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  1. Is this your second cycle? 1g test a week seems a lot.
  2. Old School Bodybuilders

    To be fair, this forum is not like that but the American ones and reddit!! Christ ha
  3. Old School Bodybuilders

    Probably built with hard work, good food and dbol and deca. Yet those same guys putting that out on modern forums would be told they don't know what they're on about and that test as a base is a must, their livers will fall out and that they'll only gain water and bloat and to do a proper cycle and more research lol
  4. Old School Bodybuilders

    Definitely pays to not push the boat out with usage. I bet most gym rats use more than they did and look nowhere near. Genetics aside I just don't think there's the application to training and nutrition that they had. Too many now seem to use drugs to mask s**t training and nutrition, hope off go to s**t then decide to get their act together and jump straight on again. Probably a ticking time bomb of health issues coming up
  5. derek chauvin Is going...

    Heard the result, as I said in a previous post I will consider the verdict the correct one based on the evidence presented to the court which I wasn't privy to in it's entirety so have no basis for any opinion otherwise.
  6. House extension.

    Neighbours of ours had the drains issue, day 1, the builder checks with another guy he knows if they need moving. Yes they do comes the reply. Oh, I told them it should be ok, bottom line was the home owners whole contingency was blown on day 1 on something the builder should have known.. home owner was rightly fuming lol needless to say we've not used him for works in ours but the person he went to for advice ha
  7. House extension.

    Exactly, there's a reason they are builders and don't work in an office and vice versa. Difficult to give a properly informed decision without having all the details but I'd say in circumstances where the project has deviated at the outset there isn't carte blanche to just do whatever. There should still be constant communication preferably in advance, of issues and potential costs. Some, like the drains you can't really swerve but others might be able to be avoided or offset elsewhere in the project.
  8. Big fors back to gym blog

    Why would you want to cave someone's head in for having the temerity to ask if you have many sets left?? It's a standard gym question and maybe if you worked in with them you might find you actually enjoy a more social outlook. Also if you have thoughts like this and from everything else you've written in the past it would all suggest you've some mental health issues. In which case steroids are an absolutely stupid idea. You'd be far better long term just getting in to a routine, don't sweat the program, at this stage it doesn't matter a jot. Just get yourself back into the habit of going to the gym regularly, once there, train whatever you want and enjoy - if you hate it you'll stop in no time. Once you've established it as a habit and part of your routine, then look at a decent program you can adhere too and diet to suit your aims. Stay off the gear, get some satisfaction from actually taking ownership of your decisions and outcomes. Realise you are perfectly capable of achieving things just like anyone else, smile to people.. be nice, you'll impress no one looking like a moody t**t even if you're built like Arnie. Otherwise it's relying on the gear, it's a crux and it changes nothing and you'll just stay in this perpetual cycle of misery. Be a man! it sounds flippant but being a man has f**k all to do with size, strength or fighting prowess, it has everything to do with taking responsibility for your own actions and accepting the outcomes. Every journey starts with a single step. I hope you find some peace P.S if you're a troll, and I hope you're not, go f**k yourself!! Ha
  9. I hope that anyone who claims a misjustice should the verdict be opposite to how they think it should be, has actually listened to the entire proceedings and is therefore well placed to highlight what they see as wrong doings. But I suspect must on both sides of the argument have already made up their minds. There's a certain irony to that. I don't know enough about the case to comment so will trust the verdict is the result of strong, rigorous argument and that the losing side lawyers either failed to present their case as well or it wasn't as strong in the first place. Be interesting to see how Biden does handle any rioting.
  10. Motivational gym thread

    No homo obvs!!
  11. Motivational gym thread

    If you looked this good could you ever love anyone else!! I don't know if I could lol