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  1. Mcgregor fight tonight

    Well... he got the knocked the f**k out I know that much.
  2. Crown Pharmaceutical

    Sounds like you’re the one who’s smoking something, this made zero sense
  3. Bullion Pharma

    Okay Guinea pig, I’d be surprised if it hasn’t got any pip. I thought paco rabanne 1 million was supposed to be sprayed on the outside, not injected!
  4. Ignis Pharma

    So you bought a lab that you’ve never heard of? Makes sense.
  5. Medichecks finger pr**k tests are questionable at best.... I would recommend getting a proper venous sample completed. Low energy could be down to multiple things, diet, sleep etc but having an alright libido doesn’t sound like someone with 1.95 test reading. Recovery takes time and all PCT meds do is help speed up the process. Give it another month and get a proper venous sample done.
  6. Test.E to Test.P, dosage equivalent

    900mg of Enanthate would be slightly less 900mg of propionate. Just split it across the week and jab more frequently
  7. Issue with high test?

    Of course it’s going to be better regards to training, well being etc, sex drive for some people, it’s all person dependant as everyone reacts differently. Some will have an increased sex drive, some won’t etc... As for long term health issues, again person dependant on lifestyle, diet , choices etc. There are too many variables for someone to say ‘YES, it’s completely harmless and will ONLY benefit you with ZERO negatives’ I’m on TRT for life and I choose to blast in between, is it healthy? Probably not. Do I try to minimise the risk? Absolutely.
  8. As others have said, 500 a week of sus at 51mg sounds a bit underdosed... If the lumps were there before then why haven’t you done anything about them? Run a course of ralox for 12 weeks when you come off. I doubt prolactin is causing your sex drive to be dead, 500 is above normal levels sure, but not drastic.
  9. Your oestrogen is still in range on the blood figures but that’s going to be before you started running 2ml of sus a week. Sounds like your oestrogen has spiked from the sus and the slight lump under each nip is gyno setting in.... I suggest you start taking nolva immediately and run that all the way through until the end of your cycle. If the lump is still there, would be worth running a 12 week course of raloxifene to try and get rid of what has already formed.
  10. Test or oral - turinabol

    Would definitely favour the 250mg test a week over T-Bol.
  11. Up the dose? Just start doing it once a week and wait for your oestrogen to catch back up. You’d be silly to start upping the dose if your goal is to get your oestrogen in check.
  12. Well you’ve completely nuked your oestrogen at the moment. I would split the dose to a 7 day pin and hopefully that will also help you out with not spiking your oestrogen too much. If that works great, if not you have two choices : - Permanently take a low dose of AI with your TRT - Lower the test dose