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  1. Honest recommendation from these

    Good choice mate. Used them for years and in their former guise as well. Found all of their oils to be of exceptional quality.
  2. Bullion Pharma

    I’ll make sure my missus charges you mates rates if you book her brohomo
  3. Problem with that big boy is that the Chinese bought MrKipling over 5 years ago, so your iced mincers are actually no less Chinese than deep fried bat tempura . Never mind.
  4. FFS Frandeman...

    Bro you’ve been 44 for the last 30 years
  5. TRUMPS fate

    That old helmet Helmet Biden won’t make it til Easter.........I hope Problem is Kamala Harris with be waiting to jump in his shoes.... American society will become even more divided and a war with the CCP and the US will kick off within her first term..... ie WW3 Not wanting to sound too negative..... still could be fun though, having to learn Cantonese and eat tempura bat for breakfast everyday
  6. FFS Frandeman...

    More importantly brohomo..... how’s your thrush discharge face mask???
  7. 100% I reckon @Jackoffblades just copied and pasted my lockdown training protocol as it’s exactly what I did for 3 months. Anyway 4skin.... what part of the gym did you miss the most..... stopping off for a chicken tikka and cheese slice from Greggs on the way there??
  8. This here^^^^^ 100% mate!!! Dont want to blow too much smoke up bens backside but ive been around the bb/pl scene for circa 25 years and trained with prop bb’s, including high placing Olympus competitors and he is without doubt the most knowledgeable coaches around nutrition and AAS I’ve ever dealt with and to hear him place such importance on anecdotal evidence speaks absolute volumes!!! Eddie Abbew is great example of another first class coach who I honestly think would go cross eyed if Ben tried explaining in detail stuff that makes me also go cross eyed, so I can’t give a decent example, and yet Abbew produces British champion bb’s based upon years of anecdotal evidence as to what works (terribly explained but hopefully makes sense). So many gurus out there with a cycle under their belt touting the ‘fact’ that anything over 500mg of test is ‘insane’!!! Brilliant!!! Personally if my total mg for a cycle or cruise was 1g or less I’d use test only. 600mg split between 3 meds for me just doesn’t make.... oh and that’s without using an ai by the way!!
  9. Massage Gun

    Just found this one on amazon and it’s got some rave reviews. Ive got zero experience of using this sort of thing..... does anyone that has think this is a decent piece of kit?? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HOPOSO-Handheld-Massager-Powerful-Indicator/dp/B086MHGJHK
  10. Gotta love the Sparkster!!! I last got banned for sourcing apparently because I wouldn’t have bad word said about Dimension...... and calling him a kunt
  11. Mass 450

    This is that tool bag ‘no-one’, surely. Only he talks this amount of complete garbage.
  12. Mass 450

    Beat me to it!!!!!
  13. Are you offering internet service providings?