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  1. Olympic Barbells / Dumbbells

    I have seen a couple of topics asking if anyone knows where they can purchase an olympic barbell. As you guys already know all of the super stores are massively delayed and will take a month atleast to get you anything. I have ordered a barbell of https://homegymessentials.uk/ The customer service replied to my queries within 24 hours and the barbell has arrived within 5 working days. Overall a good experience. Thought I would share if anyone is still looking for one.
  2. Olympic Bar with bumper plates

    Hi mate, it is an absolute joke to find one they're selling out everywhere and the prices are sky high. I got a brand new one of a private seller 7ft 20kg but he has variery of sizes. The delivery was a couple of days and the price was reasonable. Private msg me if you need his details. I hope this was helpful ?️‍♂️