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  1. Vascular

    Nothing brings the veins out on my blue veined piccolo quite like oxy and tren
  2. What are you passionate about?

    How come.... have you stopped talking complete and utter bollox ?
  3. derek chauvin Is going...

    You cheeky little bugger
  4. derek chauvin Is going...

    And I wonder how many coppers will lose their lives hesitating to shoot some armed dirty crack head in doing soo
  5. Banks also offer pcp on cars as well. I agree re the ex demo/nearly new motor though to be honest mate. We’ve been leading cars for years and find it works out well. My old man who’s always been a fan of owning cars has recently started leasing as well. He got a C220 estate for just under £240 a month for two years. In a couple of years he’ll swap it for another one. That’s a very affordable way to drive a motor.... ajways in warranty, no MOT’s, relatively cheap first two services and zero wear and tear costs.
  6. Dimension AAS have always been excellent. I can’t use orals but a few pals are running Atomic Pharma Anavar and are really impressed. They come in 50’s and 10’s, so bitch friendly as well
  7. Sis?

    No mate it doesn’t tell you how it’s dosed. It’ll tell you what levels are in your bloodstream based on a number of factors. Two people could take the sane amount of the same gear, have the same test and get different readings. The ON LY way to see how the oil is dosed is to test the oil
  8. Sis?

    Well testing the oil would tell you EXACTLY how it’s dosed.... a blood test won’t
  9. You won’t get the same rate of finance on a used car, even on an ex demo. Finance plans are heavily subsidised by the manufacturer and 2-5% apr deals on very common. Leasing a vehicle is an extremely popular way to drive a new car for a number of reasons and it won’t cost 30% more in payments when you take all variables into account
  10. Tony shall I block you mate? Hate to think of you feeling left out x
  11. So disagreeing with some is ‘arguing’!!??? ...... forums probably aren’t for you then mate
  12. Sis?

    Bloods as opposed to actual gear then. It read as though you had the oil tested.
  13. Sis?

    Where did you get the gear tested mate??
  14. You have got to be one of thickest cnuts on this forum. The whole idea of having a pcp/hp/lease is that you’ll have cash available to invest in whatever you like!!!