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  1. Stone Island

  2. Stone Island

    It's still worn by the hoolies, I'll stick to Lacoste
  3. Hallucinating from vape

    Nicotine Level is to high mate
  4. Best excuse for breaking covid regs

    We had a guy get rushed into theaters last night at 23:15 with a broken tibia, on asking how he did it his reply was, "his dog ran into him."
  5. I reckon the end of August before anything like pubs and gyms will be allowed to open. Anywhere where people are crowded into a space will be the last to be allowed to reopen IMO.
  6. Low cal/ low fat ice cream

    Worth a pot or two in these times.
  7. That Nightingale Hospital has been a total waste of money.
  8. Self hair styling

    Gillette it all over, thank me later.
  9. If I eat rice I'll buy the Micro Rice, it's quick and easy two minutes and it's done. When I'm doing eggs I'll boil a load then put them in the fridge, they are good for 5 days in the fridge. See if you can get your carbs from veg like spuds and suede.
  10. Dumb question about oats and diet plan ?

    When I make Flapjacks I always blend the oats then soak them a while in hot water.
  11. 73 y/o female “bodybuilder”

    Never say no, you never know when you're going to get another one.
  12. 73 y/o female “bodybuilder”

    Looks good, she's a good example of "age makes no difference."
  13. Low cal/ low fat ice cream

    How much sugar is in a tub? Surely there's got to be some in there?
  14. The Covid-19 first hand experience thread

    Glad your OK pal