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  1. Natty only

    Would bang/10.
  2. Natty only

    Ideal physique imo.
  3. Who can incline bench 100kg+

    No, unfortunately - incline has never felt comfortable for my dodgy shoulders. Even decline doesn't fell comfortable. I only bench like the earth is built - flat. @AnimalLifter @wylde99 + any other lunatic will back me up on the last point.
  4. Barclays the worst bank in history?

    Could be worse - Wirecard accounts have been frozen and I have a lump of money in there, with no sign of it being resolved. Get an app-based account for emergencies, Starling and Monzo are decent for spare money. Never rely on one account.
  5. Well that don't leave you with many to choose from! Lol
  6. Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    *you're (sorry couldn't resist )
  7. Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    The only way imo.
  8. Who wears a cap ?

    Don't worry about that mate, there's no such thing as a hip ginger anyway - you crack on!
  9. White lives matter

    Targeting the bame community isn't an issue, but selecting a weaker applicant to meet quotas is.
  10. Watch the football or paint dry?

    That was an absolute embarrassment mate.
  11. i stabbed my hand.. by accident

    This has to be the most out of place meme in a thread. Ever.
  12. Way too saturated market. Would need to be something special to stand out. Every other z-lister brings out a clothing like nowadays, and they've got a free platform to advertise on - already putting them at an advantage over you.
  13. Exactly, apart from the beginners sections most people know what to do. It really is simple s**t.
  14. White Guilt Month - July

    Dunno what's worse - the scum asking for it, or the fu**ing idiots giving it to them.