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  1. Which Medicheck test?

    Thankyou really appreciate the feedback
  2. I ordered a Sport hormone medic check assuming it would give me all the relevant figures as it mentioned a hormone check but the test did not give me Free test figures? which test is the best one sorry i find it confusing as there so many different ones
  3. My First Bloodwork ever - Require PCT expert

    Mate you can't be far off with 3740 posts
  4. Hi I've just had my first ever blood work results back, I have been using AAS alway sus or test enth for the last 6 years, The lowest 500mg per week and highest 1000mg per week. I haven't come off in all that time and never carried out pct during. Im 40 110kg and train continuously 5/6 times a week with a clean diet, haven't had any Libido issues up until 3-6 months ago and my balls have got smaller I'm currently on 500mg enth a week. Please can some of the experienced PCT experts answer- 1. Is it possible to improve libido without fully comming off? if I used HCG while on a cycle is this possible? 2. fertility and sperm count is not a issue as I don't want to have any more children but wish to improve libido if possible. 3. This has been a lifestyle not a phase for me and I want to train for body building into my 50s and 60s if possible I started training 4/5 times a week since 23. I've have attached images of results please see and any advice is much appreciated 4. I tried speaking to my GP previously and I expected him not to be very forthcoming for advise and said i should come off fully but is this my only option? do you think I should approach myGP and explain my needs or pay a specialist in a PCT for there services. I thank you for any advice in advance thanks
  5. which blood test

    much appreciated thank you for your reply
  6. Hi everyone

    I have been browsing for a while seems like some good headsman this forum, thought Id say hello
  7. which blood test

    Hello guys can you recommend best type of blood test and where i can buy please to check all my blood work I've never had them done before, thank you