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  1. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    No worries. Hope it goes well. I’m in London.
  2. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Yes. They prescribed it/advised it. But the price was too much so I bought the same stuff from an UGL alot cheaper.
  3. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Yes. It’s not free. Lol. UGL £20 for 5 weeks supply. Almost double that on prescription.
  4. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Hcg 1000iu week (500iu mon + thurs). I don’t need an AI at 150mg week.
  5. Chicken chicken chicken

    Not for me. I need the correct room temperature. Some Barry white on. It’s a whole ordeal.
  6. trt prescription cost

    UGL v pharma though, And not bringing up that debate again. If you read this again in the future it will be £9.35 so I was just getting ahead of the times
  7. Chicken chicken chicken

    Aldilutely not.
  8. Next Gen Consoles

    Im interested but at that price. No. Maybe when it comes down abit I will consider it, don’t play games enough to justify it. Graphics and the games I’ve seen so far do look sick though.
  9. Chicken chicken chicken

    I would tel you but I’m not co-operative like that. Boom.
  10. Sounds like this is what he needs. obviously wasn’t erected well enough previously.
  11. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Not had to travel abroad with yet but as long as you have the prescription and original box of medication as Evidence should be fine.. can get a Doctors note if really worried about it. I do 150mg once a week.
  12. Ronnie Coleman

    I heard As soon as he came out the womb, he squat his mum.
  13. Best movie you ever seen!

    The green mile American beauty the beach forrest gump American psycho the shawshank redemption donnie Darko .
  14. Quitting Trt after 1 year

    Leger = £190 year membership (including advice for ongoing bloodwork/reviews/changing and sending out prescriptions). Sustanon works out about £100 a year for 150mg a week. one off consultation Is £120 over the phone cos of covid. For treatment: blood tests (as many as possible as evidence of low t), And When you have a consultation You’d discuss Existing treatment etc. Ive been doing Sust every mon and thurs for ages but I’ve now switched to every 7 days to see if it makes any difference. So far no difference at all but much easier just once a week.