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  1. Madeline McCann

    The police blood sniffer dogs singled out the boot of their car and nothing was really done about it. Never fully trusted them personally.
  2. Will covid 19 go away

    Coronation Street watching! Love it
  3. Hallucinating from vape

    This is @wylde99's default setting mate. You'll be posting about the peado billionaire elite by tomorrow morning.
  4. Social media

    I feel your pain man. Those clips are anger-inducing.
  5. Social media

    I didn't think anything could be more self indulgent than Instagram, then that piece of sh1t came along!
  6. 2020 worst year ever ?

    I don't understand why people are so angry at social distancing? It doesn't bother me at all - especially in this heat - who wants sweaty buggers in your personal space anyway? As for people wearing masks and gloves- let them! I've not worn gloves or a mask once, and I don't care if everyone or nobody wears one. Why should I? People make too much of a drama of everything.
  7. White Shaming

    Exactly - if you're a 5 foot tall woman with s**t physical genetics maybe a highly strenuous/critical role isn't for you. There's thousands of other jobs to choose from, let someone better suited do the job instead of moaning about equal fu**ing opportunities. I don't care how much you want the job, I care about a job being done well.
  8. White Shaming

    Thick as two short planks. Just goes to show it's all about who you know in those circles.
  9. White Shaming

    I really thought better of you mate.
  10. Fat people annoy me

    I'm far from lucky, I find dieting bloody hard work as I have a massive appetite, but I do it to improve myself. Neither was I unlucky when I was fat - I was eating too many calories, like everyone else who's overweight. Everyone has a choice.
  11. Gyms to open announcement....

    Have you got a home gym? I'm surprised you haven't mentioned it before...
  12. White Shaming

    It's somehow become cool for middle class white people to condemn 'whites' on social media, no matter how fu**ing stupid it looks to anyone with a brain. If someone is racist call them out all day long, white, black or brown, but stop apologising for being white ffs.
  13. Fat people annoy me

    No mate, never have. I'm on 2k Kcals at the moment which is difficult for my size, but I make sacrifices to look and feel good, hence saying fat people don't care for themselves and people who train hard do. Losing weight and looking good is difficult and requires a lot of effort, being fat doesn't. A DNP user would be an extreme example of a BB, or just someone muscly to the untrained eye (which is more of what I was talking about), it's like me using a 30 stone obese person who only eats kebabs to emphasise my point.
  14. Stone Island

    Just offer him a cup of coffee, that'll ensure you'll never see the bloke again.
  15. Fat people annoy me

    Who mentioned drugs? Bodybuilders exercise, they train their bodies to cope with strenuous activity and get stronger as a result. Fat people generally don't exercise. They eat s**t and sit around ordering more s**t until it arrives. Then they eat s**t again. So I'll stick with bodybuilding being healthier generally. By a country mile. I'm not being judgemental at all, I'm merely stating what I believe to be clear facts. Who's ever looked at an average bodybuilder and thought "what a lazy c**t"? Nobody I've ever met.