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  1. Normal Total T, low free T

    I’d Be interested to know who but I have a pretty clear idea of who that will be. Most clinics do not turn down patients, purely for financial reasons. Maybe approach a few clinics for more opinions/thoughts
  2. has anyone thought about suicide?

    Suicide is a selfish and cowardly act. It’s never the best option but a very permanent solution to temporary problems.
  3. Normal Total T, low free T

    7 hours sleep, consistently, thats still decent. Can’t “stress” the importance of minimising stress, it’s the secret killer and cause of many health issues. It Could be worth trying boron as it has been known to increase free test levels for some, but like many supplements, the consensus is out on whether they actually have any effect or not. I’d recommend adding decent food sources to get the boron, rather then a supplement (or combo of both). Prune juice hasloads of it. Does sound like your Low free test is most likely responsible you’re ED issues.
  4. Normal Total T, low free T

    Make dietary changes to free up SHBG so you’ll have more free T. In addition to limiting stress, making sure you get 8 hours sleep, eating a balanced diet and aren’t on any meds that lower free T etc. Might also be looking at any vitamin deficiencies, b12 etc Failing that, probably TRT is really the only option if things don’t improve. I went on TRT and my free test was more the deciding factor then total. Many clinicians do not understand the difference or it’s importance IMO.
  5. Sustanon/Protocol/Help

    When were your bloods taken in relation to your protocol & was it venous? Is the bloodwork after starting TRT/with AI? Your Estrogen & test levels were both high & higher then they should be for TRT... but it does depend on when they were taken (trough or peak)...also test was June last year, so is there more recent bloodwork? You seem susceptible to E2, most would not need AI at all on that dose, but some do need it if they over aromatise. It sounds like you could have crashed your E2. An AI should not be used unless can not be avoided My own opinion/experience (as I’m also on Sust for TRT)... anything less than E5D is too frequent, I say that after taking into account the esters involved. I used to do E3.5D, but Feel so much better on E7D.
  6. Mayor of London

    The options as always make you think what is the point in voting at all
  7. Gym showers

    It’s just a Nuffield. There’s still pubes in the showers no matter where you go
  8. Gym showers

    They’re open in my gym. Just Gota Bring your own towel these days (and I mean a regular towel ).
  9. Favourite Music Artist / Genre

    Hatebreed - Metal.
  10. Gym membership

    Yeah it’s a lot but The CrossFit place next door is £200 a month.
  11. Gym membership

    My gym charged me for a month last year (£75 London), we went into lockdown a few days later and I’ve been chasing a refund since. Management ignored me in gym and emails never got a reply so I had to be abit arsey with em.. they’ve sorted it now but they’ve probably had thousands of members with similar issues to be fair. If it wasn’t so expensive I’d probably have just let it slide
  12. Everything is completely user specific so Someone else’s level has no bearing on yours. For example: 150mg sust has me at 20-25nmol.
  13. U.K. food challenge places?

    That’s a place called bodeans in London. Over priced and typical [email protected] London vibe but damn tasty food. Been there a few times. You can get fries and Mac and cheese with it etc. Comes to about £50-60 for 2 if I remember.
  14. U.K. food challenge places?

    That’s what I’m talking about. Size of that motherfudger. That will be awesome.
  15. U.K. food challenge places?

    Some good things on there but I don’t think the majority do then anymore, county arms Definitely don’t as I’m closeby there. Red dog I thought closed down but wasn’t impressed when I went there before.