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  1. learning MMA for a short man!!

    Bro, I’ve not seen it..... you know I’m not a Bollywood fan
  2. That’s the way to do it mate.
  3. What a top bird

    Yeah but I’ve the Abbott cooks a banging banana fritter, so........every cloud
  4. Cabergoline

    My experience of generic Indian Caber is that it’s garbage mate. Ive only had good results for Pfizer and Teva. Neither are presented in foul strips but in a moisture proof bottle. Apparently this prolongs the life of the Caber as it’s a relatively sensitive compound.
  5. Tell us the lab!!! Tell us the lab!! Tell us...... sorry.
  6. #The mandalorian

    The Mandalorian Chinese Buffet mate
  7. Don't do drugs kids

    It’s hard to beat a good pill. MD is just too clean. Anyone remember snowballs and doves from the early 90’s and then the original Mitsubishi’s a few years later??......Jesus!!!!
  8. How much have you put on mate? You’ve definitely filled out since the last pics you posted.
  9. #The mandalorian

    That’s the Chinese buffet opposite the ‘Lovely Bubbly’ launderette in Crouch End. The crispy duck is actually chicken but apart from that you can’t go wrong for a £4.99 lunch.
  10. Gang Culture

    Omg!!! Hornsey Police Station!!! @KETONES bro you look the shizzle!! Xxxxx
  11. learning MMA for a short man!!

    In my experience the more of a ‘handful’ you look, the less likely you’re going to encounter problems on the street. I worked doors in London for many years and was always a bit of a lump. I’d get people ask if I used to get customers try and take a pop at me because of my size and the job I was doing and my answer was always ‘never’. 5’9, shaved head 21 stone of tren and weights I can only imagine looks pretty intimidating and I always found customers to be somewhat compliant when they came to my front door and they never gave me any grief. So I’d suggest, get some stilts or Cuban heels and put on 10 stone. Hope that helps
  12. What a top bird

    ‘Pisani of ‘No fixed abode’....aka, ‘tramp’.. What a menacing looking b4stsrd she is. Imagine waking up next to that.
  13. learning MMA for a short man!!

    I’ve learnt to settle all potential violent situations I encounter through the medium of dance.
  14. What does everyone do for a living?

    Send me the postcode mate... covert recce tomorrow followed by a full blown demolition of the shop...don’t let them mug with a sarnie ... that’s no replacement for an eclair
  15. What does everyone do for a living?

    They weren’t out of toffee yum yums as well were they mate??!!