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  1. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    using 1rm calculator your new 1rm is 65.5kg so you've lost half of your strength. In what 5 months of not lifting? yeah that is not normal or good at all. you are sick. go to the doctor.
  2. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    I'm pretty sure a fare few people can. I went from about 80 to 130 in about 4 months of training
  3. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    seriously you might have a problem like cancer or HIV I'd get checked out it's not normal to lose that much strength even if you didn't touch a weight for 2 years
  4. well my landlord said I've lost my deposit and I have to move out for "damaging the property" yeah right I was cleaning and that's all the thanks I get most people don't even bother to clean and the ones who do get punished unfairly now in 2020 you are not even allowed to tidy up without people complaining I will move somewhere that my cleaning is appreciated
  5. not good I think ironing it out made it even worse somehow. Yeah I will try sanding next
  6. Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    Yes and not just pics the videos too. Good thing about the modern age anyone can make and upload videos, write a blog, an opinion piece or a news article and the public are free to criticise the elite. An archive of government stupidity, NHS stupidity, WHO stupidity, could maybe at least help to stimulate debate about reform so that the same idiots aren't in charge for a future worse pandemic.
  7. same for mine it had some handprints and brown stain from tea I think. they're mostly gone now but the cleaning left some other staining but I'll get rid of that too soon enough just got to keep scrubbing
  8. thanks I will see if they have them in the shop
  9. it's alright I'm just going to try to flatten it down somehow (maybe iron?) and try to find some other colours to use to balance it out (white is the combination of all colours right so to make white you can use all colours at once???) anyway I will keep working on it and find the solution by tomorrow it'll be fine better than before I started I always find the way
  10. Alright making progress now will be fixed by the end of tonight hopefully
  11. the wall has started going weird like bulging a bit and more green now than before I think
  12. I thought it will clean it and make it white at the same time. s**t oh s**t
  13. too late I'm in big trouble and turns out washing up liquid and paint just made a big mess even worse than before
  14. good idea I'll put washing up liquid and then also try to find paint to paint it again wish me luck thanks guys
  15. it put green on the wall!!!!!! Oh no...