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  1. Vasectomy on cycle

    Result. At least he wasn't paying for them.
  2. Vasectomy on cycle

    Christ. Twos enough, three maybe if you have them a bit younger. Someone on my wifes side of the family had triplets and he ended up having a break down.
  3. Vasectomy on cycle

    For me it was my wife telling me she was pregnant again. Took matters into my own hands.
  4. How many miles has your car racked up?

    28k miles on my mk2 rs
  5. Vasectomy on cycle

    I was tender for 2/3 days but fine. Most lads I know were the same. However I know one lad who got an infection and he wasn't so well. One lad I know did a full shop straight after then went home a did the mrs just to make sure it still worked. Lottery mate.
  6. to TRT or not to TRT

    As Sean says with low shbg you will have more available free test which is the best place to be.
  7. Prima did some 1.7 conversion, my old one had the original 1.4 c1j, the white one had a volvo 440 turbo b18ft engine in. Dropped straight in apart from front engine mount. Bigger inj, head work, rebuild bottom wnd and gearbox, custom cam, I left it on the original t2 turbo and ran 1 bar. It made 170 / 240 so was pretty lively for a small car. Remember hanging on the back of a scooby round cadwell.
  8. Phase 1, nice. Worth a few quid now.
  9. Vasectomy on cycle

    I know when I got the snip I wasn't taking anything. The little fellas were hiding up near my stomach. They'd never have found them if I had been on.
  10. Vasectomy on cycle

    Hey frankie, do you remember me ? Sorry
  11. They don't need alot of power to get down the road weighting only 800kg. What colour was yours? This was my second, had a tungsten grey one when I was 21 and got the love.
  12. I've just been sacked

    Wife works in HR, totally wrong what they've done. You can only be dismissed like you have for gross misconduct. This certainly is not the case. Get on to Acas.
  13. Cost me £11k to build about 12 years ago. I sold it for £12k. Only did 3k miles in it in that time. If I'd built it oem and the condition it was, I would have sold it for 18 maybe 20. Now half the garage is a gym. My other car in the background is definitely a future classic.
  14. I sold this last year. Love them.
  15. Agree, I upped my calories just recently with good food and all I did was get fatter. At our age and my experience maintenance calories I find best when off just to maintain. Then when cutting or bulking use the drugs.