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  1. Illuminati

    A secret society so secret there's literally hundreds of books, films and theories around them. Likely total nonsense and a former secret society perhaps but very unlikely to still be around and certainly carries no weight or importance.
  2. Terminator 2, Annie says it
  3. Hi, generally where it's saying for lots of sets at say 80% 1rm but only for 2 reps, it's worth noting that strength is a skill. By this I mean you get better at something by doing it frequently. Also if it's like the dynamic effort days on a conjugate type program you are meant to be lifting as explosively as possible. Strength is a result of as many fibres contracting at once as possible. Think of it like trying to jump as high as possible, like your life depended on it. You'll soon tire as you're trying to engage everything you have. It's a bit like the keg toss in strongman, the kegs are light for men that size but throwing them as high as possible demands huge effort and hence why they're often out of breath after just a few throws. Next time try to imagine moving the weight as fast as you possibly can, then try even faster. It helps to pause for a 1 count at the bottom of the movement I find. It totally changes the feel of it all. Hope that helps
  4. Fed up

    They actually released the entire code for that app to ensure the public that it is anonymous and doesn't hold or store your details. I was wary of using it purely as a sub contractor who's already lost around 14 weeks work to this didn't want to find out I might have been close to someone might have symptoms and must therefore isolate for 2 weeks. Apparently it warns you but no one alerts your employer or checks you're home etc.
  5. 9/11 an inside job?

    This is just more utter bullshit!! The towers were built to survive natural disasters, the sort of natural disasters that happen in new York City. They were also designed to withstand a plane flying in to them... but guess what, it was a passenger plane emptied of fuel as nobody in the 70s thought anyone would crash a fuel laden plane into the towers, they imagined sanely at that time that the pilot would jettison all the fuel to lesson the damage. Radical Islam wasn't even on anyones radar till the 90s when the towers had already been up 20 years. In order to accommodate more lift shafts, so as to allow people to reach their workplace without masses of waiting, handy in 110 floor building, they designed them with a radical design whereby there was a central structure with an outside skin and joined by steel decks. These decks were covered in spray on fire proofing which ordinarily would protect the steel joints. Due to the huge impact, the planes weren't going slowly and without fuel as expected in the design stage 30 years previously, the fireproofing was blown off and the steel joints exposed. Aviation fuel burns at a high temperature and steel loses much of it's rigidity at high temps. The joints failed and the steel decks fell internally eventually leaving a large section above the crash site supported only by the external skin which was never designed to take that load so it also failed and the buildings fell in on themselves exactly as happened. No conspiracy, no inside job, just s**t happening again as it always does. Oddly the case looking into the disaster was among the largest and most thorough in legal history and found zero evidence of anything other than exactly what it was, a very successful attack by terrorists. Yet oddly that's never enough because everyone is in on it. You'll now take offence at my comment and come back with lots to try to prove your point, basically stating how governments are using this type of event to stifle free speech whilst insulting me and shouting me down because my view differs from yours and how dare I! I won't even read what you put, not because I'm a sheeple etc but because I don't believe any of it and so can't be arsed. So save yourself the trouble, by all means write something for the others to read but please don't expect me to. I've read and replied to your first so that's enough
  6. Old age!

