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  1. Lol yes I was using slin pins on my last cycle so it was easy to measure out these sort of measurements, so will have to round up or down accordingly using a 2.5ml syringe.
  2. Starting my next cycle this week of 350 test e (1.16ml), 200 Masteron (0.66ml) 150 deca per week (0.6ml). So total of 2.42ml. Would you guys Pin this lot in 1 go into the glute or split into different injection sites? Thanks garner
  3. Stick to the kaizen ones. Tried and tested myself. 16mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine and 150mg aspirin, threw in some yohimbine for good measure too. This stack is a great appetite suppressant.
  4. What’s your favourite smell guys

    Nobody mentioned it but is that a f**k off size spider behind the lime pickle jar??
  5. Cutting

    I’m currently doing a ecay stack, ephedrine, caffeine, Asprin and yohimbine. Only 3days in but it has suppressed my appetite.
  6. Some nice looking gear about guys. @Davemp How are you finding your SG winstrol 50’s? I’ve not tried mine yet but looking forward to it.
  7. The Deca is made by Alchemia which I got off a personal contact who was a pro bodybuilder. Yes I know I have an array of different brands. Some labs make good oils and others make good orals. Hard to find a lab that makes good everything and they have it all in stock. So it’s a bit of let’s try it and see. The cenzo stuff is from my last blast and the bayer is my new little amps.
  8. In anticipation of the gyms opening next month I’ve been building my stock up ready to blast from August. Show us your stash! I’ll go first. Mine probably looks small compared to some of you big boys.
  9. I have the same bayer test for my next cycle, like mentioned the oil seems very thick. What’s the thinnest needle you have managed to inject with?
  10. Bitcoin

    My source gives 10% discount for paying with bitcoin
  11. Bitcoin

    I too had never used bitcoins before this week. Registered on LocalBitcoins.com Purchasing and sending bitcoins is pretty simple once you have done it for the first time. The more bitcoins you want to purchase generally the better rate you will receive.
  12. ECA stack dosages?

    How are you getting on with your eca stack? looking at doing a eca + y stack myself. Are you finding 16mg ephedrine is enough for you?
  13. Evening all

    Noobie to the fourm but been lifting on and off for a few years. Been gathering plentiful information on this fourm for a while and did my first test e cycle earlier this year and made good gains. looking to gain more knowledge and improve my performance and physique. Since this covid s**t made the gyms close I have been concentrating on my cardio. Cant wait to start lifting again, fingers crossed for next month Cheers garner
  14. Just finished my first 12 week cycle. Test E 400mg per week for 6 weeks then due to the Gym’s closing dropped down to TRT / Cruise dose of 125mg per week for 6 weeks. Last jab was 2 weeks ago, i want to come off now and do a PCT, let my body recover then get ready to cycle again once the gyms re open. I have Nolvadex and clomid. What dosage and length of PCT would be advisable baring in mind the low dose test cycle? thanks garner