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  1. Hi all, I’ve been a searcher on the forum over the years but recently set up this new account. I am 28 years old I’ve been training for around 11 years and cycling on and off for around 8 years with some long gaps between but have never stopped training. Cycles include oral onlys and kickstarts anadrol/anavar/dbol Test E 12 weeks x2 Test prop 8 weeks Test prop tren ace 8 weeks PCT has always been a must nolva/clomid I haven’t cycled for around a year and half now. But have started noticing testicular shrinkage, low libido, and low mood. Ive been for bloods and talking to my GP for around 3 months now but not really getting much from them so I’m looking for experienced people to shine some light on what may be happening as I’m assuming down to low test level at 28 years old. most recent NHS results show test level was 12nmol and one before was 13nmol which they have said is low for my age but within range. I have also done my own Medicheck male hormone test which the results I will post below. Some levels are high but within normal and prolactin was through the roof but the most recent NHS result showed prolactin was normal. My GP Is referring me to an endocrinologist but due to the covid19 this is on hold for a while now. So yeah I’m just looking for you experienced guys on help for anything you can maybe see from medicheck results, I don’t have the NHS ones on hand but I am going to request the papers. Many thanks ! J
  2. H hi again just a quick update, so I’ve followed your protocol for a while now and to begin with I felt better in myself which was good and I’ve carried on with d3 as I believe it’s really good. Still having problem testicle wise as they feeling very small still and sex drive still very low. Any help on next steps ? Many thanks!
  3. Hi mate just an update, I’ve have been following your advise since last posting and can honestly say I am feeling better in myself even in such a short time. Sex drive increase defo! one Issue I just wanted to say again was testicle atrophy which I feel they have never gone back to size they were before. A friend has said try a cycle of HCG alone? Any advise on this ? thanks a lot !
  4. Both showed no issue with prolactin, I also had these thoughts on Medichecks but lots seem to use and swear by
  5. Thank you bud! Will get them ordered now
  6. Hi mate, he was going to refer do to my symptoms, atrophy, low sexdrive mainly. Thanks for the vitamin info I will try this also. If I was to cycle again the future what people suggest also? As I’m having long breaks between but recovery still seems to be an issue even with PCT and not overly heavy cycles.
  7. Hi mate, thanks for the reply yeah I’ve been completely honest about steroid use they obviously don’t agree with it but my gp has been quite good and willing you help but he can only really refer me to the endo but due to corona it will be a long time away basically. I will do my research on caber as if I’m honest it isn’t something I know to much about