    I wonfer how many on here saying they don't want to live past 70 would stop a loved one calling for an ambulance should they suffer a heart attack on their 70th birthday. There's always a reason to live, i want to see my children grow up and my grand kids after that and they'll be another wedding or something or another Christmas to see them on. Maybe a grandchild will excel in sport and I'd want to be there to watch them at the Olympics or running out at Wembley for England. Think it's a bit of a narrow view to be so nilhistic or a sign of a loneliness. I'm clearly fortunate to not think like that. I intend to rage against the dying of the light every day I've got breath in my lungs!
  7. Sack your coach! On the basis you're not a troll, if you're anything over 5 foot 4 then you've plenty of opportunity to grow without steroids and that cycle is ludicrous for a first cycle... except the minstrels as at 58kg it sounds like you could do with a lot more of them!
  8. Frequency is too tied in with recovery to give a simple answer. How old are you? Lot of difference between a 20 year old with nothing else to concentrate on than a 45 year old juggling work and family commitments. Are you natural or enhanced as that makes an enormous difference to recovery. How hard do you train, do you eat a good diet covering all your bases, do you sleep enough or are you waking after hitting the snooze button umpteen times each morning... get my point? 3 times a week is perfectly good, its what built many of the 40s,50s and 60s best bodies and would likeky still be far more prevalent today haf Bob Hoffman won the war of magazines instead of the Weider brothers who peddled all their so called secrets. As an older lifter I like splitting upper/lower so you do Monday: upper Wednesday: lower Friday: upper The following week it'll be alternate so 2 lower sessions so you hit a group 3 times in 2 weeks. Concentrate on big lifts and progressing them each session be that extra reps or a little extra weight on the bar, literally 1k will do, lots of 1k additions over a year add up to a lot. If you're fairly new you could put more on but not too fast or you'll just hit a wall sooner. If you're not able to keep progressing then something is off - recovery and diet first and foremost. Once more advanced you might need more volume on lifrs before adding weight, beginner's can put weight on the bar every session, intermediates every week to a month and advanced guys might need to accumulate months or even a years volume to put anything on the bar.... think if Thor tried to beat his recent deadlift record, he'd probably need a 6month or year long training plan to build to it. Progress is your friend, if you're progressing then whatever you're doing is working.
  9. People are woke! Whilst having Internet profiles and no doubt prolific users of social media lol then we have talk of psy ops brigades and I won't even read it, there's no point. As I say some one will refute everything as it suits their thinking. So all the NHS staff are in on this scam, plus all the medical staff in all the other countries are in on it? All these people who are actually highly educated and well read from actual texts and peer reviewed study and for whom Wikipedia and YouTube don't constitute reliable sources, are either all in on it or blissfully unaware? Just think and it makes no sense. Each to their own but im afraid to admit I'm a sheeple and a zombie then.
  10. Can you name your sources for all this? Despite your statement of REAL this and REAL that there's still people who believe the holocaust was made up.
  11. In a sense I agree, death is a part of life and previous generations accepted that more than we do now. Advancements have made us expecting a cure for everything and governments to have the answers, in days of old they just saw it as s**t happens or God's will. The conspiracy nuts are like the devoutly religious, fearful of nature and desperate to believe there is a plan to it all only they've replaced God with a reptile elite. Bird flu had a mortality rate of 60% i believe but just wasn't able to be easily transmitted... imagine this virus meets up with a bird flu strain and they form a new virus with the mortality of one and the infection rate of the other. The reptile elite will be as f**ked as the rest of us, because there is no secret cabal pulling all the strings, there's just flesh and blood with money and influence but viruses don't give a s**t for social standings.
  12. and yet we had far more stringent measures and punishments in place during WW2 and yet experienced a period post war of total boom and all those measures stopped.
  13. Best podcasts for gains?

