to do some research before you make the jump. If I were you I’d ask myself these questions: Are you ready for some acne or oily skin? Which will happen as your body will get a shock from the exogenous testosterone plus if you buy from a ugl their hygiene might not be that good which will end causing acne or even worse in some cases an infection. Going on trt would shut your natural production down because your body will be depending on a external source of test. are you ready to use trt for the rest of your life, if not, do you know how to restart your natural testosterone production? do you know how to control estrogen, this varies from person to person as everyone converts at different rates but if you don’t control it you could end up getting Gyno obviously this isn’t very likely as you will be using a small dose but still there is a chance it could happen, so do you know how to control your estrogen? are you willing to risk your job for trt as I don’t think anyone will be able to advice the correct amount of test to use per week which will keep you on the higher side of normal range but not enough to spill over which will be detected in your random drug test, you never know when the drug test will be taken so if you’re using test e, it might still be in your system when you do your next injection so it could easily build up and kick you out of the normal range, if you know what I mean? look mate, I’m not trying to scare you off or something but like you stated you know nothing about this, please do some research before jumping on
  6. TRT Advice

    You are right though mate, since we don’t know OP’s stats or the strength of Test like you said, so can’t answer. plus why would you wanna risk it by using test if your job doesn’t allow you to? What if the test is a bit overdosed which can happen and you end up taking more and going past the “top level”, you’re better off using OTC test boosters lol
  7. TRT Advice

    Tamoxifen is not an AI. It’s a SERM.
  8. Cooper pharma and hygene gear pics

    Yes mate I also thought 2 websites were the only difference until I saw the original kit and my vials look very different.
  9. Cooper pharma and hygene gear pics

    Just checked it mate and it’s fake
  10. Cooper pharma and hygene gear pics

    Never tried cooper pharma tren but ive used their test before, really nice and just had a look on my box of Hygetropin looks a little bit different to yours, does that mean it’s fake?
  11. Medi Pharm Fake or Real?

    Cheers mate, I guess I’ll have to try it out myself.
  12. Medi Pharm Fake or Real?

    Hi guys, First time posting here. I’ve never come across this lab but my mate gave me some stuff. Have you guys got any experience with this lab? Got some EQ, Test and Deca. Please share your experience. Thanks