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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-X-56lb-Scale-Weight-Cast-Iron/293585599089?hash=item445b10ba71:g:BOcAAOSwZ1ZesX1c I'm buying 6 of them for £100. 150kg of weight for £100 is pretty good these days pretty sure they'll fit on the barbell. If not I'll put a chain through them and put them on that way!
  2. Edit: Seems like all the 208cm diameter bands have their maximum tension at 2.5* length? So when stretched to 260cm. Does anyone know if that's correct?
  3. LGBT Community 'Suffering' in Lockdown

    what if that's just the way he and his partners like to do it?
  4. Effectiveness of upper/lower split

    I think it depends on the type of exercise and the intensity for example if you do 4 exercises per week for triceps and that's close grip bench, weighted dips, overhead press, regular bench, then this is enough and may even be too much. but if you do say tricep extension machine 4 times a week on low weight it might not get much results.
  5. No Whey

    I could give another idea it's not protein powder but how about making some kind of beef soup, finely blending it and keeping it in one of those shaker bottles
  6. Overtraining ?

    I'm honestly not sure how that works out. I did the same, went to the gym after a 12hr shift of lifting boxes and tried overhead press. I wanted to do 5*5 what I usually do and I kept it at a weight I knew would be easyish for me on a normal day, but I got 4 reps on the first set failed the 5th then my arms were like jelly, I was so tired and out of breath too, I just wanted to sit down and sleep. I was so disheartened and didn't want to lower the weight to less than what I could normally easily lift. I thought what's the point as I want to follow progressive overload and keep adding weight. so then I just went home lol. but maybe you are right maybe you can train at a lower weight after a hard day's work and still see progress (like subtract 10-25% on a work day) I'm not sure. I know 12hrs lifting boxes is just completely the wrong type of training it's doing endurance and messing with 5*5 style training so I felt it wasn't a benefit of preexhausting the muscles but it was holding me back and I hated that feeling so after that experience I decided to always work out before work to at least get a better quality workout in. I'm so happy now I don't do that job anymore. my strength went up loads after quitting that job but if you can do it that's really cool and good determination on your part.
  7. 1rep max vs reps for hypertrophy

