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  1. Considering trt

    IMO, no, I’d ride out. Yeah nolva can increase total test by raising LH production, but it can also lower free test by increasing SHBG, which is not what you’d want. Also Can have a negative impact on IGF-1. I’ve no experience of it myself used in that manner, or any test booster products/supplements. Maybe others with experience will be able to advise if any work, a lot are a complete waste of money. Surprised someone hasnt said “just do a test e cycle“ yet.
  2. Considering trt

    Your T levels were good pre Ostarine cycle at 16nmol. Your current level 5 weeks after cycle at 11.6 nmol is normal/high borderline low, but is likely to rise further naturally and hopefully you’ll end up back where you started, which was already a good level. I’d wait it out and see where you’re at in a few months time with another blood test. Until then there’s many things you can do to boost your T naturally - diet, nutrition, sleep, rest, exercise, staying away from stress if possible and alcohol/drugs etc. Also, consider getting your biomarkers in red back Within their normal ranges. I Don’t know where you’re at now with the hypothyroidism as your t4 is High? that can have a large impact on energy/feeling fatigued etc. TRT is a last resort and there’s quite a few things you could consider Further before looking into that as the solution.
  3. Until the surgery is over. No. Scars depend on incision entry point, method of removal and skin elasticity/age. Death. Death. And Non removal of majority of gland meaning gyno can return (rare), chest/nipple indented, unhappy result, infection. Price. Quality. Service. Little trip on a plane.
  4. Try Raloxifene instead? Has no interaction like nolva with the arimidex. Just throwing it out there as an idea.
  5. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Gyms to open in “a couple weeks” apparently....
  6. Not as far as I’m aware, that’s not really a side effect. Hyperprolactinemia is more: sex drive, infertifility, headaches, etc. Not so much energy etc.
  7. Damn. That’s insane. I’ve never heard of anyone running doses like that. 3g total AAS a week is the max I’ve heard of on here and that generally quite rightly gets slated and questioned. F*ck that. Health first!!
  8. Thanks for posting this. It’s incredibly interesting and I was trying to find something similar just the other day. It’s a shame there weren’t more participants/data. My levels definitely aren’t in the “average” bracket, but alot lower. 125mg test putting me at 14nmol for example. How did you get the 1400mg Average test reading above? As I thought no doses above 700mg were included the study.. Also just wondering: Whats a dangerously high level of test? Like what’s high but safe and what’s just too much? Or is it a case of “as high test as possible” V e2 in range? .... Is it safe to be at say 150nmol all year round? And taking into consideration the NHS total test range is 8-29nmol.... so some of these levels are 4-10x that.
  9. Potential low test

    What’s your free test level and other biomarkers look like? Perfectly normal total test level there but doesn’t paint the whole picture.
  10. This study states 200-300mg has a significant impact on prolactin level reduction. I’m doing 200mg currently and have bloods due in a few weeks so will review how it’s doing then.
  11. Add in vitamin b6 p5p to bring down the prolactin. What AI and dose you running?
  12. So you lowered your AI dose to 0.5mg ED around week 5... what were you doing initially and for how long? Bloodwork will help explain what’s going on.
  13. This one (at the minimum) Sounds like you haven’t done enough research before going into this tbh. You should have done a bloodtest before starting a cycle, as you now have no levels to compare to and to see if your test levels have gone up as a result of the gear you’ve been using. You’ve possibly been taking too much AI, as the required amount is user specific and you have no idea what dose you should be running as you don’t know your E2 levels prior, during cycle or even now to dose it accurately. E2 could be crashed, who knows. Ive never heard of that lab. Doesn’t mean they aren’t legit as there’s hundreds out there but why not go with a more reputable source like one of the many names on here that get mentioned every single day? And Without bloodwork it’s always a guessing game. Your friend responding quicker/better to you whilst also taking gear doesn’t mean your gear isn’t working or bunk (although it could be), everyone responds differently anyway based on a whole range of factors: gear, genetics, training, diet, weight etc.
  14. No offence but Why wouldn’t you get bloodwork done and answer your own questions here?