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  1. If you mean just the powder itself and not made up then yeah it’ll be fine.
  2. Christmas present ideas!

    Nah @Diesel86 is white, although his arsehole may well be bruised black at this point? Spill the beans @Diesel86, or did that happen when you “fell into it?”
  3. Poor guy . Looked like he Had some pretty serious puffy nips there too, possibly gyno, obviously had a serious hormonal imbalance for a long time. Videos over 3 years old... Wonder if he got on with the gels or moved onto injectables or what. Bet he looks abit different now.
  4. Blood results opinions please

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Its bound to have an effect on how you’ve been feeling of course. I Hope you feel better in time and maybe GP can help somewhat.
  5. Blood results opinions please

    I think anyone would love your test levels at 57, you should be happy with that. have you noticed a sudden change or has it been gradual? Have you had any other things looked at? Prolactin? LH/FSH? Thyroid? Iron? How’s your diet? Sleep?
  6. Blood results opinions please

    Who did your bloods, GP? What have they said in regards to the high triglycerides? is that the result of other medication you’re running? Definitely nothing wrong with your testosterone level, or anything else I can see standing out. You running gear or TRT or anything else?
  7. 300 test 300 deca

    Didn’t realise Eddie hall was posting on here. Where’s your family size cheesecake at the end of the day?
  8. That’s not true at all. Infact, it’s a complete prejudice stereotype. They’re actually a lot younger.
  9. Christmas present ideas!

    I heard it and we ain’t even in the same tunnel, that’s how vast said asshole is.
  10. Clothing

    I might actually train bollock naked when gyms re-open. Saves money on any clothes and ensures people socially distance themselves from me.
  11. Christmas present ideas!

    Tampon would just get lost in there, be like throwing a tennis ball into the Grand Canyon at this point.
  12. Christmas present ideas!

    Corrr you must be sore then Are you able to whistle through your arsehole now?
  13. Christmas present ideas!

    Which one did you go for then mate? *giggles*
  14. HCG

    Tell her to jog on and throw a frozen fish finger at her if she doesn’t like it.
  15. Christmas present ideas!

    5 posts in before a dildo gets a mention. How Disappointing.