    your body isn't able to go 100% all out regardless. 130kg is your 1 rep max but your body has enough muscle mass, tendon and bone strength to lift say 250kg. But your CNS limits how much it will allow your muscles to fire, in order to protect you, so it limits your 1 rep max. If some wiring across your nervous system was changed you'd be able to lift a lot more with the muscle you currently have. So 6 sets of 1 of say 95% of your 1 rep max isn't enough for the body to think it needs to grow much more muscle. It already has the muscle it needs to lift your 1rm as your muscle mass isn't the main limiting factor. It's also the case that when lifting heavy singles your CNS burns out before your muscles break down. So when you're tired and can't lift 1 rep of 95% anymore it's not because your muscles are completely destroyed but it's because your CNS wants you to stop, the CNS starts to shut down making you lose strength. So doing very low volume and high intensity will primarily train and make your nervous system more efficient and make your strength go up over time in this way, as opposed to primarily stimulating muscle growth. When more reps are done such as 24-50 hard reps each workout (over say 3 to 10 sets), it's easier on the CNS as you must work at a lower % of your 1rm but tougher on the muscles breaking them down much more as they're under tension for a much longer time. For example 5 seconds per rep, 6 sets of 1 at 130kg your muscles are under a 130kg load for 30 seconds. But 5 sets of 5 at 100kg your muscles are under a 100kg load for 125 seconds. It works out that the muscles will be broken down much more with the 5 sets of 5 as whilst 130kg is more than 100kg, 125 seconds under tension is much more than 30 seconds. Overall 100kg at 125 seconds causes way more damage to the muscles than 130kg at 30 seconds. Then the body has to repair all that muscle damage and is inclined to grow them back stronger. If you do the same time under tension but different rest intervals for example 3 sets of 8 at 70-75% with 60 seconds rest in between sets (24 reps total) compared to 8 sets of 3 at 85-90% and 5 minutes rest in between sets (24 reps total) Both of them now have the same time under tension and the 8 sets of 3 method has the advantage of a higher weight so it seems a superior method. Although the 3 sets of 8 method uses less weight it also gives the muscles less rest both because more reps need to be done in a row and because there is less rest time between sets. This causes more rapid muscle breakdown and gives the pump feeling as the muscle gets filled with blood. Then after this bodybuilders will typically move on to accessory work which uses lighter weight and isolates the muscle to further break it down. So this bodybuilding method is really about breaking down the muscle quickly, lifting weights which are heavy enough to do that but not so heavy as to fry the CNS, and then moving on to accessories with lighter weights to really keep breaking the muscle down as much as possible and ideally in the shortest time possible so that you're not stuck in the gym for 6hrs. The 8 sets of 3 method on the other hand gives the muscles more rest time so you get less of a pump, it's harder on the CNS and easier for the CNS to get fried so you may fail and not be able to finish all your sets and reps, it's easier for form to break down, easier to get injured, it's harder to recover from and might affect your next workout in a negative way if your CNS is still recovering days later, and it takes way longer to complete with so much rest time between sets (and without that rest time it'd be impossible to complete). The 8 sets of 3 method takes about 50 minutes for one compound lift to be completed with 5 mins rest between sets, whilst the 3 sets of 8 method gets the compound lift done in say 10-15 minutes. The 3 sets of 8 guy can then spend the rest of the time on other accessory and isolation exercises to further break down the muscle whilst the 8 sets of 3 guy is still working on his compound sets. For bodybuilding (muscle breakdown) purposes 3 sets of 8 is going to be the more efficient training method then. The 8 sets of 3 method is better for strength training as it'll train the CNS more and it's better for training strength in one specific lift like trying for a bench 1rm so it definitely has a place too. sometimes bodybuilders do use strength training methods for a while and vice versa. Personally atm I only do big compound lifts and I use 5 sets of 5 with 4 minutes rest between sets. I like to lift a higher % of my 1rm. For me compared to everything else I've tried I find 5 by 5 is a perfect balance between strength, training the CNS and hypertrophy and it's what's made my progress go up the most. I think the 5rm is a magic number in a sweet spot for giving a little of everything. But I am not that interested in bodybuilding I am more interested in being practically strong and I don't care if I don't look the best. If I cared only about bodybuilding I'd probably switch to a lower % of my 1rm, higher rep sets, less rest between sets, and more accessory work to isolate and completely break down the muscles after doing the compound lifts.
  8. Glutamine - 40g per day - srs ?

    I personally really wouldn't mess with that glutamine is the precursor to glutamate which is neuro-excitatory and large amounts may cause excito-toxicity meaning the overstimulation of certain receptors like NMDA receptors and subsequent cell death https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excitotoxicity https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NMDA_receptor https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/nmda-receptor https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20229265 and to go further glutamate is the precursor to GABA which shuts you down in the same way alcohol does (alcohol acts like GABA and activates GABA receptors) And there are many other reasons why I wouldn't want to take large doses of 1 amino acid. Do you know if you take a lot of 1 then all the others in your body will be less effective? Because they must be in balance. If there is a lot of 1 your body will use that one but won't find the others to use them as easily. I am really interested what people said about this curing stomach problems and about and cognitive changes too like it being a mood enhancer. but I would not play with it. I'd want to know what I'm doing and take planned doses as a trial if I was ever going to self experiment with it. don't just eat loads without knowing what you're doing. It may well be that the body greatly limits how much glutamate it will produce even if there is a huge abundance of glutamine, so at least it's much safer to eat loads of glutamine than glutamate. however I don't know the extent of that and an abundance of 1 amino acid over all others will have many unintended effects too. definitely at least do a lot of research first before deciding to take large doses of any one (or few) isolated amino acid. Then you can make the decision whilst bearing in mind all the things you might also be affecting. You can plan the doses and watch out for expected side effects
  9. L-Arginine 1000mg enough?

