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  1. TRT Advice

    Can I ask what you'd recommend for that. I'm 44 been off gear 2&1/2 years, 10% summer 14% winter try to stay in that range. Good diet and supplement with multi vit, z&m, vit d, fish oil, cod liver oil and now using borron too. I'm at the low end and would love some more advice on what I could try before going on trt. Phil
  2. When I did cycle my body kind of told me when it was time, most I pushed it to was 16 weeks, followed by 10 weeks cruise. Think now being older I'd cycle for 12, the 20 weeks cruise. Thats probably what I'm going to do.
  3. Nothing worse than feeling you're going backwards nevermind just treading water. I've trained on and off gear. Judging by your post and stats I'd say you're a natural guy. There are lots of natural guys out there inc joey d, I think the guy looks amazing and would love his look. I think you need to look at what your genetics are and will allow. Id love to be like Mike Thurston but my genetics are closer to Joe ds. I've just accepted that. Just stick with the basics, train and hit everything twice a week. I like a heavy chest session then a light a few days later. I cram it all into a 4 day split and it works OK for me. I'm also thin and feel I benefit from eating little and often at Ieast 6 times a day but, healthy food with a good protein source at every meal. The most important thing is consistency and time. I'd bump my calories back up and go off your gut feeling, how do you feel, how are your lifts and sessions going and get a good night's sleep.
  4. Thought I'd update this thread. I've bought myself a cycle and some test to cruise on. Like my above post I've been off 2 %1/2 years now. At my age 44 should I cycle then come off and if I recover ok should I stay off and have a break before going back on ie. 10 weeks then pct then 10 off. Or at my age is it just better to blast then cruise on 150ml test etc? I've had bloods done at the doctors as above but I'm not in the middle let alone high end when off. Thanks
  5. Have a pall with 2 novas, 1 has a mk1 astra gte, my kid has a 205, xr3i and and a 205 cti. Some older lads I know have mk2 escorts and one has a capri. If my numbers came up I'd gave a garage full of 80s 90s classics.
  6. Good luck. Im a bit older and have only run about 10 cycles in 20 years. My last was a blast and cruise for a solid 9 months. It took me 6 months to feel normal again. First three were utter s**t, no sex drive, couldn't get hard, I stuck with it and carried on with good eating and lifting. I've lost about 1 &1/2 stone currently sit about 12&1/2 stone my natural limit. Good luck to you and I hope it works out.
  7. My wife thinks it looks like an upside down shopping trolly and doesn't like it. Hey ho, its worth a small fortune now and going up year on year. Petrol heads however love them.
  8. Pulled lower back

    Thanks for the reply lads
  9. Pulled lower back

    I've had a few injuries over my lifting years, pain just before elbow, shoulder used to cripple me and a pain in my right knee, knee pain has eased and other two have gone completely. This may sound odd but both went and knee eased after running a few cycles. Anyway onto my back, its f**ked, I did it about 12 months ago doing standing t bar rows. Basically now I cant do them, I don't do bent over rows and if I squat its very light. I've had it go 4 times now since. This weeks is went just bending over building a shed. I always warm up and stretch before lifting, I've even started doing light rack pulls to help strengthen it. Now I'm my madness I'm thinking how my other injuries improved after using steriods, would my back do the same? I'm at my whits end, any advice would be great. Thanks phil.
  10. Thanks lads. Its only done 3500 miles since the re build, never gets used, waste really. Not easy getting in and out at nearly 45 years old and a f**ked back.
  11. My gt turbo. Owned it 10 years now. Full nut and bolt restoration.
  12. My wife wants me to go back on, 2 and 1/2 years off. She say I'm more effectionate and a happier person when I'm on. Let's face it life is better on gear.
  13. I'm awaiting the announcement tonight. I also thing gyms will be in the last wave. I hope I'm wrong. It would not be hard to have a booking service, an hour slot, less members in, hand stations in and out, gloves and masks could be provided along with wipes etc. I'm planning on making a power rack and purchase some weights for the garage. I hope I'm wrong, let's see later.
  14. Clean for nearly 2&1/2 years. I'm loving the garden work out. Pre work out, out for a walk, back home and doing body weight exercises, using basic dumbells and barrels filled with water. I train all year. Yeah the gym will be full of shrunken gear heads and loads of fatty who have chucked it for a few months. I wouldn't worry, just eat clean exercise, do some basics and you should maintain no problem.
  15. I'm older than you at 44. My last cycle ruined me and my sex drive even with good p c t. I took about 6 -12 months to get back to normal. I kept my diet good, trained 3/4 times a week, no alcohol, good sleep every night. I now sup with Multi vit, Zinc and mag, cod oil, fish oil, vit d and intruduced boron. I feel great now, its taken over two years.