    Stronger by science - think that's correct name with Greg Nuckols and trexler. Can be a bit overly sciencey but hey the clues in the title ha. Westside do a thing i think, starting strength has some good ones even if Rip can be a bit myopic in his outlook. Lots of strength guys - EliteFTS, Chad Wesley of juggernaut training etc
  14. Except it's not 1930s Germany or anything like it. As for the scamdemic, I would ike you to personally ask all the relatives of the 40000 confirmed deaths to convene in a zoom meeting when you can then label them all as sheeple and zombies and that it's all a load of nonsense and their relatives never had it. I'm sure they'll be very understanding. It isn't a pandemic that needs to be universally feared, in fact the scientists and government have been at pains to stress that for the vast majority it poses little risk. I don't fear it, I don't want it but I'm not scared but I am worried I'll pass it on to my mum or partners mum both of whom it could be far more serious for. So yes, it is frustrating having so much of my life impacted by something that actually poses me little risk and I can rant at home behind closed walls about it and declare f**k the vulnerable lets just get on with it but then my rational mind takes over and i can see the bigger picture. If we do end up in a position where we need id papers I would be deeply uneasy as history does show emergency rules and measures can wind up staying in place and of course there will always be those who abuse powers. BUT if they are implemented it will be seen as the lesser of 2 evils and a necessary measure to prevent a worse outcome. It won't have been the aim all along or the real reason behind COVID! Conspiracy theorists would have proclaimed rationing during the war as the elite deliberately starting WW2 in order to starve their populations rather than a response to decimated food supplies caused by German U boats sinking ships. A predicted outcome does not provide proof of a hypotheses in a sensible and balanced mind only in those wanting to fit a narrative.
  15. It's not actually very hard to grasp, they want to keep open as much of the economy as possible including schools and gyms. They are trying to limit the opportunity for infection, not stop it completely as that would require a total quarantine period. So, what can they do if they want to try to limit closing elements of the economy? Stop gatherings of 6 or more. If you want the gyms to remain open then encourage people to abide by this. Im sick to death of the whole thing and want everything back to normal and just shield the vulnerable. The trouble is that we live in an ageing nation and so a larger percentage of our population are vulnerable to these type infections and will overwhelm the NHS. Like I say elsewhere, what would you do differently and by that I mean what proposal would you be prepared to stand up on TV to be picked over on a global stage and make? f**k the elderly and keep the gyms open? OK behind closed doors as a rant but is a world leader going to publicly say that lol and if its a conspiracy, what is the aim? What are all the global elite aiming to achieve by closing down the economy? Especially when business leaders are most keen to get everyone back to work. State workers are most resistant to this and are general left leaning yet business is generally right leaning so what is it? Oh yeah they're all the same lol
  16. How on earth do pros diet so well

    Bodybuilding is something where the process and the end requirement I feel are totally at odds with one another. The training is hard and the diet too, pushing, pulling and heaving huge weights, endless cardio in a hard cut, the unhealthy amounts of PED use to then... get covered in fake tan, put on skimpy trunks and walk around a stage showing off your muscles! I used to cringe hearing bodybuilders saying they went mano mano out there, it was war! Oh come on, I think that's pushing the definition a bit far. I respect the dedication and process completely but as a spectacle it's quite dull. Strongman on the other hand i find miles more entertaining.
  17. I wouldn't say it's racist, it is unpleasant or derogatory but isn't racism the favouring of one person over another based purely on colour or creed? Therefore not giving a job to someone purely because they're black is racist
  18. If you're legit 100% natural then you look great, there's plenty on gear look smaller and less developed than you. Just shows good genes, training and nutrition can achieve a lot. With gear you'll look awesome.
  19. I can appreciate your wanting to make up lost ground etc but I would 100% advise to be patients take your time. Steroids will strengthen the muscles but not the connective tissue so much. Therefore you'll have the strength to push more than your tendon can handle, imagine if you damage it again!! Just stick with it slowly slowly and remember every session is a step forwards no matter how small.
  20. Why's nobody big in the UK?

    This thread should be a sticky for newbies wanting to jump on gear after 1 gym session and a protein shake. From what I've read on US forum's they're jealous of our more relaxed steroid laws so in answer to the question they can be ruled out which leaves us the 2 reasons given... eating lots and lifting using heavy basics... i doubt the football coach gives a toss about abs and the gram and nor will his players when they get broadsided by a 230lb tank built on heavy squats, milk and burgers
  21. Conspiracy theories

    You have looked at the world's largest corporation's i trust? Surprisingly few banks in that top sphere
  22. Conspiracy theories

    So how do you explain warfare and violence between homo sapiens before money and government etc?
  23. Conspiracy theories

    Yet you seem unable to admit you're wrong or listen to anyone else's version of events blissfully unaware by doing so you're guilty of exactly the same behaviour!
  24. I don't think he looks fat. It's a bog standard set of pics in less than ideal lighting. From his side picture his stomach looks flat. Like most have said, it depends what you want, do you want to be lean? Or bigger if a bit more fluffy, the classic rugby type build? There's no right or wrong in this, none of us need to use steroids remember, it's a choice so you choose what you want. You could do a bulk in a sensible surplus and while you'll likely add a little fat but regardless it shouldn't be much. From a health perspective you could use some time clean of everything in which case I'd stay in a surplus for a few weeks and train hard to try to retain as much as possible.