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  1. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    I also have winny on hand, does anyone recommend using this towards the end of cycle?
  2. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    Thanks bro!
  3. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    @TERBO thanks mate. So you recommend 20mg per day? Should I do this for 6 weeks because I was thinking 50mg per day for 4 weeks?
  4. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    @Davemp just out of curiosity, are your doses split into two? @stuey99 can I insert 1 x 500mg per week to reduce insert amounts or should I just split into 2 x 250mg per week? Cheers.
  5. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    Thanks Enodomorph! I'll get some of that as well because there is nothing worse the feeling like crap on cycle. Prevention is always better than cure.
  6. Dbol and Test E cycle.

    Hey bud, thanks for the fast reply and clarity. Okay, understood. I will just use Nolvadex for the duration of my cycle. This is my first cycle on Test and Dbol, I used to run pro hormone and just done an anavar only cycle a few month back (I know this was silly but it really help to reduce my BF% but I felt crap on it after like the 8th week, I just had no energy what so ever. (I wont be doing that again lol) PS I also got winny, do you think this can be used towards the end of my Test cycle? Just a thought as I was thinking to do a winny cycle separately. Thanks again bud!
  7. Good day muscle builders! I was wondering if someone could help me out and not over complicate information. I have been doing a lot of research in regards to dbol and Test cycle and there is one thing that is worrying me, GYNO. I have all pharmacy grade gear this is. 3 x 10ml Test E, 50 x 50mg dbol, tamoxifen, Arimidex, clomid and Milk thistle. I am looking to run Test E for 12 weeks at 500mg per week. Dbol 50mg day for 4 weeks Tamoxifen 20mg every day for 12 weeks (this is because I dont want to get any form of gyno) Arimidex - just on standby incase Temoxifen slacks. Milk Thistle- every day for 4 weeks (duration of Dbol. Clomid - 2 weeks after last Test E insert at 50mg day for 4 weeks. Would I need any thing else to ensure a smooth cycle? Do i need to adjust any of my doses? I am not sure about the Tamoxifen on cycle. I am not going to do any blood works etc, I know that is necessary but could I have help without the suggestion of blood works. Your help will be much appreciated.