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  1. What do you want for Christmas?

    It will be something for the home gym no doubt.
  2. Don't do drugs kids

    I'm going to this next year if it's on. Got cancelled this year. Going to have some aches after hopping around all night. 45, dodgy knee and back.
  3. Don't do drugs kids

    It was directed directly at you. If you watched that video its about a load of old men down the club, who have never lived that life. When he spits out his ale, its priceless. I don't go out now and very rarely do. To be honest a nice quiet meal does me.
  4. Don't do drugs kids

    Boring c**t
  5. Don't do drugs kids

    So true. Used love the ups and downs from the pills. Going to the chill out area, having a bond and half a box of regal. Talking to total strangers with no attitude. Watching bands or that dj you've waited all night for. Even better when there was fairground rides to go on. I can remember coming up on a ride once.
  6. Don't do drugs kids

    This ones an old one too. Finger guns has me howling
  7. Don't do drugs kids

    Some rich dealers this night.
  8. Don't do drugs kids

    This guys a legend
  9. Don't do drugs kids

    Yep, he's in a good old pickle.
  10. Anyone else been in this position?

    Sounds like you'd take her back tomorrow reading this. You need to do a friends and get closure however that is. Plenty of options above, some not so good I'm a good age now and certainly went round the block when I was younger. It never works going back, especially if another blokes been involved. There are so many female players now, just the same as blokes.
  11. Can a house be too big?

    I've got a pall who's got a monster cock. Yeah bragging rights etc, great. His reality is he carn't wear a blob, leaves him open to all sorts. Some lasses hes not been able to shag. Most lasses complain and ask him to stop. He said nothing nice when you're trying to satisfy a girl look down and she really ain't enjoying it. He needs the council estate chicks that have spat 5 out and been tore to bits.
  12. Being sober is boring

    T total here, sorry, not much help.
  13. Can a house be too big?

    We are building this atm.
  14. Grime music is sh1t

    Utter tosh.