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  1. It's a miracle they need not gear
  2. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No, 21 years together and never cheated. Couldn't do it to her and the kids. She's still hot and likes it as much as me. Think sex is better with her now than when we were younger. I can understand why blokes do it, there are some real bitch women out there, and if you're getting grief everyday, no affection, why not. I'd probably leave the relationship but again if kids were there, it may be different. Got cheated on when young and cheated on other girls. Hurt like hell and I saw the consequences when I did it. Not worth it really.
  3. Clothing

    2 gym shark stringers arrived today. Very happy with them. Bring on next Wednesday.
  4. HCG

    Stash in a box of fish fingers.
  5. Sarms - TRT

    Trt is not a magic formula and at levels of 15 natty I'd be surprised you'd feel a difference at all. You'd be better of cycling if that what you want and coming off while you can recover with those levels.
  6. Do a good deed.

    Funny, I try to do a good deeds, just the simple things, let someone out at a junction, let someone in front of you at the checkout with less stuff. I let women walk in front of me or hold a door. Stuff that takes nothing to do but can have a positive impact on someone's day. I did a good deed a bit more than the above the other day and I was amazed at how shocked the person was that I'd stop to help them and I just wondered is it just me or do others do it. Years gone buy it was the norm, people would do things to help others, why has this stopped?
  7. Sarms - TRT

    Why are you going on trt? You had levels of 15, so good. Just recover from the ostarine.
  8. Anyone like the air and or the sea?

    I'm just in newcastle, thanks. My son would like this.
  9. Do a good deed.

    Horrible to think that's what she thought, favour for a favour. That was the whole point of this thread, not to brag, but I was more shocked at their reaction, they were shocked I'd stopped to try and help.
  10. Do a good deed.

    If I was approaching a door at the same time as a man, cause I would. Most people would charge through and let it slam on your face, that shortly follows with a sarcastic Thankyou. You should try it on a women, see if its sexist. I bet they say thank you and smile rather than slap you round the dish and say sexist pr**k, just saying.
  11. Advice please

    You could add an oral or even another compound. Nice to see you're happy to take your time and be sensible about it. Amazing how many people walk in the gym and hop on test and tren.
  12. Advice please

    You could cut for a summer cycle when recovered. I could easily cut on test only. Have you tried other compounds?
  13. Advice please

    Agree, come of and recover. I've cut on and off gear and its alot easier holding onto muscle whilst on.
  14. Do a good deed.

    Yeah I'm 45 mate. We've all discussed this before on here, but I agree. Manners etc and kindness are disappearing from modern Britain. I used to love listening to my gran and her tales about post war. People genuinely cared back then.
  15. Do a good deed.

    My estrogen must be high. Mate that is a lush story.
  16. Starting a corse would like advice

    You've got another 18 months of growing naturally yet. Stay clean.
  17. Do a good deed.

    See you can be a nice bloke
  18. Do a good deed.

    We've all seen the youtube video setups where a homeless person is given something, then they give it away again without a thought. Its normally the people who have nothing that give. I remember a bloke worked for me on a work placement once and he come it one day with two lottery tickets for a big roll over, he said that ones for you Phil. Broke my heart, bloke had enough for a packet of fags a day. I used to throw any extra hours at him for a bit cash in hand, he was with me over the xmas and that year the lads got about £400 each in tips, he was so happy. Lovely bloke.
  19. Do a good deed.

    You must be rich. Nice thought though.
  20. Do a good deed.

    Giving someone food or a coffee is a nice thing to do, seems to be more and more people homeless.
  21. Do a good deed.

    Hats off, so many would have walked past her or pocketed the cash.
  22. Behind the neck barbell press

    I skip it to, I even skip behind the head lat pulldown too.
  23. Do a good deed.

    I agree people who are negative and selfish are always the ones moaning about life. Totally agree with what goes around.
  24. Do a good deed.

    No, it's called manners mate.
  25. If you're losing weight you're in a deficit whether its calories or cardio. Just carry on as you are until you stall then re tweak. Cardio gets boring, I've always just preferred to eat less calories whether its smaller portions or less dense food choices.