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  1. DW Fitness Gyms in Administration

    We've had exersise 4 less taken over up here too.
  2. Finally bought a rack cage

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224097011778 Look at this rusty s**t too.
  3. Finally bought a rack cage

    Here you go. I still need a few extras, lat attachments etc. It cost £2200.
  4. I've been pondering for about 2 months now, missed out on about 7 used set ups. People snapping up good stuff or thinking fuvk that you robbing t**t. Anyway I've stumped up a bit cash bought an atx 750 with 125kg lat stack, an atx bench and an Olympic weight set. Its not coming till Oct / Nov, but the way its looking gyms are going to be shutting again come winter. Phil
  5. Wife has a long face during sex

    fu**ing stitches here ?
  6. Wife has a long face during sex

    Has she always been like this? Some women just aren't bothered about sex, they get the house the kids then that's it. Ive got palls who never get any, literally birthdays etc, f**k that. I'd have a chat with her. I've no sympathy for women who get cheated on, if she's a dragon that never puts out why would a bloke stick around. I've been with my Mrs 20 years and we like it about the same so no probs there, she actually wants me back on the juice. My Mrs seems to want more the more she gets. If we go a week or so it takes her a bit warming back up.
  7. Wife has a long face during sex

    Sounds like everybody loves raymond episode the power of no.
  8. Can I work out AND lose fat??

    It depends on how long you've trained. If you have a fair bit muscle already just get in a slight deficit like above 2/300 per day and play the long game. If your new to training you have lots of gains to be had. Id just find the sweet spot where you eat well and feel great at maintenance. When I first started back after a break I had a dad bod. 12 months on i was exactly the same weight but body had totally changed. Id dropped from 18% to 12%, that was just a decent diet and consistency.
  9. No info on labs

    Longbentons about a mile from us. I went to school at Longbenton High though, tuff old school.
  10. Protein Bars

    Granade salted peanut is amazing.
  11. No info on labs

    Yeah in benton, train at the new jd. Where are you from?
  12. No info on labs

    nice one, thanks for your help.
  13. Levels

    Thanks. Ive also had my kids and the snip so your advice is spot on. I'm guessing you pin 500x2 a week?
  14. No info on labs

    Here you go.
  15. Protein dessert

    They also do a low cal salted caramel ice creams