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  1. Anywhere you can actually buy weights from

    I actually got mine from Amazon, cast iron. Expensive, but that's to be expected.
  2. Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    Not surprising. Look, the government make tons of money from alcohol and ill health. There will be more underground 'closed off' gyms only open to those in the know. Probably for the best.
  3. The gym group new measures: Gonna be interesting. It's either doing to just about work or fall flat...
  4. FINALLY they have mentioned gyms!!

    There are underground gyms open right now, if you ask around.
  5. Probably July. But with a bunch of restrictions. Time limt etc...
  6. From the cases I've seen, the only thing which can definitely get a rap.e charge thrown out, is VIDEO EVIDENCE of the encounter.
  7. Hi Endomorph, I respect your opinion.
  8. Nobody is in profit or loss. It was a trade of payment for a service over a specified time period, which obviously didn't occur. If you paid me for a service over a specified time period, and I was no longer able to fulfill it, I would refund you. That's how business works.
  9. To answer your question yes I would have accepted that. But they didn't offer that to me. So I decided on the Section 75 route. I started this thread because someone on this forum was worried about getting their money back from membership they paid during gym closures. So the point of this is to show that you are legally protected and your credit card company will help you, so you should claim the money back.
  10. At the end of the day, two parties entered into a legal contract. One of them did not fulfill their side of the contract. It's that simple. If you pay me to do some work for you, and I don't do it for any reason, you would be entitled to your money back as well. And I would refund you without question. Listen, do you want a pretty lie or the ugly truth? The ugly truth is that gyms are going to go bankrupt. Supermarkets get away with restrictions because people need to use them. People don't need the gym and can buy their own equipment. In fact people have become used to training with their own means that they don't need the gym anymore. Months ago, I would have classed the gym as something I couldn't live without. But if I've decided the commercial gym isn't necessary to train effectively, you can bet the casual gym goer won't be going back. Gyms are even putting all their efforts into pivoting to workout classes at home, so that should tell you something.
  11. Early this year, I paid for a years worth of gym membership upfront. This was done with a visa credit card, so I was legally protected under section 75 (minimum is £100) if I did not get what I paid for. After a few back and forth with the gym they refused a refund. But I knew I was in the right, so I contacted my bank and started a dispute with the gym. Filled in paper work, copied the email exchanges with the gym and sent it to my bank, they asked me to email the gym again to ask for a refund, the gym still refused. Sent more paper work to bank, and a few weeks later, my money has been returned to me. So to anyone else in that position, don't lose hope. Keep trying no matter what. Don't get angry, just follow the legal guidelines and you will win.
  12. Interesting to see how that would work. They can control entry. Not sure they would control the time limit. Many like to spend a good 2 hours in the gym. I'm sure gyms will open, but who really trusts politicians?
  13. Exactly. As soon as they ease lock down and open gyms, there will be a second peak. Everyone should prepare for that one now.
  14. Agreed. It's not like Tesco where you can have a line around the block and only let in 5 people at a time following a one way system 2 metres apart. And what about future lockdowns? Just start getting your equipment now. There's gonna be a rush for equipment when people realise gyms are done for.
  15. They are talking about October at the earliest for gym openings. I would bet on gyms being closed until early 2021. Even if they open it will be crap like the supermarkets. As for the tax generated from gyms, the money people spend on the gym will just be spent elsewhere by the consumer, so the government will still get that money.