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  1. Wow that is low, have you been off a while used a good pct etc? I'm on all the standard zma, vit d, boron etc, think if I wasn't using them I'd be a bit lower than I am. Could be worth a shot. Do you feel ok, sex drive etc?
  2. My wife prefers me on steroids. Whens happy Phil making an appearance again? That's what I get. How low are your levels? I was at 15 last year so at the lower end but I feel I'm still not ready to commit to hrt.
  3. I'm dreading that age for my girl.
  4. Should I start TRT?

    You have only been off a month, cause you're not going to feel the best. Give it some time. No mention of blood test, so might be a place to start. I'm 45 and have managed not to use trt yet. Everyone loves being on gear but needing it is a different thing.
  5. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    We've been taking in patients up in the north east because hospitals further south are full. Pictures are rubbish to fuel the conspirithits.
  6. Great answers above. Diet first. Do some cycling, walking everyday. Do some basic compound lifts. And good luck stick at it man, it does not happen overnight or even six months. Set a realist goal like 3 stone loss in 6 months.
  7. I'm loving my garage gym, I was using it 50/50 before the lockdown. I can do my pull and press exercises no bother with what I have, legs are a bit more difficult, but I can work round. Think if I had a few more machines and a dumbell rack, I'd sack the gym all together. Put the music on I want and just crack on. I found the commercial gyms a nightmare last year, i carn't stand watching ego lifters, bad form, dropping weights, people sat on their phones etc, but last year the lack of respect and cleaning just got me angry every single time I went in. Basically I hate people. So either a better equipped home gym or a commercial with no one in it.
  8. Best restart protocol?

    Hopefully you can get fertility back and get back to your high levels after 1.5 years of suppression. Lots of threads to read on the forum for good advice.
  9. Best restart protocol?

    Why have you decided to come off?
  10. Holidays 2021

    Think for a lads get away Dubai looks the spot atm
  11. Holidays 2021

    That the plan. The wife's just got s new job and a good pay rise, we should be in the position to have a family and another just the two of us. We went to rome last year just us and had a great time.
  12. Holidays 2021

    I meant when the kids are older and it's just me and the mrs
  13. Holidays 2021

    Place I'd love to go. When the kids are older.