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  1. Do you look at girls in the gym

    I think that fella is ace!! Id have given him a hand to be honest....
  2. Best labs currently

    That has warmed my heart x
  3. Do you look at girls in the gym

    I try to spread my positivity wherever i go...
  4. Do you look at girls in the gym

    Plus they fit into ANY hole lube free and I’m always up for saving a couple of quid whenever I can x
  5. Best labs currently

    It’s the tren mate.....that’s it, I’ve had enough, I fukking hate you!! .....what ice cream are we talking?
  6. Best labs currently

    Windsor...opposite the castle
  7. Best labs currently

    Hence your invite!
  8. Best labs currently

    Jesus, you’re worse than my old Nan. She was a overly sensitive old soul and had too much to say for herself. I knew you from Castle Gym many years ago when I used to ‘work’ there. I don’t know where you got the got the idea you hurt my feelings from....you did however hurt Warrens feelings when you ‘prepped’ him for the Pendle Valley show though!!!!!! Its not YOU that people dislike, it’s just how you write. Tbf you were actually alright when we spoke on a few occasions at Castle. Forums are weird and often make people sound like a kunt when they’re not. But anyway, who really gives a sh1t what people think of each other on here. Me and @stuey99 were mugging each other off last week and now he’s coming over this weekend to 4ball my new Tranny missus, so let’s all just get along! She can’t handle 6 balls before you ask. Sorry.
  9. Ive never run just these 2 compounds as a stack. Mast has always been one of at least 4 meds. So, you think that running these 2 compounds produces a 'similar look' to test and tren?
  10. Totally agree. Its the 'number one' come competition time though, but the negative effects massively outweigh the benefits for a recreational user.....IMO Do you, or anyone ., know of a lab producing oil based winstrol. I thought Advar may have done as its the same backer as EUL but they don't unfortunately.
  11. Ha! I wish I could get used to them!! I’ve not run tren in years and decided to start during lockdown....the boredom was getting to me so give me a break...and I’m sick of the sides. I’m dropping to 300 from 450mg this week but now just thinking about binning it altogether. If I stay injury free I’ll be planning a masters show in May next year and only then will tren be on the menu. The thing is in competitive circles tren is virtually never used as an off season compound.. Test/deca/ oral is pretty much it, leaving the tren as part of the comp arsenal. Being a drug addict I still feel the need to add something to the test...as suggested above, Mast May be the way forward.....always feel amazing on it and libido is out of control. Maybe some winstrol added to the mix will make a decent tren alternative....which it does....it’s a great little stack.
  12. I don’t know know about that mate..yes .they had loads mapped out in their manifesto but had absolutely no idea how they were going to fund it!! Free broadband and payout for all WASPI women, Corbyn was touting and when asked how it would be funded he replied ‘I don’t know we’ll just find it’!!! May as well have said they’d increase the minimum wage to £100 an hour because there’d be more chance of that happening. Starmer is without a far better opposition than jezza, but that’s hardly an achievement. Ffs he put Jess Long-Bailey on his front bench who’s a die-hard Corbynite, a Momentum supporter and a blatant anti Semite....low and behold a few months in and she’s sacked for tweeting anti Semitic tweets!!!! People are praising him for strong leadership skills for instantly getting rid of her but I think it shows a poor lack of judgement giving her a front bench position in the first place. And good luck winning back the working-class north. He’s a Knighted, ex barrister, Islington-dwelling, remainer!!! The old coal mining towns folk will really relate to him !!! ......plus the way he talks through his nose gets right under my foreskin
  13. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    Mate, get yourself some bags of sand. They are 20kg each.....then split each bag into quarters and you have 5kg increments. Double up those strong Sainsbury’s bags and they’ll take 60kg. I’ve put mine each end of a Scaff tube which makes a reasonable barbell.
  14. Natty only

    Don’t know if anyone remembers Rob Hope. He was a multiple ‘Natural’ world champion. I used to train at the same gym as him. Being natural (and I honestly believe he was) he barely made any really noticeable gains over the 2 years I knew him. Never looked bloated, face always lean, no weight fluctuations....you know what I mean. His back development was phenomenal. He just used 3 lifts...dead’s, wide grip chins and bb rows...that’s it! Typical competition diet was around 4 weeks.
  15. Natty only

    Jesus!!! The only thing ‘unnatural’ about that is the posing.....just painful to look at...especially the tool on the far left.