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  1. Anavar and libido

    Currently running 100 var ED at the moment with test and libido has been fine. Wouldn’t say it’s made it any worse or any better as such.
  2. Your gyms still quiet?

    U.K. mate, just down south in a Nuffield gym. I would kill for a quiet decent gym!
  3. Your gyms still quiet?

    My gym is flat out busy all the time at the minute, I put it down to people not being able to do what they usually do so everyone is going to the gym. It’s like a permanent January. Half the people in there are there through boredom and you can tell they’ve never seen a gym in their life. I can’t wait until they clear off.
  4. Am i ready for gear?

    This is why I jumped on. First found out I got diagnosed with low T and with already knowing I now had a lifetime commitment of injections regardless I then thought if I’ve got to do it, might as well make the most of it!
  5. Blood results

    What medication are you worried about it interfering with? I mean at 5nmol your test is definitely low. You could always get yourself on TRT and you’d more than likely see a huge improvement but it’s certainly not a miracle cure. Regarding your cholesterol, would be beneficial to have some dietary adjustments, get some cardio in and drop some weight of course. Keep an eye if you do go on TRT at your Haematocrit and haemogoblin.
  6. Am i ready for gear?

    Is it your first cycle? If so just keep it simple with 500 test E a week for 12 weeks and PCT after that. Plenty of info on the forum.
  7. My joints are f**ked as it is, too scared for winny to top that off for me lol.
  8. You’d just be better upping the test mate, keep it simple, are you cutting?
  9. Well done @js77 my human guinea pig friend, proud of you.
  10. Blood results

    Post your blood results up. Regarding low test, get your health markers sorted first. If you’re overweight and your cholesterol is bad etc, sort this out and get retested before you think about the TRT route.
  11. Aching balls

    If it’s varicose veins, not a lot you can do other than if they cause you too much grief then you need to get the veins cut and burnt to kill them off. I was lifting really heavy cages for a company many moons ago and I thought I had a groin hernia. Turned out it was just enlarged veins... luckily haven’t caused me enough grief to have to go under the knife just yet.
  12. Aching balls

    I get this from time to time , only noticed it when I’m on cycle mostly. It’s not the most pleasant feeling! Also to add to this, could be enlarged varicose veins in your testes mate.
  13. it’s not a miracle solution mate , hopefully you’ll feel better but don’t think it will make you some superhuman sex god.
  14. Why don’t you just increase it to 7 days or 10 instead of 5? No point in having to take an AI or SERM permanently.