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  1. Reading & Leeds Festivals

    Depends on what happens in other countries as to whether the lineup remains the same. Majority of touring bands appearing need to be “touring” so won’t be able justify travelling for one U.K. festival. They’ll have to pull out if other festivals in Europe cant happen for whatever reason. As for 100,000 punters coming together... we will see I guess. Bit hard to imagine right now but alot can happen between now and then.
  2. Will We Meet Targets

    Well giving the British public responsibility to use their own common sense has gone well so far
  3. Need a new series to watch

    Ha yeah. And what was with the guy who was randomly obsessed with the case? He created a Facebook account for it then visited her grave for “closure”, seemed very odd. And the British couple from Plymouth, on their holidays in LA. “We had no idea the hotel was in a bad area and there’d be homeless people in LA, we was well shocked”. Thick f*cks.
  4. Options

    Couldn’t you just reply in one of the many already existing threads you’ve made about this? also, post bloodwork. also, ugh.
  5. Decent laptop for 400 nicker?

    Have a look at the Lenovo’s. For the price, they are very good. Before covid I was working somewhere where they had to buy 150+ laptops for just general use in different spaces in the venue. Internet/documents etc. These do the job well and are very cheap. They are in no way comparable to a MacBook or £1k+ windows but not expected with the price.
  6. Fair enough. Didn’t know they did cyp. have you got a blood pressure machine btw? probably worth getting one if not and not checking that from time to time.
  7. Sorry can’t help with your question but just wondered if it’s a U.K. clinic offering your cyp? As I understood it, only TMHC could stock that but maybe I’m wrong? (I Have no issues with sust myself).
  8. What was your total test level for above? And what’s 1ml - 250 or 300mg wk? You could always buy yourself a 10ml vial, decant all your 1mls into that and withdraw a smaller dose etc. It Could be a good option to have a SERM over an AI, yeah. Depends if you’re getting other high E2 sides requiring E2 to be lower, and if you feel you’re susceptible to gyno etc. But none of this conversation really falls into TRT relevance anymore, because if your dose was lower, you’d need neither.
  9. Newbie advice on PIP

    Was just making him aware of it. Definitely something to be aware of and avoid. You can inject no issues for decades but it only takes one bad injection/lapse of thought to potentially cause an issue etc if you don’t know some theory etc, so worth knowing, especially for newbies self administering (even TRT clinics rarely tell you anything).
  10. TRT beginners advice/guidance

    Worth taking the existing sleep apnea into consideration as it can be exacerbated with TRT (of course this is user specific, but just letting you know). I have no knowledge of the medication you’re taking which may well counter it. With other conditions alongside TRT, I’d recommend you consult a medical professional to discuss (who has your health interests at the forefront, and not your money)
  11. Newbie advice on PIP

    Quads. Nope. hated them myself, PIP for days (although Definitely some user error from myself as a newbie to injections), but there are better options. The safest site is ventroglute due to being far away from major blood vessels and nerves, also the least PIP in my experience. But it’s not perhaps the most “newbie” friendly as does require abit of effort/knowledge to locate. Once you’re familiar though, it’s easy and the best site IMO. Then delts. Then dorsogluteal (top quadrant, to avoid sciatic nerve). Those 3 will Give you lots of rotation options. Have also heard good things about lats but I’ve yet to try it myself.
  12. The vitb6 as you’ve already said will lower your prolactin, that level is nothing to be worried about. Mines been 900+ (with no issues) and I even had MRI to check it out, was all good. E2 can cause it to raise, as can stress, as can have a wank before the blood test. Keep an eye on it but the vitb6 should lower it. As @Wildkid said - TRT = replacement levels, so lower your dose if that’s your intention, or go on the steroid section for cycle advice.
  13. 5 covid G

    What’s 5g of masteron got to do with covid?
  14. I’m a coffee junkie.

    Shall I make you a new trophy?
  15. Oestrogen spike

    That’s hardly a cruise. Reading that basically gave me a headache and not just because of the lack of paragraphs. You’ve taken 7mg adex in the last wk on 500mg test? And planning on doing 3.5mg adex wk in the future? you ever thought about getting Bloods to actually understand what you should be doing rather then guessing?