    here is arginine in 140g chicken breast so don't worry you won't be missing out on arginine if you just eat normal proteins and no 1000mg a day isn't enough you will be eating about 10,000mg a day if you eat 160g protein see 1000mg of arginine a day you'd be very deficient but luckily you already get a lot more than that from your food.
  10. L-Arginine 1000mg enough?

    what faipdeooiad said but also I'd add it's also bad for you to supplement individual amino acids. all proteins are made up of amino acids. When you eat food your body then breaks the protein down into its individual amino acid components: L-Arginine, Histidine, L-Tryptophan etc. The body then decides what to do with them. They can all be used for many different things. The body will take some of them and put them back together to construct proteins again Some of them will be carried away to another part of the body to be combined with other chemicals and become something else Some of them can become neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin some are precursors to histamine which governs your immune response Natural foods provide amino acids in the correct ratios so that the body can get everything it needs. it can send certain aminos off to become whatever it needs and it can recombine the rest back into the proteins it needs. transporters which take the needed amino acids to the correct place aren't fussy they can bind with different ones, they can just carry away the first one they find. if you upset the balance by having too much of one then the transporters will be more likely to always find and carry that one off and all the others will be less likely to be found and so you'll end up deficient in the others, or in what they would have gone on to become had they been found first by a transporter. then also to construct proteins multiple different types of amino acids are needed to be combined together so even if you have lots of one type it won't matter as the one you're lowest in will stop you from being able to construct the protein you need. so in general I think it's just a very bad idea to take isolated amino acids without knowing what you're affecting and what you're trying to achieve. also amino acid supplements are mostly a scam. proteins are made from amino acids. if you try to sell 1g of protein supplement people won't buy it but if you call it amino acids 50mg leucine 50mg valine etc then it sounds good and people buy it. but it's just 1g of protein named differently. then to go further, in case people figured that con out the supplement companies say well this is a pure isolated amino acid or this is our special unique blend of just 4 of them.. same con but they try to make it even more complicated and hide the fact they're just selling tiny amounts of protein that's actually worthless. Taking large amounts of 1 amino acid can have a big effect but you really have to know what you're trying to do and be careful. Taking large amounts of 3 or 4 amino acids together I think that's a very bad idea as there are way too many effects to keep track of. And these effects they are for example L-Dopa, the amino acid precursor to dopamine can increase dopamine production, can help with symptoms of Parkinsons related to low dopamine. This is the kind of thing they can actually be used for. But for bodybuilding taking large amounts of 1 amino acid doesn't have any place at all.
  11. Are bcas worth taking ?

    amino acid supplements are a scam. Look first pic amino acids in 140g chicken breast second pic amino acids in Optimum Nutrition amino acids supplement The only amino acids which aren't a scam are large quantities of specific ones and you really have to know what you're doing if you take them because the body works with everything in balance and upsetting the balance causes a big chain reaction. And this isn't for bodybuilding but more for mental or physical disorders such as L-Dopa or 5-HTP for example, in my opinion. Otherwise.. all protein is made from amino acids so just eat protein not amino acid supplements that's like a tiny pill of 2 grams of protein lol. that's my opinion
  12. I don't prefer it but I think yes definitely. Personally I'd probably mix it up like day 1 bench: heavy 5*5 squat: heavy 5*5 row: heavy 5*5 overhead: light/medium 4*10 Romanian DL: light/med 4*10 pullup: light/med 4*10 day 2 overhead: heavy 5*5 deadlift: heavy 3*5 pullup: heavy 5*5 bench: light/medium 4*10 row: light/med 4*10 squat: light/med 4*10 Then whatever accessories also
  13. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight whilst staying inside our homes, we shall fight as we venture outside to the supermarket, we shall fight with antibacterial hand gel and face masks, we shall defend our NHS, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight in our living rooms, we shall fight in the bathroom, we shall fight in the kitchen and in the dining room, we shall fight in the local corner shop; we shall never surrender
  14. What % of my bodyweight do you think I'm lifting

    I think I answered this myself I put scales on the table and rested my feet on them they said 29kg and my weight is 106.6kg so 77.6kg is how much I'm lifting, 72.8% of bodyweight