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  1. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Thanks for the response, Did you still train the shoulders/play rugby with the injury or did you stop all heavy movements? Its just I feel when I train I'm potentially making it worse and I don't want to take longer than it should just because I was training it.
  2. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Hi everyone, After a week holiday with no gym in the first week of January, when I got back to the gym I came across an injury I from Bench pressing. The injury appeared to be in left shoulder area and I experienced sharp pain when doing any movement or sleeping on it for the first 2 days after. After that it was all fine so I again started to train after a week off but them when I did any kind of push movement it would give sharp pain in the left shoulder. I did lots of dips (surprisingly it didn't hurt) instead of push exercises such as bench and push ups. Everything was going well so I started to do bodyweight push ups and pushed myself too much which I feel hurt it again. So I let it rest for like 3 weeks So it was now 2 months since the injury and I decided to go to a physio, she looked at the injury and massaged it to identify it was in fact a pec muscle injury and said it is nothing serious and I should continue training but with little resistance and build it up. It's been nearly a month since the appointment and nothing has changed, I can do dips and low reps of push ups but when I train pushups properly I get the sharp pain again and it hurts slightly the next day with movement but then goes away the day after. Sorry for the long story, has anyone else experience thisor should I visit the physio again? Any help would be very appreciated, Thanks.