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  1. On cycle I have raised blood pressure and bad lipid panel but i only cycle twice a year, (less than 22 weeks out of 52). The rest of the time my blood pressure and lipids are fine, should i be concerned?
  2. if you do too much Sub-Q you can get lumping under skin, especially over frequent use. If your doing 1ml shouldnt be SubQ
  3. Gyno Surgery Poland - Noa Clinic

    the noa clinic doctor is banned from practising in the UK due to mal practice be carefull!
  4. just use insulin syringes and do sub Q injections. max 0.35ml per injection.
  5. Should i sneak out?....

    if ur gona cheat whats the point being married
  6. Melatonin

    No worries pal I do 2mg extended release so its like taking 0.5 instant release
  7. Focus and concentrate

    try amphetamine, adderall, ritalin or any Dopamine reuptake inhibitor
  8. Why isn't this cop in jail?!

    he did nothing wrong!!!
  9. Horrible evil cnut ( but his life matters)

    the one that attacked her died
  10. Horrible evil cnut ( but his life matters)

    Why don't the cops shoot dickheads like these instead of random black lads.
  11. Does coffee break a fast?

    gotta take atleast a gram of caffeine or you are a pussy
  12. Yoga for flexibility

  13. Yoga for flexibility

    it is from imbalance obviously but he needs to do yoga not strengthen it will make it even tighter. also he probably has a horrible posture which is likely root cause
  14. Does coffee break a fast?

    just take caffeine pills