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  1. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    http://sporttoday.org/13_68545ce6bc205c06_1.htm Interview with him and they ask him if it's true ( not too far down) he says it was although he was 155-160 at the time. I've no reason to think he's lying and he's a boxer so his prowess in the weight room is kind of moot. He was renowned for been very very strong.
  2. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    Pretty sure Sugar Shane Mosley could bench 140kg for reps and the guy fought at welter and middle weights! Drugs or not that's another example of what top level genetics can achieve.
  3. James Haskell. Natty or not?

    Natty i reckon, he's played top top level sport, to even be capable of that implies top tier genetics, drugs or no drugs. After all you can increase strength and fitness with drugs but things like the vertical jump are pretty much determined at birth. I can't recall whose instagram it was but it might have been juggernaut systems, Chad Wesley, he coaches some of the US bobsleigh guys and he had a video of one of them doing a box jump and it was unreal, virtually bloody head height. That's just pure natural ability, take your average gym rat, bang him full of all you want but he'll never have that level of explosiveness. Anyone see the video of BJ Penn ( i think, MMA guy ) where he's in a pool up to just below waist height and he jumps out and lands both feet on the pool side!!! These people are outliers, they have exceptional genes for athletic pursuits.
  4. Tom has got to be happy with that, only his 2nd or 3rd WSM finals appearance isn't it? So 2nd place is a great finish and winning the log ladder is fantastic - I thought it was a fingals fingers type event but would still have expected him to struggle at 6'8". Well done to Novikov Think Brian's best days are now clearly behind him.
  5. Log ladder and stones favour taller guys so Tom has good shout there.
  6. Sean Pertwee?

    Yeah the baddie, if you can call him that on Worzel was scary!! I used to find the whole show a bit creepy looking back, the whole popping their heads off!
  7. Bar bend had the list of events the other day. The final if I recall will feature squats for time or if it's too windy they'll switch to deadlift. Think there's a sixth stone on the atlas stones for the final too, first time they've ever done that. I think Tom Stoltman has to be the favourite for the stones with his albatross wingspan ha. Can see TV having an increasing say on the events and they could well favour certain competitors from a marketability stand point so may input events that favour certain individuals. Bit like when Pudz was so dominant and the claim was the events had become more fitness based and less pure strength unlike the Arnold.
  8. Cheers, not sure i liked it as I felt it was a little unfair. Bit like having play offs in football, I can see why they might choose the format for some added excitement and maybe to stop people being content to finish second but equally if you finished 2nd after all the events and by some margin it seemed a bit unfair to then go out. Especially as the event favours the taller guys. Oh well I guess they all know the rules going in
  9. Really good balanced groups there, could see some really tight finishes. Are they still doing the stone over the bar to determine 2nd place?
  10. I know it's a niche sport still but seriously, Mark Felix deserves wider recognition. To still be able to compete at the top level in a physical endeavour at his age, and same goes for Nick Best I guess, is pretty bloody incredible. Plus he has the WR in hercules hold!! And still holds down a day job i believe... guys a real inspiration and so modest as well.
  11. It's certainly an open contest this year. I wonder if people will feel like the winner should have an asterisk next to their name to denote victory in a year where so many favourites had to pull out. I think the stoltmans, especially the younger one will be bang up for this now and I think have a definite chance at a podium finish. Who was that American guy last year who I think was in his first one but kind of surprised everyone bit like Licis did when he first moved up to WSM. I like Brian Shaw but agree his best days might be behind him even in a slightly weakened field. Novikov and Bishop both have great shouts... Oberst with the right events... just saying names now lol but it's the most open in years and years. I always enjoy it and it's a Christmas time staple in our house
  12. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    Touché the second term and I don't think Trump thought he was electable ha I still think trump, like Brexit was a protest vote as much as anything.
  13. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    Steve O that's such a lame statement and I'd expect something more nuanced from you. Neither will cause WW3, both might be president during WW3 but I'm sure they won't be the aggressors. When people say that I always think are they seriously suggesting they'd sooner China or Russia were the world's dominant superpower!!! Come on! The US isn't perfect nor is democracy but to quote Churchill, it's the best of a bad bunch.
  14. Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    He didn't no, but his legacy of failing to connect with huge swathes of the country meant the party was at a disadvantage going into it. I'm trying to impress upon people the fact that Obama is so often held up by the left sections of the media and yet something was clearly not universally popular with his tenure. Hillary actually messed it up on the day but it went back further than that. Hope that makes more sense lol probably doesn't to be fair but I know what I mean lol