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  1. Wouldn’t you say ansomone is a genuine product mate? It is pharma.
  2. This is why I just use ansomone even though hygetropin is cheaper.
  3. Balkan pharma

    Had a couple of bits from Balkan in the past and was very good but I find them very hard to source.
  4. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    @Chelsea loved reading your log mate. How are things with you now?
  5. Why wouldn’t you use Kalpa out of interest?
  6. Reliable lab for sarms

    Peak body
  7. First cycle

    Kalpa pharma is good too.
  8. They are still around mate. My source has them aplenty. They stopped production for a while during the first lockdown but have started again. They are my favourite lab with kalpa pharma.
  9. The New ROHM

    I don’t think you are pushing a lab bro. U are just stating your truth of the labs u mention. I get the same when I mention kalpa but that is my truth. I am not pushing it as I use a few labs like neuro which is my favourite, hygene and Sphinx
  10. EPO & Test

    It’s a game changer. I can’t say what I used it for people will know who I am but it is most definitely a game changer for endurance sports.
  11. Many thanks for this.
  12. Test/Tbol vs Test/Var

    I have done both 50mg and 100mg var with 500mg test and both were great cycles.
  13. Test/Tbol vs Test/Var

    I get nothing from tbol so cycle A
  14. When in the year do you think Sphinx went bad?