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  1. First Cut - Am I doing this right?

    Still eating minimum of 2100 calories a day (as high as 3600 if cycling a bigger route) . I haven't decreased my intake at all but some days walk/cycle more. Reckon I need to eat back more calories?
  2. First Cut - Am I doing this right?

    100 Day Update! 84.6kg as of this morning, a new low! Seeing some kinda of ab development as well which was a great new motivator! A lot people complimenting on how much I've trimmed down which is nice to hear and arms are rather veiny too! Still eating at BMR and but protein a little lower as just didn't need it and can eat ice indulge on ice cream/popcorn this way too. (Macro friendly varieties of course) Maybe a month more to go I reckon, not sure what my BF % is...I'd guess around 15%. Just want to see better developed abs and I'll then look to maingain. The process works!
  3. First Cut - Am I doing this right?

    Yeah weighing myself everyday, there's data behind this which is literally just a few columns with date, weight, calories. Then this is just the summary, the formula is just a sum/7 for that weeks range. The difference between weeks is a minus between the 2.
  4. First Cut - Am I doing this right?

    Was a bit of trial and error really, a lot of the online calculators were pretty dodgy and would vary quite a lot. I ended up using this: https://www.sailrabbit.com/bmr/ Tried the suggested for a week or 2 to gauge it and seemed to be fairly accurate. Been sticking with that BMR now for a while and I'm still losing so it's working I guess.
  5. First Cut - Am I doing this right?

    50 Days In Weight still going down, new lowest weigh in of 89.5kg this morning. First time below 90 in years) Still fat around the stomach area but definitely looking leaner (arms and legs for sure). Just gotta trust the process I guess and keep with it! FYI the calories are net and are inclusive of any cardio I've done. I eat 2000-2100 a day but burn 500-600 via walking/cycling. Think the pace of loss is okay? I've been fairly overweight most of my life (peaked at about 109kg) but have been lifting consistently for 18 months and now trimming the excess fat before a lean bulk.
  6. When you guys are weighing out meat do you go by cooked or uncooked weight? Which is more accurate or just pick one and be consistent?
  7. So, I started 30 days ago and to date have lost 2% BF (According to my scales - not entirely accurate I know) and gained 1% muscle mass (scale reading). Weight has also dropped from 95.6kg to 91.8kg in that period. I'm male, 6ft 2 and to cut I've been eating at BMR of around 2100 calories a day and have created a minimum 500 calorie deficit through walking/cycling (calories counted via smartwatch). Macros are 236p/184c/47f and I hit these to the tee near enough every day. I weight train 6 days a week and strength seems to be there or there abouts (Improved in some lifts as well tbh). I guess the question is, I'm planning on seeing this through for another 2 months at the least and before I carry on is there anything anyone would recommend changing or any advice to help along the way. I've not really "cut" before so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!